VR coaching integration - Kingspray Graffiti


Hi everyone!

It’s Foksey here again! Okay, so, some of you may or may not remember that we spoke about doing some coaching stuff in VR a bit ago. Well, even though enjoying something like we saw in the Ready Player One movie is quite far away from the current state of things, VR is becoming more advanced and popular with every day. And due to this, we at LegionFarm are making another move!

We’re currently integrating with a game called Kingspray Graffiti VR, a 9/10 Steam rated graffiti drawing simulator created by professional graffiti artists. It’s a very detailed, high-quality, and very realistic game. Really, a regular user won’t be able to differentiate between real-world graffiti many of us see on a daily basis and in-game creations. Have a look for yourself:

Kingspray Graffiti revolves around your ability to create pure art and draw graffiti. And guys, don’t be fooled by the fact that this is a game, its developers have done some tremendous work to make sure the experience in Kingspray is as close to real-life as possible. They’ve created a wide range of caps to utilize, the game has realistic pressure and fading, as well as wet/dry effects, drips and a crazy wide range of colors. Of course, you won’t be getting caught and fined by the police like in real life for spray painting, and you can save and reload your progress at any time, the game is still very challenging and draws you in.


You guys can probably imagine how much time and skill it can take to create something like the above, right? This is some proper skill and legend mode, nothing like that kid's game, Dark Souls. Mastering any simulator can be challenging, especially one like Kingspray. So, how can you become a Graffiti God?


Soon, you’ll be able to hire one of our professional graffiti artists right in-game. Think similar to our Prime World integration. This will be the fastest and easiest way to learn how to draw graffiti. It’s actually a lot of fun since you will always be in the same location as your coach and spray paint together. Even if you’re not going to draw graffiti in real life, the skills you will gain together with our professionals in Kingspray are still awesome to have. A really cool part is that the concepts you learn in-game carry over to real life as everything you're doing in Kingspray is by hand, this is one of the most amazing features of VR in my opinion. Aside from not being busted by the cops of course :)


That's it for today's post, don’t worry, there will be more soon! We’ll continue working with interesting VR projects and helping gamers all around the world.

See you later, guys!

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