What do Destiny 2 Year 3 releases hold for us?


What do we know about Destiny 2 New Light?

You are probably crossing out the remaining days from your calendar till that mid-fall content drop, and that’s okay, ‘cause we are doing the same thing. In less than a week we are finally getting one of the most anticipated D2 releases in the whole franchise history, and not just one but three of them at once.

The most surprising is New Light – a truly generous gift to everyone who has been wanting to play D2 for a long time but got scared off by the initial price and the paid content. Now Bungie is launching a free version of our favorite game. Of course, there will be some content limitations, ‘cause otherwise it will not be fair to the players who have a paid version, but in general, we still have a pretty solid set of available activities.

What exactly are they?

First of all, it’s the whole Year 1 D2 content, including raids, Nightfalls, and all the Y1 exotics from the mentioned activities. New Light users can also compete in Gambit and the Reckoning, plus check out the Crucible with its rewards and weapons, like Destiny 2 Mountaintop and other pinnacle goodies. Thunderlord, Arbalest, Outbreak Perfected, and Bad Juju are the Y2 Exotics available with New Light. The remaining Y2 and Forsaken content is not included in the version, though all the locked expansions and seasons are pretty much purchasable but for real-life money. But hey, new players already have enough to get acquainted with the game, and on top of that, Bungie is even letting them into Shadowkeep! Seasonal rewards, important updates (Armor 2.0, Seasonal Artifact, etc), Moon patrolling, and the intro campaign mission are waiting for everyone in New Light, and you don’t need to spend a single penny on any of these. Pretty cool, huh?

Of course, for full-fledged experience, it’s better to dive into the paid content as it’s surely deeper, more profound and full of great surprises for dedicated fans, but if you’re just getting used to D2 and developing a taste for it, then New Light is a real must-have for you.


Destiny 2 Shadowkeep quick overview

It’s been said a dozen times already, but for those who have just tuned in, we’ll give a short overview of what to expect from D2 new DLC.

Shadowkeep is taking us back to the roots to rediscover the Moon, now haunted by the devilish creatures. Side by side with Eris Morn, we are about to put an end to those Nightmares and unveil some old secrets from the long-gone past.

Destiny 2 new exotics are certainly being introduced. Alongside the returning legends (yes, Monte Carlo, it’s about you), we’ll get two HCs, Loud Lullaby and Eriana’s Vow, then Deathbringer RL, Leviathan’s Breath heavy combat bow, Xenophage MG, and some others. Moreover, there will be a bunch of freshly-announced legendaries, like Randy's Throwing Knife scout rifle from the Crucible or Exit Strategy SMG from Gambit. One important note: pinnacles, as we’ve known them till now, are more likely to be gone. Bungie is re-naming them into ritual weapons, and it comes with some significant nerfs. From now on, no more special perks for legendaries – only curated rolls. In Bungie’s opinion, pinnacle weapons are way too powerful, and the whole gaming process boils down to chasing them rather than focusing on other activities. That’s why the devs are tuning down a couple of damage perks to bring some balance to the current loadouts. This will affect both Destiny 2 new weapons and all the existing ones.

Another significant feature deals with armor. An innovative system of mods and doubled stats, which goes by the name of Armor 2.0, will allow you to reach unlimited performance and customize your character in a way you couldn’t even imagine before. Exotic and legendary armor you’ve earned before will still be available and moreover, reworked into the new system. Along with that, we are expecting six new armor sets already in Armor 2.0 variants.


What’s up in Season of the Undying?

Leaving Season of Opulence behind, we cannot but take a moment to appreciate a wonderful journey we are about to finish. Full of adventures and unique treasure-collecting experience, Season 7 gave us fun time in the Menagerie and hard time in Crown of Sorrow raid. We traveled around the Universe, following Calus's orders, we fought numerous enemies and looted a hell of a lot of items, however, made almost no progress in discovering the story.

The Season of the Undying is gonna change that.

Bungie is determined to redraw the whole D2 world by making it evolve all the time. We’ll have not only a lore-focused season but also a season with distinctive features, which at the same is intrinsically connected to the central plot. Everything will be linked, yet everything will be constantly changing. Such a mixture of two at first incompatible things seems to us extremely great, and we are sure it will work out just fine.The Season Pass is also being added. It’ll give us a fresh look at the reward system, providing massive guaranteed drops and some paid track items as well.

Now let’s dwell a bit upon some changes that are tied more closely to the gaming process itself. Destiny 2 max lvl is traditionally raised. Now we’re looking at a new cap of 960, and getting to it is crucial if you want to access the new raid (it and other newly-added activities will be discussed a bit later). However, the given number is not a limit at all. In fact, Destiny 2 max power lvl doesn’t actually exist as you can go infinite with the Seasonal Artifact. Isn’t it just fan-tas-tic? Endless power leveling and unlimited opportunities to become stronger. What more can you dream of?


Destiny 2 Season 8 and new DLC activities

The most recent ‘This Week At Bungie’ revealed a couple of adjustments to the gameplay calendar. Vex Offensive launches five days after the Season’s premiere, which is on October 5. Exclusive to the battle pass owners only, this activity is still shrouded in mystery, and the only things that we are aware of so far are the following:

  • we’re gonna fight some Terminator-style Vex robots;
  • Vex Offensive is gonna be a source of the themed armor set and some Legendary weapons.

It’s released alongside the Garden of Salvation – a new D2 raid, which deals with the Vex as well. Those nasty bastards are opening a portal in the notorious Black Garden and crawling out of it like fleas, so you must stop them, ‘cause well, Vex invasion cannot do us any good, right?

The next one on the list is Nightmare Hunt – a three-player activity located on the Moon. Once again, the details are hidden to keep the suspense up, but we’ve managed to find out a couple of things. Firstly, some old foes are very likely to pay us a visit. Such villains as Crota, Omnigul, Skolas, and Ghaul were teased in the trailer, so if these guys show up all-of-a-sudden, it won’t be much of a surprise. As they say, we killed them once, we can kill them again. Secondly, we might get a crafting system similar to the Chalice of Opulence. It’s something called the Lectern of Enchantment and it’s tightly linked to Nightmare Hunt. By earning Nightmare Essence (presumably, the Menagerie runes analog) you’ll be able to craft certain weapons at the Lectern. According to Luke Smith, in Shadowkeep we are going to build our character the way we want. More crafting and customization freedom. Hey, Bungie, are you building a paradise?

Nightmare Hunt comes in three difficulty levels: Hero (October, 8), Legend (October, 15), and Master (October, 22), the latter being released on the same day Leviathan’s Breath quest kicks off. Then we have the Dungeon launch, Divinity quest, and Momentum Control new PvP mode (October, 29), and two big dates for November: on the 5th is the first Raid challenge, and on the 19th Vex Offensive final assault takes place. Shadowkeep campaign is available from the very first day of the release.

The sooner the updates are, the harder it gets to wait for them, so be strong, Guardian, there are only a few days left. SoU and Shadowkeep are not gonna go easy on us with all these superbly harsh activities, so if you feel like they’re too much to handle, go to legionfarm.com where you can always get help from the best D2 pros.

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