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It all started with Redrix's Claymore in a long-gone Warmind, and now Destiny 2 Pinnacle weapons list consists of almost a dozen of items and, to the gamers' delight, keeps steadily growing with every season. Top of the class, each packed with a bunch of distinctive perks, pinnacles offer you the best weapon experience in the game. Needless to say, all these babies require some serious grinding, but well, the one who is unwilling to work (or get a boost from us) shall not get the coolest guns, right?

In this article, we're gonna overview Vanguard pinnacles, giving you a better look at their characteristics, acquisition quests, and effective combos for your loadout. Ready, steady, Guardian? Let us go then.


The holy trinity of Destiny 2 Vanguard weapons

Bungie has spread the pinnacles between three in-game activities: Crucible arena, Gambit mode, and Vanguard, the latter being the one of greatest interest to us right now. As you’ve probably figured from this paragraph’s title, all in all, there are three Vanguard pinnacles in D2 so far: Oxygen SR3, Loaded Question, and Wendigo GL3.

Not a lot to choose from, to be honest, but in fact, you don’t even need to choose – just grab all of them! No joke here, all these items are must-haves, necessary for building various loadouts for one or another purpose. Destiny 2 Oxygen SR3, for instance, is a scout, and LQ is a fusion, both suited for the Energy slot, while Wendigo is designed as a heavy damage-dealing weapon. Some of them work better in PvP, and others show a more efficient performance in PvE. For you to see a better picture, we will look closely into each of these pinnacles, starting with the Oxygen SR3 review.


Oxygen SR3: more than a regular scout

Presented in Season of Drifter, Oxygen cannot boast of earning the love of D2 audience. Scouts are considered to be lagging behind other rifles, but it is, of course, just a matter of taste and preference. This particular pinnacle is good for PvE when you have to deal with a pile of adds at long distances. By placing a number of precision kills, the Meganeura perk enhances Dragonfly trait, making its explosion way more destructive. Nothing extraordinary, but still a nice weapon to switch to from time to time. How to get Oxygen SR3? You have to meet Commander Zavala, and he will give you the quest. Oxygen SR3 quest is not a big deal but still requires some dedication. In order to finish it, you will have to handle the following:

  • precision kills;
  • generating Orbs of Light;
  • Strikes or Nightfalls completing.

If you are a passionate pinnacle collector or love scout rifles so much that you simply can’t pass on getting one more, then grinding for Oxygen is gonna be truly rewarding.

As for the loadout, unfortunately, D2 does not give scout rifles an opportunity to shine and unleash their real potential. There simply is no proper environment for them to fit in, but if you feel like testing it in combat anyway, try out this combo: Malfeasance HC for the kinetic slot + Oxygen SR3 for energy + 21% Delirium for the heavy. It is pretty balanced and guarantees steady PvE performance for short or mid range.


Your Destiny 2 weapons arsenal certainly needs Loaded Question

Loaded Question Destiny 2 fusion rifle kicked off in the Fifth Season alongside Mountaintop and Breakneck. In comparison with these two, it doesn’t stand out so much, but in our Vanguard list, it’s a pretty impressive player. If we had to cut it really short, our Destiny 2 Loaded question review would go this way: if you still haven’t grinded for this gun, do it asap. You need it. Yes, you do, even if you haven’t realized it yet. This gun undoubtedly has potential, but it’s up to you to reveal it. The perks here are a real deal. Reservoir Burst gives you a peachy damage buff if you run with the full mag and also makes your targets go kaboom, hitting everyone in close proximity. Pair it up with the Blast Radius and you’ll get an infallible tool for clearing grouped adds. If you adjust it to your playstyle, it will serve you really well.

As for Destiny 2 Loaded Question quest, we need to check on our good old pal Zavala and take on a pursuit. Three objectives, as usual, all of them can be handled simultaneously. Equip yourself with a fusion rifle and an Arc weapon and go on a killing spree. By the time you score enough Strikes or Nightfalls, other missions are very like to be finished as well, and your Destiny 2 Loaded Question farm will be officially over.

This fusion is particularly good for PvE, and weapon combos surprise with the striking variety. Here are a couple of them:

  • Malfeasance, LQ, and Crooked Fang (very good for Gambit);
  • Blast Furnace, LQ, and Sleeper Simulant/Whisper of the Worm;
  • Ace of Spades, LQ, and Sins of the Past;
  • Austringer and LQ plus Transversive Steps gear piece (works better on hunters).

Wendigo GL3 is a DPS record-breaker among Destiny 2 Pinnacle weapons

Wendigo GL3 is rightfully the most powerful Vanguard pinnacle. Its DPS can fly up to 50k, and even that is not the limit. Its main perk Explosive Light is tightly tied with the Orbs of Light. Once you pick up one, it drastically boosts blast radius and damage, turning Destiny 2 Wendigo GL3 into an ultimate weapon of mass destruction. It has blinding grenades, it gives you an ammo refill while holstered, and it can be called a real foe-eating monster, annihilating bosses and other types of enemies.

Wendigo GL3 farm once again includes a couple of objectives from Zavala, all of them testing your mastery in handling a grenade launcher. To add this beast to your collection, you have to land more than a thousand GL final blows, half a thousand multikills, and earn points by eliminating targets in a single life without dying in Strikes.

Speaking of loadout, for PvE we would recommend using The Huckleberry or The Recluse with LQ and Wendigo. Nutty boss damage and mob melting are guaranteed.


Save yourself some time and get a Destiny 2 carry

You know we love impressing you with numbers, and now the time has come to share some calculations once again. According to our humble research, gamers with above-average D2 skills (which means they are not new to the game and have a well-developed confident playstyle) usually spend around 7-8 hours on each Vanguard pinnacle grind. Not a week, surely, but it’s still a tedious process that requires concentration and patience.

A Destiny 2 boost can be of so much use in here. It’ll save you time, ‘cause our experts can farm twice as fast, not to mention our super flexible scheduling, which allows you to pick any period during the day for the boost to be completed. Just say it, and we will grind while you work or sleep so that when you are finally ready to play your guns will be waiting for you. You wanna participate? Not a problem at all. Tune to the private stream and witness the whole quest completion in real time. All the life pleasures for you. Collecting guns can be both joyful and easy, we will take care of that.

Shadowkeep is reported to bring some more pinnacles to the game, so be sure to check and pre-order everything you need to climb to the very top of the new D2 Season.

Good luck with obtaining your pinnacles, Guardian. May the Light guide you.

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