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What are attunements and why are they in the game?


Vanilla WoW attunement and the challenge it brings

Raids are massive endgame activities that take a lot of work and preparation. That’s true for the latest version of the game. But let us discuss what will WoW Classic attunement be like when the game releases. For starters, it’s important to take into account the differences between the gameplay of Classic WoW and the retail version of the game. For those of you who don’t know, Classic WoW aims to recreate the early years of World of Warcraft. Those first versions of the game are also known as Vanilla WoW. As you could imagine, the game was much different from what we have today. The game’s industry has changed a lot, and so has the MMO market. Therefore, the gameplay mechanics that we see now in WoW are made to represent the changes in the genre and the people that play this sort of game. What does that even mean, you might ask? Well, not only the game, but it’s players have matured. It means that most players aren’t able to put as much time as they used to years ago. That made developers re-think their approach to making activities. Now, we have activities that reward players more often and for less effort. It seems like a bad idea on paper, but in reality, people just want to come back to their favorite game in the evening and spend some quality time with it. They want to have a valuable experience, no matter how much time they put in. This wasn’t the plan back when WoW just came out. And it will not be the case in Classic WoW either. Hence, our WoW Classic boosting service is as popular as ever. Classic WoW will require players to spend a lot of time in it. By returning to its roots the game will lose many of the conventional features it has today. There won’t be an LFG tool, that lets players find a team for a dungeon based on their role. And those are not the only changes you should be prepared for. In the next part, we will talk about how does all this connect to Vanilla raid attunement.


Some Vanilla WoW attunement quests are easy and then there is Onyxia’s attunement

Now that we have acknowledged the fact that Classic WoW will be providing more hardcore experience compared to the retail version, let’s talk about the endgame content. There will be Phases of content updates that will feature, among other things, new raids and dungeons, and other high-level content. The max level in Classic is 60. After that players will be able to take part in raids, high-level dungeons, and PvP battlegrounds. Raids and dungeons are instances that in essence are mazes of various sizes and complexity filled with powerful mobs and bosses. WoW Vanilla raid attunement provides access to a raid. It means, that before you can even visit a raid, you must complete a sequence of quests that will unlock access to a raid as a reward. Surely, these quests are bound with a separate story that connects to the lore of the world and the raid it gives access to. The quests in this chain are not simple ones. Sometimes they require completing an instance, killing a boss, finding some items. More than often it’s the combination of all of these activities. Let’s take a look at the Molten Core attunement, for example. Molten Core is one of two first raids available in WoW Classic. The second being Onyxia’s Lair. MC attunement is not actually a real attunement, because anyone can actually enter a raid if they are lvl 50 or higher and in a raid group. What it does give you is a faster way of entering the raid by teleporting you there. The quest is called “Attunement to the Core” and is given to you at lvl 55 by Lothos Riftwaker in Blackrock Depths. You will be asked to get a hold of the Core Fragment that is guarded by Fire Elementals. By returning this item to Lothos, you will then be able to teleport to MC by speaking with him.


Vanilla WoW raids with attunement that's bigger than the raid itself

Onyxia Lair attunement is much more difficult than the one for Molten Core. It is, arguably the longest attunement quest in Classic WoW for both factions. It is also much harder for Horde than for Alliance. Hence, we’ll cover here what you need to do to complete attunement if you are on the Horde side. However, we are not going to share any tips on how to do this quest more efficiently. We will have a more detailed guide to every attunement on our blog page, so stay tuned! You start the quest by speaking to Warlord Goretooth and accepting Warlord’s Command quest. You will be tasked to slain 3 bosses in Lower Blackrock Spire and collect documents. Then you must return to that NPC and report about your success. After that, you will be tasked with finding an orc, who will, in turn, ask you to eliminate a Rend Blackhand in Upper Blackrock Spire. Next, you will have to find another NPC, that wonders between several locations. He gives you a quest called “The testament of the Horde”. And that won’t be the end of WoW Classic Ony attunement. Once you have obtained the testament you will need to give it to Myranda the Hag and accept the “Oculus Illusions” quest that will take you back to UBRS. There you will now have to retrieve some items which you will bring back to Myranda. She will then give you an amulet which you will use to turn yourself in a dragonkin and talk to a dragon named Emberstrife. He will give you 3 more quests that will take you to a different location where you will have to kill bosses. After doing so, return to Emberstrife and receive another quest that will task you with killing one last boss. Note, that you will have to be in a team to slain all these guys. Anyway, after finishing off the last drake, you bring the proof to Emberstrife and then you will have to talk to that Orc who is always on the move. He will ask you to return to UBRS once more, kill a boss and return to him. And finally, you will receive an amulet that attunes you to the Molten Core raid.


WoW Classic raids unlock brings people together before raids did it

Once again, we will have a more detailed blog regarding attunement to each raid, where we will guide you through each quest including all technicalities. Vanilla BWL attunement refers to gaining access to Blackwing Lair. This one is somewhat simpler compared to Onyxia’s attunement. Near the entrance to UBRS, you will find Elite monsters, one of them will have a letter on him. Reading this letter starts a quest that will require you to kill the last boss in UBRS. Doing so will leave the Brand. Players need to interact with it to complete the quest and become attuned to BWL. Naxxramas attunement is also a pretty simplistic 3-step process. The trick here is to get the reputation with the Argent Dawn faction to a certain level. The highest level grants you free WoW Classic Naxx unlock, if you have any lesser level of reputation, you will have to pay for the access to the raid. If you don’t want to farm reputation, you will have to make sure you have certain reagents with you, that are obtained from mining high-end nodes, disenchanting Epic items. In addition, Argent Dawn faction will have quests, competing which will raise your reputation with them.So now you know that a lot of effort goes into getting access to those raids. Imagine, how much work will go into completing a raid. Remember, how we’ve talked about the difference between Classic WoW and its modern version? This is what defines the Vanilla WoW. The challenge that made players unite with each other, form connections, make friends and finally found guilds. All of these challenges like attunements and raids, brought people together. You can expect the same to happen in WoW Classic. The difference is that these days, people are more experienced in this. What’s more, there is a ton of information like this blog on the internet, so players will come more prepared. It wasn’t like that in 2004-2006. Everyone was just uncovering how the game works and learning the ropes of raiding. Still, the difficulty of WoW Classic will surely make players cooperate more. For more news and blog articles, stay tuned on – the best WoW Classic vendor on the market.

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