What's your spec? A detailed look at Division 2 specializations


Specializations are an absolute key-piece in Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 endgame. As soon as you reach a level cap, you are given the honor of accessing three specs: Survivalist, Demolitionist, and Sharpshooter. Apart from powerful Signature Weapons, every spec has its progression path with a long list of upgradeable skills.

Endgame was considered one of the major wrongs in the first Division, and that's why in the sequel Ubisoft focused on it a great deal, making sure players will always have something to grind for after having gone through the main campaign. And that's exactly when our specs make their entrance. After hitting level 30 and completing all Strongholds, you will unlock specializations, each having a unique weapon and skills, which can significantly improve your in-game opportunities.

As we've mentioned before, there are three specs that are available simply (in fact, not so simply at all) by reaching the endgame, but recently the devs have decided to treat us to a new mind-boggling Gunner specialization. Unlike its brothers-in-arms, Gunner has to be unlocked via several in-game challenges. Those who are lucky enough to have Year One pass will get access to it automatically, and the unlock quest will grant them a bunch of pretty nice rewards, including Gunner uniform.

Every spec is truly precious due to its distinctive abilities and modes, rare talents, and ridiculously good weapons, all of which guarantee insanely effective play in a chosen role. By the way, one more undoubted benefit: as soon as you max one spec out, you can easily switch to another one. Therefore, your primary choice is not a permanent one, and you don't have to stick to one and only spec for good. Quite the opposite, you can try on different roles, which makes the gaming process more flexible and viable in the long term.

In this article, we will take a detailed look at all four specializations and go through their perks and notable features to make sure you are more than ready to take on Division 2 endgame. Let's not dawdle around, shall we?


Survivalist: controls the environment like nobody’s business

Survivalist relies heavily on traps and a badass crossbow, the latter being able to fire explosive bolts. Despite dealing a solid amount of damage, Survivalist provides support ‘cause some of its talents enhance healing abilities. Apart from that, Survivalist skilfully manages status effects and controls even the most hostile surroundings.

With the impressive Explosive Tipped Crossbow, this spec gives you and everyone from your party huge buffs.

This spec’s General Modifiers make you better protected from Elites and have nice boosts for healing. They are also quite good at reducing skill cooldown while you take cover, diminishing critical hit chances in Conflict, and granting your team a nice damage bonus to all enemies exposed to status effects. Weapon Modifiers can help you set your enemies on fire with merciless incendiary grenades and sufficiently intensify Sidearm, Signature Weapon, Shotgun, and Assault Rifle damage.

Among Skill Modifiers, we would particularly emphasize mine perks, which can repair armor, increase healing and reduce mine cooldown. Other Modifiers vary from ammo and healing perks to the whole Survivalist special outfit.


Demolitionist: fast and devastating

Demolitionists are always ready to destroy. Unstoppable chaos agents, they melt dozens of enemies at once and deal tons of damage, laying any kinds of defenses to waste. With an M32A1 Multi-shot Grenade Launcher as a Signature Weapon, Demolitionists easily destroy armor, which makes them perfect for eliminating heavily armored enemies. By the way, if a foe dies from the Demolitionist's explosion, they can drop some Signature Weapon ammo.

As the Demolitionist spec is all about damage and making things go kaboom, General Modifiers naturally make the explosions bigger and deadlier. Among other buffs, there is more burn resistance, and damage buff for the whole group against targets out of cover. And the goodies do not stop here. Weapon perks include some massive buffs for Sidearm, Signature Weapon, SMG and LMG, and also result in your enemies' bleeding.

All in all, Demolitionists are ruthless killing machines, and all their skills are designed to turn battlefields into blazing hell, burning hostile armies to the ground, and a horrendous artillery turret helps in this bloody mission a lot (with Skill Modifiers buffing its damage and ammunition count). Crisis Response perk gives you an ammo refill when your armor hits zero, which means that if you manage your healing wisely, you may never run out of ammo.


Sharpshooter: guns the enemies down before they even notice

Sharpshooter is your go-to spec if you can handle weapons in a long-distant range. .50 Cal sniper rifle is a lethal beast, especially packed with some hardcore spec perks. Sharpshooter is also perfect for support thanks to its tactician scout drone, which reveals enemy positions, giving you a clear shot.

General Modifiers are aimed at making your Agent deadly accurate, faster when you reload, and, of course, help you deal more Headshot damage. My Home Is My Castle and Round After Round perks get you armor and ammo boosts for staying in cover. Combine it with Weapon Modifiers – blinding the enemies, increasing certain weapons damage – and you get a cold-blooded killer hiding, watching from above to land their murderous shots, which are doomed to hit the target.


Gunner: a brutal force to be reckoned with

Last but not the least in our list (huh, it looks like we are starting to talk in rhymes) is Gunner – the first and only heavy weapon spec, which allows you to draw the fire on yourself as a tank and at the same time deal insane damage with a – wait for it! – Minigun!

The gunner skill tree is rather impressive. Incessant perk grants you armor for every kill you make; Coupler helps you reload faster; Hardened Armor Kits, as it goes from the name, gives cool armor kits bonuses. The buffs are indeed very sweet and cover a surprisingly wide range of performance points from weapon handling and fire range to ammo, damage and even holding enemies in place so that you and your teammates could deal with them in a heartbeat.

Of course, to unlock this beauty, you'll need to make your way through some nasty places, but if you ask us, Gunner spec is totally worth it.


All Division 2 specs are important and have their own one-of-a-kind features, essential and irreplaceable in combat. Lots of in-game activities require high-level teamwork, so take a closer look at each specialization to see which of the four matches your playstyle the most to make sure you contribute to your team in the best way you can.

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