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World of Warcraft: Classic leveling – You're doing it wrong!


Greetings, traveler! Every MMORPG have this huge time-consuming step – leveling. And most of the time it’s all the same: get your quests done, kill everything on your way, get some new equipment and after some amount of hours/days/weeks you’ll reach the maximum level, seems like there’s nothing complex in leveling your character. Nowadays even WoW 1-120 leveling isn’t that hard, to be honest (due to a dominating amount of casual players), but WoW Classic leveling is a completely different story. We’ve used to spend months on our 1-60 leveling back in Vanilla and we were fine with it.

As you may know, WoW Classic will launch this summer and will bring back some true hardcore gaming to us. On the other hand, players who are new to Vanilla probably won’t actually enjoy this amount of hardcore, so we, team, decided to give you some useful tips and suggestions on how to do your World of Warcraft Classic leveling the most efficient way.


First of all, let’s start with your character – every class has its own strengths and weaknesses in terms of leveling, which will affect your leveling time. One important thing to mention: Bfa 1-120 or 1-60 leveling have nothing to do with Vanilla 1-60 leveling, it’s a completely different experience. For example, dungeons and dungeon quests are not an efficient way to level your character in Classic, which means that we will be focusing on the solo performance of each class.

How do we know, is some class going to be efficient and fairly easy at leveling or not?


  • This class have to deal a decent amount of damage
  • This class should have the ability to avoid incoming damage or controlling enemies
  • This class have to be easy on your gear level

We have some good choices depending on that: hunter, druid, warlock and mage will be the best options to go. It doesn’t mean that you can’t level other classes, but they won’t be as easy as those above. It’s quite simple:

  • All of these classes are ranged (or have the ability to deal damage from a distance)
  • Hunters and warlocks have their own pocket tanks (pets/demons)
  • Druids can heal themselves if something happens
  • Mages can kill almost any target before it will even reach them + they always have food and drink

After you’ve chosen the class for efficient leveling, you’ll have to pick the best race for it. Your choice will base on how well your race abilities will fit in certain class gameplay. For example – taurens are great as warriors due to increased maximum health and AoE stun ability.

But there’s a way to level any character without a problem at all – get yourself WoW Classic 1-60 level boost or World of Warcraft Classic level boost if you already have a character and stuck at some point of your journey. Our experts can boost your character from 1 to 60 in less than 48 hours which is unachievable without a prepared team of players. You’ll also have some decent gear for your desired level, gold, craft materials, unlocked activities and lots of quests completed. Trust us, WoW Vanilla level boost will save you a lot of time.

And if you’re willing to level your character by yourself, we’ll top this guide off with some useful hints, that will help you to reach maximal leveling efficiency.


These are really useful:

  1. Use as many of your abilities as possible
  2. Never stop – if you don’t have any quest to do, fill this time gap with grinding
  3. Questing and grinding: questing is more effective at levels 1-30 and 48-60, grinding is more effective between these periods
  4. The only profession you’ll need is First aid
  5. Avoid dungeons – it will slow down your leveling
  6. Use Classic database and don’t be afraid to install some questing/leveling addons – WoW classic is lacking a lot of features from the current WoW version, it’s not very player-friendly
  7. There’s no need to learn every spell at your class trainer, look through your spells before leveling to know at which point you should visit your class trainer
  8. You can plan your questing and grinding zones in order to create the best leveling route for you


Leveling in WoW Classic is a tough challenge. Reaching max level is already an achievement by itself. It can feel wrong nowadays, but this was the exact way of playing MMORPGs 10+ years ago. We think that Blizzard’s made a right decision on launching Vanilla and this will definitely get its audience. We hope, that our WoW Classic leveling guide will help you to enter this world of hardcore in a less painful way.

Have a good day, traveler!

We’ll meet soon again.

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