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Ultimate Fishing Guide


In this article, we will cover one more indispensable skill you can learn in WoW. It’s Fishing. We’ll look closely at what to fish, how to transform ingredients for more profit and what to do if you wanna buff the skill. Without further ado, let us begin.

For the most part, fishermen live by catching the Azeroth seafood, but it’s not as simple as it might seem at first glance. Fishing is not just chilling near the pond with a rod in your hands. It is indeed an intricate science, requiring you to thoroughly select the bait and to have tons of patience, ‘cause otherwise, you’re not gonna get the desired rewards. Fishing is intrinsically tied to Alchemy and Cooking, as it provides the essential ingredients. Fish is utilized by chefs and also by alchemists to create different potions.

Being a secondary skill, Fishing can be mastered by anyone no matter what other professions they’ve chosen. Moreover, it’s a brilliant way to multiply your gold supplies, especially when you’re only starting your journey in WoW.


Your starting point for Fishing

So, you’ve decided to become an angler. Where to start? First off, it’s important to know that Fishing has a cap of 300 levels, which are divided into several ranks in the following way:

  • Apprentice – lvl 1 to lvl 75, is taught by a trainer;
  • Journeyman – lvl 75 to lvl 150, is taught by a trainer;
  • Expert – starting from lvl 125 and character lvl 20. Requires reading a special book, purchased from Old Man Heming.
  • Artisan – starting from lvl 225 and character lvl 35. Obtained by successfully finishing the quest given by Nat Pagle, who resides in Theramore. This guy will kindly ask you to bring him four rarest fish, so if you really wanna succeed, you definitely need to put some work into it. If you don’t feel like bothering with that, use our Gathering Profession 300 Skill boost. We will rank you up fast and easy, unlocking lots of opportunities for further character development.

Improving your Fishing skills

Now, when we’ve figured out how to perform the leveling, let’s look at a bunch of ways to improve your skills.

Normally, before you hit skill lvl 100, your primary tool will be Strong Fishing Pole (adds +5 Fishing). It is not hard to obtain through the Fishing Suppliers, but don’t forget it’s impossible to purchase unless you’re lvl 10 in Fishing. From levels 1 to 9, you will stick mostly to Fishing Pole. It’s basic and doesn’t give you any skill buffs, and also Blump Family Fishing Pole (grants +3 skill), obtainable from the corresponding quest.

After hitting lvl 100, you’ll unlock Big Iron Fishing Pole with its hefty buff of +20. It’s quite a rare item drop, but don’t worry – it’s easily bought and auctioned.

For Horde, Nat Pagle's Extreme Angler FC-5000 is an excellent option. It buffs the skill for 25 and drops from a short and nice killing quest from Katoom the Angler.

The highest buff here comes from the Arcanite Fishing Pole that has an amazing +35. It’s exceptionally rare and cannot be auctioned, as its only source is the Stranglethorn Fishing Extravaganza contest.

It’s also possible to count on a small skill buff from Lucky Fishing Hat and Nat Pagle’s Boots. Both of them grant you +5 and are earned again at the Stranglethorn contest for catching two of the rarest fish in Azeroth.


Alongside fishing rods, certain lures can also temporarily buff your skill.

  • Shiny Bauble – plus 25 for 10 min, required skill 1.
  • Aquadynamic Fish Lens – plus 50 for 10 min, required skill 50.
  • Nightcrawlers – plus 50 for 10 min, required skill 50.
  • Bright Baubles – plus 75 for 10 min, required skill 100.
  • Flesh Eating Worm – plus 75 for 10 min, required skill 100.
  • Aquadynamic Fish Attractor – plus 100 for 5 min, required skill 100.

Most of these lures are available at the Fishing Suppliers, while there is a couple which comes as mob drops or needs to be manufactured. Lures are a nice way to enhance your fishing performance, but you should that it’s crucial to always maintain a cost-benefit balance. To put it simply, don’t spend on lures more than you’re gonna eventually gain for selling the fish.


How to earn tons of gold?

Fishing is the field where all the real money is. It’s quite profitable as it as, even if you’re just fishing for something ordinary, but certain species can make you really rich. Here, we’ll overview the most demanded creatures, their habitats, and some requirements to meet in order to access them.

1) Catching Stonescale Eels. These creatures are like crème de la crème, as they are highly valued in Alchemy. The Eels help create Stonescale Oil that, in the right hands, can turn into very rare potions and incredibly powerful elixirs. Farming Stonescale Eels is shockingly profitable, as the demand is always very and the prices usually start from 15 to 30 gold.

To farm these creatures, at least lvl 205 is necessary. The location is primarily the Steamwheedle Port. Try the shoreline dock in this area and fish directly from Stonescale Eel pools. If none of them are nearby, check Oily Black Mud pools.

When you finally catch some Eels, list them on the auction to collect your reward. If you are an Alchemist, don’t be so quick to sell – you’d better stock them up to use later for making some potions. Other places where it’s possible to find these Eels are the coasts of Feralas, Azshara, Tanaris, the Hinterlands, and Stranglethorn Vale. You’re expected to be more successful if you check out the Bay of Storms from 12 am and 6 am in-game time.

2) Deviate fish is a key ingredient of a mysterious dish – Savory Deviate Delight. It’s also very popular among Alchemists, ‘cause it’s the main ingredient for some of their greatest elixirs. This creature is a perfect farm for low-level players as it’s available at the very first Fishing level. To catch it search the Wailing Caverns waters. Judging by the area, it’s easy to guess that if you’re a Horde member, it’ll be less difficult to farm it, however, on the Alliance auctions Deviate fish costs a lot more. Uncooked, it can be sold for 5-8 gold. It’s interesting that the Barrens residents sometimes carry the recipe for this dish with them. The chances are roughly one to thousand, which is extremely low, but if you’re lucky, one of the Barrens inhabitants might drop the recipe when killed. Being extremely rare in the Alliance, the recipe is expected to cost from 10 up to 50 gold.

3) Winter Squid is the essence of the Grilled Squid, which is a quite popular food among some WoW classes. As you’ve probably guessed from the name, this guy is available strictly during the in-game winter time. Due to its seasonal rarity, Winter Squid is quite pricey, starting from 10 to 20 gold per stack. The main places for farming this guy actually overlap with the Stonescale Eels’ locations with just one exception: you can farm Winter Squid only in the open sea. The highest chances are reported to be in the Bay of Storms area from 12 pm and 6 pm game time. However, level requirements are quite high for this one: 330 to even unlock it and 425 to fish with a high success rate.

4) Raw Nightfin Snapper is another exotic creature. The main ingredient for Nightfin Soup (mana regenerating must-have), it is farmed more effectively only at night. This fish lives in most high-level 45+ areas. The prices vary from 10 to 25 gold per stack, depending on server progression and market economy.

5) Firefin Snapper is usually utilized by Alchemists for their Fire Oil that can further be used for creating several other potions and elixirs. This one is less pricey than the ones listed above – only from 80 silver to 3 gold, but when you transform it into one of the potions, the price will skyrocket for sure. The main locations are mostly the coasts of 20+ lvl areas and also along the coasts of Arathi Highlands, Azshara, Desolace, Feralas, etc.


Discover the ultimate Fishing glory with our Profession boost

WoW Fishing skill is terribly underrated. Most players think it’s boring or they are just uninformed of how lucrative it can actually be. In fact, Fishing is crucial for low-level characters and the newbies, as it grants you a lot of gold without doing anything extremely difficult. Moreover, it’s good for both leveling and the endgame content, ‘cause some other professions, as you’ve learned from the article, depend hugely on fishing supplies. We’d strongly recommend picking this profession as a secondary for your adventures in Azeroth. It’s relatively easy in leveling, but can sometimes be extremely time-consuming and require some tedious farming. If you prefer more active gaming but still wanna earn some solid money, let our WoW experts handle your Fishing progression, sparing you the boring part and granting only excellent results.

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