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World of Warcraft: Classic - Should I be a priest? (guide)


Welcome, traveler! As far as you possibly already know, Vanilla is a totally different game from the current WoW version. Even experienced WoW players probably will have to learn how to play priest in WoW Classic from the very beginning. So we, team, have decided to create this short and informative guide about the first must-have class for any group in WoW’s history. This is our World of Warcraft Classic Priest guide.


If you've decided to learn how to play priest in WoW Vanilla then you'll have to know that priest is the strongest and most useful healing class in WoW Classic in terms of supporting your raid/party members. Here’s what we have:

  • Races: Humans, Dwarves, Night Elves, Undead, Trolls
  • Roles: Main healer or hybrid MDD
  • Resources: Health and Mana
  • Armor: Cloth
  • Weapons: 1h mace, dagger, staff, wand

Priests are very effective healers and are very difficult to master due to a lot of things you should constantly be looking after. They’re not the only healers in the game – we also have Shamans, Paladins, and Druids, but they’re not as good as Priests in terms of healing and buffing your allies, therefore Priest is always a top-tier pick for healer role in any PvE activity.

Priest’s main stats are:

  • Intellect – 1 point increases your mana by 15. Every 100 points give you a +1% chance to land a critical strike or critical healing with your spells.
  • Stamina – 1 point increases your HP by 10.
  • Spirit – 5 points give you 1 mana regen every 2 seconds, 9 points give you 1 HP regen every 2 seconds. Note: spirit regen will stop for 5 seconds after you’ll cast any ability while in combat.


Priests have 2 supportive (Discipline, Holy) and 1 damage dealing (Shadow) talent trees. Discipline tree enhances your buffing abilities and helps you with mana regeneration which is very critical for this class, but still goes right after your overall healing output. Holy tree is all about making your healing spells as efficient as possible and this is why this tree should have most of your talent points. The last tree – shadow – isn't really useful unless you’re trying to build your priest as a damage dealer, which is a very, very questionable decision, because there are much more efficient MDPS classes out there. This is why you won’t find any suggestions on shadow priest in our WoW Vanilla priest guide.

How to play priest in WoW Classic? Priest is 100% party player, this is the only way he can unleash his full potential. It doesn’t mean that you’re completely useless by yourself, but priest is definitely not the best class for solo play. While you’re playing with a party (which is supposed to be 80% of your life as a priest) you have to stay away from the fight, keeping your party members at the safe amount of HP for 100% of the time. There’s no need to maintain full health for your party – this may cause overheal which will lead to aggro level increasement on you. In most cases, dead healer equals dead party, so we highly recommend you to manage your healing carefully. Your mana is also very important because you can’t cast anything without it. Sometimes you’ll run out of mana in combat and this is why you always have to carry some mana restoration consumables in your inventory.

Many WoW players don’t like leveling priests due to party playing requirement, slow solo leveling speed, complicated talent building process and need of high concentration during the combat. We can tell you for sure that there's no World of Warcraft Classic Priest guide in existence, that will let you master this class. One important thing - even if you've leveled your priest to 60 - it doesn't mean that you've mastered it. More than that, leveling in WoW Vanilla never have been fast and easy for any class – it's a challenge. If you’re not the person who’ll prefer to suffer through the leveling process by himself – we are here to help you with this one. We will level and prepare your priest (or any other class) for any challenge in less than 48 hours.


Let’s summarize what we’ve learned about how to play priest in WoW Vanilla.


  1. Best healing class in the game
  2. Can buff and resurrect allies
  3. Can control enemies decently
  4. Every party needs him


  1. Very squishy
  2. Requires a lot of concentration
  3. Easy to get low on mana
  4. Unviable shadow talent tree

Even the best healer class got to have some weaknesses and most of them are common for any other healer class, which is absolutely fine. Being a great priest takes a lot of concentration and skill, and we hope that our WoW Classic priest guide helped you to understand this class better.

Good luck, traveler!

See you next time.

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