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WoW Classic PvP Guide


WoW Classic PvP guide – no class is the best

If you follow the official announcements for the game, then you already know that the big PvP update will follow in Phase 3 of content updates. As for now, all we have is the barebones of a complex system that is PvP. That means that you are very much likely to be killed somewhere in the open world without any replications. There is no honor points system to spot the PKs, no battlegrounds, ranks, and rewards for them. The best thing you can do to prepare for the big release of the competitive move is to read this WoW Classic PvP guide and think about what do you, specifically need to be ready for it. And to start off, the biggest question everybody has is – what class to choose for WoW Classic PvP. There is no straight answer for this, however, we can still give you some tips. First of all, PvP will be approached much more differently, since most people are now more experienced in the game as opposed to the time when everyone was just learning the ropes. Every class today has it’s strong and weak sides and viable is not the same as optimal. The class balance is as simple as a rock – papers – scissors game. Every class has a counter class. Moreover, everyone has his role, depending on the BG you’re playing at, so forget about the WoW Classic tier list. Engineering is a very useful profession for PvP. The items that are obtainable via this profession helps to negate most of the weak spots of your class. A good player knows what utility items to bring to the BG and when to use them. Consumables win battlegrounds. Those who spend a lot of time in preparation will have a better experience than the rest. After all, the most dedicated players always win.


Learn about WoW Classic PvP phases and ranks

The Vanilla PvP rank system is very different from any other iteration that has been added to the game. You are required to spend an insane amount of time to keep getting the honor and not lose your rank. And if you decide that you’ve had enough of PvP and that you should take a break from this mode. Be assured that you will lose if not all, then most of the progress you’ve made. So how does the WoW Classic PvP rank system works? You have a total of 14 ranks. Every rank offers a more valuable reward but at the same time, it makes you play even more in order to preserve your success. You climb to the max rank by farming RP – ranking points. The quantity of RP that you obtain every week is founded on a correlation of the number of honor you earned to the amount of honor that has been grinded by the members of your faction. The whole honor system with rankings will make its appearance in the second Phase, however, the instanced battles will only be introduced in the following face in the form of Warsong Gulch and Alterac Valley. These are the first two Vanilla RGB and that’s where you will start earning your first ranks. The WSG is 10 on 10 CTF game mode. Right at the start of each game, you have this brief calm period when each team tries to look at the opposition. This is when you should use the opportunity to learn more about who's in your party and who's against you. Learn what class they are, their level and what buffs they have currently on. Also, don’t forget to apply any buffs on yourself.


Different Wow Classic Battlegrounds - different strategy

The position in Warsong Gulch is very important even before the match has started. You can kind of see the 3 major ways from your base to the enemy's base. Controlling them will make it hard for the opposite team to carry the flag and score a point. Usually, the druids are chosen as flag carriers and the mages are sent to support them. It’s generally a hunter’s job to stop them. Other than that, make sure that your team punishes anyone who makes a mistake to stray too far ahead closer to your team’s front. Pick out these players and take care of them using the help of nearby allies. If you want to learn more tactics on this RBG, why not pick up our WSG boost. Our boosters will be happy to demonstrate some cool tricks and train them with you. That being said, every fight is situational by nature, therefore there won’t be two similar WSG matches. While WSG has a big focus on individual classes making high-impact plays, WoW Classic Arathi Basin is much more team-fight based. It’s a slower-paced, more methodical BG and there is a huge variety of ways you can approach it. The way you want to approach the Basin heavily depends on how confident you are in the matchup. If you’re facing a tough game against the skilled enemy team you will want to approach things much differently. If you’re looking to a pre-made composition, remember that AB is all about team fights. Therefore, stacking warriors is pretty crucial. Mages should be stacked as well because they have strong CCs. Hunters are another extremely valuable class in Basin. Their ability to create choke points, defend bases and dominate combat in open space makes them one of the most impactful classes in this battleground. Warlocks are another strong team-fight class, but you only need one or two to get the job done if they’re good players. Running 4 healers is ideal. Certain bases must be prioritized for your team to be able to truly control the game. Even if you manage to 3-cap at the start of the match, if the 3 bases are spread out it would be very difficult to hold them against a competent enemy team. Arathi Basin is more flexible than Warsong Gulch in terms of class roles, it’s mostly about how well your team fight and how good are your mages and hunters. Warriors are your team wrecking balls and your shamans and paladins should stick with them. Priests are the best healing class, therefore they should try to be present in every team fight. Remember that rogues, warlocks and druids are without a doubt the best classes for defending nodes. This should be enough the get you started and if you want to know more, you should try one of our services for instanced PvP.


WoW Classic PvP sets, a BG with NPCs and the best way to get good

One of the reasons for PvP apart from getting the 14th rank is getting unique sets. These are the best-looking sets among others, that are wanted by every competitive player. Let's talk about another memorable battleground that will return to the game – WoW Classic Alterac Valley. Alliance players know it well; Horde players know to add it to the exclusion tab when queuing for random battlegrounds. Why is it remembered so fondly? AV was one of two first battlegrounds added to the game along with Warsong Gulch. This battleground was huge and meant to be for PvPvE. Original BG used to have tons of NPCs in it. To win you had to fight your way through the army of players and non-player characters in order to take out the enemy general. All while having an army of your fellow players and friendly NPC characters at your side. Because there were so many NPCs you pretty much had to do the bonus objectives to win. In Vanilla you could queue for AV at lvl 51 and be paired with lvl 60 players. To call a Calvary – special group of NPCs you needed to complete a series of quests that involved taming the wolves and then going out to the other side and killing the rams. Once your team had enough turn-ins you could then call in a Calvary charge or a group of riders that would patrol your base. If you had enough reputation you could then talk to the Calvary captain and tell them when to charge in. So you see, that each BG has a special trait – it could be the game mode, a different type of fights, or quests and NPCs. Whatever you chose to play, you will need some help to get yourself familiar with the tactics. For that, you could use our WoW Classic PvP boost. You will get a chance to learn more about the battlegrounds and at the same time farm some amount of honor. For more information on this and other offers, please follow to

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