These guns are the best in Apex Legends! Why?


What’s up, people! Community Manager of LegionFarm Group, Foksey here.

This post will continue our series of small but very useful guides for Apex Legends. It's like a Free Apex coaching. I highly recommend that you check out our previous article if you haven’t already! - These legends are very good for playing at Predator rank. But why?

Alright, so we’ve designated the most useful legends for playing at Predator Apex Legends rank, which is nice. But if you really think about it, your firepower is just as important of criteria for victory as is selecting the right legend. This is definitely important, but you’re not going to win if you’ve got the wrong guns and don’t know how to use the right ones. A true PRO-player can win any match with any legend.

Apex Legends provides its players with a vast choice of weapons, with each one being different, but not all of them are as good as they seem. As in our last article, I’ve asked one of our PRO’s, BEKONX, to provide insight as gun picks in-game. Look, I’m an Apex player myself, but I don’t really think that my Silver-IV opinion matters that much tbh, :D

I’ll cover every ammo type in the game and tell you which guns are the best for them. We’re going to start with the most popular ammo types and then move on to the less popular ones. If you want to know how to get better at Apex Legends, you have to know this kind of stuff!


When it comes to Light Ammo weapons, we’ve got a lot of choices: G7 Scout, R-301 Carbine, Alternator SMG, R-99, RE-45 Auto, and P2020. That's 6 pieces to choose from! But there are 2 weapons in this category that beat the rest. The R-301 and R-99. Let's compare both:


  • More stable
  • Higher damage, especially headshots
  • Suitable for any distance


  • More close-ranged
  • Higher RPM

So, in general, you should always pick the R-301 over the R-99, but the R-99 is still a solid pick.


In this category we have - Hemlok, Flatline, Spitfire, Prowler, and Wingman for a total of 5 weapons. The main recommendation here is Flatline. It offers its wielder some nasty damage output, but the tradeoff is its medium RPM. If you go for headshots with the Flatline, you’ll down your opponents extremely fast. The gun is meant for close to mid-range combat, but, if you get an x2-x4 scope and switch back to single-mode, you can efficiently fire shots at longer ranges as well.

An honorable mention here and a suitable piece for headshot fanatics is the Wingman. If you’re a sharpshooter, this gun will allow you to hit enemies like a freaking truck.


Hands down, the most simple choice here. But guys! Use only the Peacekeeper and the Peacekeeper only! It’s a 100% pick in the PRO scene, since not every weapon can deal a whopping 125 damage in a single shot! And if you’ve got the Precision Choke equipped on it… Oh boy, you’ll wreak havoc in-game!

The EVA-8 is also an acceptable pick if you can’t find the Peacekeeper. Memezambique isn’t a recommended pick.


Tbh, if you have the opportunity to not pick energy weapons, don’t take them. The L-STAR overheats rapidly while the HAVOC takes some time to charge before you can start shooting, though it only has vertical recoil, which makes it easier to control. Overall, the recommendation is to not use energy weapons in Season 4 of Apex Legends.


Oh boy, these are my favorite. But before I get into them, let me share an opinion of one of our PRO-players on these: “Sniper ammo takes a lot of space in your inventory and there’s no way you’ll be better than the guy with some auto-rifle and a Peacekeeper. In Season 3 I’d recommend picking up a G7, but now it can’t equip any sniper scopes, so I think you should avoid snipers.”

However, after further discussion, we’ve managed to pull out some advice on using sniper rifles if you really like them. Even though they aren't meta, but that's how I like it :D

When it comes to snipers, your best choices are the Sentinel and Triple-Take. The Sentinel is basically a budget Kraber (golden sniper from the Care Package), which shatters enemies Body Shield health if charged with a shield battery (press B for that). The Triple-Take together with a Precision Choke equipped can knock down enemies with just 2 quick shots - one charge and one regular.

The last, but not least - golden weapons from care packages... If you see one - grab it. There's nothing else to say here.

I hope this little guide was useful to you! Remember that picking the right gun won’t make you a god instantly - you still have to be quite skilled to properly use your weapons.

So! I hope this little guide proved useful to you! Just remember, picking the right guns won’t make you an instant in-game god, you still need to wield them properly. But, our Apex Legends Pro-players can help with that!

Stay safe and healthy during CoronaVirus guys! Despite all the Chaos, quarantine provides for an excellent time to improve your in-game skills with the help of our LegionFarm Pro-players!

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