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World's First level 60 character in WoW Classic


Phenomenal level race

It hasn’t been a week since the release of WoW Classic and this game has already made a lot of noise. The infamous server queues and technical problems really make you feel that you’re back in 2004 the first time playing the yet to be legendary MMORPG. Today we’re going to talk about another fact that made a splash on social media. The race to the max level is a fairly typical, unofficial community challenge. However, in the case with WoW Classic leveling the stakes are higher than ever. Before we talk about the record, let’s define the challenge. Unlike the modern version of the game, Classic is known for its hardcore nature. Back when the original game came out, many of today’s quality-of-life features didn’t exist. Add to it the fact that experience gain was very low. It’s was much different for now when you get a decent amount of XP for anything you do. People got less time to spend in the game, so the devs made sure every play session is rewarding. Anyway, the questing and character progression, in general, is a real challenge. You’d need to have certain knowledge to do the so-called speed leveling as well. There are no guidelines for quest objectives, nothing is shown on the map. Quests themselves are located at a fair distance from each other, so players must think about in order to complete them to minimize the time of not getting experience as much as possible. There are also quest chains for the zones, but nobody tells you where they start. A line of subsequent quests can have an origin in one location but the whole thing can be in another. If that seems confusing – it’s meant to. Nobody had an issue with any of this back in the day, because the genre of MMO games was still evolving.


The fastest Mage alive. How he did it?

This time around there are no excuses accepted. Yes, leveling is difficult, but players possess knowledge of the game gathered throughout 15 years of its existence. There are a bunch of wikis, databases, calculators available on the net, so you can thoroughly plan your process. Apparently, this is what top WoW guilds have done preparing for getting the world’s first WoW 60 lvl character. What a surprise it was when it turned out that all of them lost to a simple guy from Malta who was leveling his Dwarf Mage. He was rocking the Frozen spec which we talked about in our guide to farming resources and said that this variation is great for AoE grinding. The guy who calls himself Jokerd became the first one to reach WoW classic 60 level in 3 days and 20 hours. It is known that he did have some time to sleep. But that’s not what’s really interesting. It’s how he did it faster than his famous opponents from Method guild and streamers like Asmongold who was way behind in this race. There are several known tactics for speed leveling. One of them includes only questing, another is all about going to dungeons. Jokerd decided to go with mob grinding, he picked the right spec for it and constructed his build around dealing massive AoE damage.

His plan was simple, he’d go find a pack of mobs, gather them together and rain down the most powerful AoE spells he had in his arsenal. He put most of the skill points into the Frost branch, and Arcane to emphasize on the damage output. Therefore his build was 12/0/32. His main abilities were Frost Nova that kept monsters in one spot, Blizzard for damaging and slowing their movement speed and Arcane explosion plus Cone of Cold to finish them off. All that's left is to loot them and move to the next pack. Supporting abilities like Elemental Precision are used to lower the resistance to his main abilities. Arctic Reach increased the area of effect for the Blizzard ability. To stay safe when aggroing mobs he used Arcane Resilience to increase armor by 50% of his Intellect stat and Ice Barrier to give himself a shield that absorbs some amount of damage. If things went south, he’d use his teleport ability to get out of the dodge. Something similar is used for our 60 level boost services. In any case, many people think that quests reward players with greater amounts of experience, but now you have proof that grinding is as effective. Check out the video of Jokerd getting the world record below. The video starts when Jokerd is in Dalson's Tears. Then, on lvl 58 he moves through the Western Plaguelands to Hearthglen where he makes the final push to the last level.


Analyzing the success of the top tier players

Now, let’s have a look at how others performed in this contest. There is a nice chart that shows everyone who’ve reached the max level and how they did it. Let’s use it for reference. If we look at the top 10 players, you’ll notice some general trends. First of all, 6 out of 10 are mages, which means, many professional players decide to go with grinding, as it’s the best class to do so. There is one Warrior character in this top, who made it to the top with WoW Classic speed leveling. Warriors are known to be pretty bad at killing mobs solo, but this guy had help. As it stands, another great way to achieve lvl 60 is to do it in a group. This is pretty obvious, but the outcome is really impressive, considering how bad Warrior is in solo and that he made it to the 6th place in the race. If we look even closer, we’ll see that his guild took some places in that top as well, that means that this collective effort did pay off for everyone involved. Among other classes, Hunter took second place and did it with no help from others. This gives you ideas on what class to choose in the game if you’re still deciding. Don’t forget that you can also use our Vanilla 60 lvl boost to get to the top faster. Other thought-provoking facts tell that most people on this list have gone to the PvP realm. The majority of record-setters seem to have been doing so in a team, perfect evidence that the game best to be experienced with friends. As for the time it took, Jokerd seems to have a huge advantage here, as the others got completed their Vanilla leveling on 31st of August, whilst he did it a day earlier. If you found this article useful, check out our guides and other blog posts and stay tuned for more news about our favorite game.

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