What’s up with the Division 2 Expeditions?


The Division 2 Expeditions are no longer available

The Division 2 fan community is still shaken up by the recent news. The game had a huge content drop at the end of July with its new Expedition expansion. Fresh and non-common, it was generally well-received by the players. “It’s good, is it?” you may say, “what’s the catch then?” Well, if you haven’t checked it out yet, we have bad news for you. Expeditions are now removed from the new The Division 2 DLC.

The devs tried to explain it by claiming that Expeditions were never meant to be a permanent activity. They were intended to rotate, opening for a while, then closing, and after that coming back once again. Nothing criminal here, and it would have been really fine if Ubifort had bothered to announce it when the DLC was actually released or at least not on the same day they broke the news about content removing to the public. Of course, fans are upset and outraged, and they have every right to be, ‘cause many have been putting off playing Division 2 Expeditions to prepare properly and finally enjoy them when the time comes, but now they are denied such an opportunity. Where is the fairness in that, huh?

Another excuse the devs keep feeding us is the Mastery system improvement. It was not included in the DLC because it wasn’t ready, and now it looks like Ubisoft decided to polish it but to do so they are rotating the whole gaming mode out. Why did they release it in the first place if it hadn’t been fully developed? That’s a hell of a weird way to improve something, don’t you think?

As the Ubisoft website says, we can expect the Expeditions’ return “later this year”. When is this “later” exactly remains a mystery, but we would put our money on it being tied to Title Update 6, which is said to be released this fall. Anyway, we don’t have a choice but to wait, so in the meantime, we suggest you read our short Expeditions guide and check out a bunch of insights on what should we expect from the upcoming update.


What you need to know about Division 2 Episode 1

Expeditions offer a unique type of experience similar to treasure hunting and exploring the wilderness. It deals with new maps, Division 2 new missions, and completely new surroundings, where you have no idea where to go and what to do next. That's the whole point of Expeditions – feeling those adventure vibes, solving Indiana Jones-style riddles, searching for the loot and doing lotta other thrilling stuff like shooting and excelling your skills.

The story is still connected with Washington D.C. but this time you will need to take your Agent to the places outside of the familiar map. The events of the Episode One unfold in the Division 2 Kenly College area. It’s a fictional place but the challenges you will come across are pretty real. All in all, each Expedition has three wings, which are also called investigation areas. The first one to explore is Kenly Library Division 2 investigation area, then you have Kenly Metro Station and Kenly Student Union. If you make your way through all three, one more small location is gonna be unlocked. It is a so-called treasure room filled with loot, which, among other items, includes a new exotic.

The whole experience is very exciting: you explore the territory like a pioneer, dive into unfamiliar surroundings without the slightest clue on what's gonna be next. We are sure you’re definitely gonna dig it, so when the Expeditions come back, you should give them a try, but keep in mind that you are required to have at least Division 2 World Tier 1 level to get access the mode.


What to expect from Division 2 Title Update 6?

With the upsetting news about the Expeditions, it’s easy to forget that the regular fall content drop is just around the corner. This time Ubisoft Massive decided to try a different approach: they promised to base some of the updates on players’ feedback and created several threads on Reddit to collect the opinions. The community’s reaction was not long in coming. Players liked the idea of influencing the game development and eagerly shared their ideas. We’ve compiled the main ones and outlined them in the list below.

PvP suggestions:

  1. creating a new conflict mode without stats range normalizations;
  2. creating a new Dark Zone for a bigger number of players;
  3. introducing a ranked matchmaking system and a system of filters, which will help players find the type of experience they want.

Gear and Loot:

  1. diversifying gear;
  2. introducing item-type-related quests, which will allow you to choose some features of the obtained loot;
  3. removing Effective Stat Allocation system.


  1. making the skills more unique and distinctive or creating a totally new spec;
  2. making crafting materials cost less.


  1. changing skill mods in such a way that they won’t occupy inventory;
  2. adding the ability for simultaneous items recalibration or adding a special place for storing talents and stats to recalibrate them later.

On a personal note, we would like to kindly ask the devs not to remove any piece of content anymore, especially out of the blue. If the Expeditions are not returning with this particular update, we hope that at least Division 2 Diamondback will be available to grind. For those who don’t know, it is a special exotic rifle, which drops as a reward for completing all Episode 1 wings.

Speaking about the exotics, by the way, – we are more than sure that Update 6 will bring more of them but for now, let’s take time and see what D.C. Outskirts has to offer.


Grab a Division 2 boost and get best Update 5 items in no time

Along with Diamondback, Division 2 BTSU Datagloves are an exclusive exotic drop from Camp White Oak mission completion. If you don’t get it from the first try, keep re-running the mission until you do. This item is perfect for improving your skill performance as it extends status effect duration and has skill healing and damage buffs. Stoner LMG Division 2 is another drop from the same mission. It’s a high-end weapon with the enemy suppressing roll and short but nice damage buff. Division 2 Carbine 7 AR is easily attainable by running through Manning National Zoo mission. Although its damage range is not very high, it has nice magazine capacity perk, so you might wanna try it out. All the abovementioned items can be obtained with the help of our Division 2 carry, so if you’re too upset about the Expeditions removal to farm new weapons or gear pieces, feel free to take a look at our offers on legionfarm.com. They will definitely cheer you up.

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Episode 1: DC Outskirts Expeditions
Episode 1: DC Outskirts Expeditions
Episode 1: DC Outskirts Expeditions
Episode 1: DC Outskirts Expeditions
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