The real-world economy is a mess! Panic and pandemonium all over! But the gaming industry and LegionFarm are growing.


Hello, dear readers, It’s Foksey here with you today!

Well, many of you can probably figure out what we’re going to talk about today based on the title of this post, hehe! As you all know, the situation in the real world is quite messy today. We’ve got the lockdown, the CoronaVirus pandemic, economic uncertainty (the Fed printing trillions of dollars, bbbrrr goes the printer, infinite quantitative easing, don’t you just wish you could print a ton of in-game gold?), and tens of thousands of people losing their jobs. Just looking at the United States alone, there are around 15 million people out of work.

So.. Things are looking pretty grim in the real world… It’s all over, isn’t it?!

It might seem so at first! However, if we look at things a bit closer, we can see that there’s one sphere doing quite well, and that’s the gaming industry. So don’t worry! We at LegionFarm Group are safe and we’re not going anywhere! Actually, we’re growing quite rapidly as people turn to gaming during this time of isolation and social distancing.

Think about it, our work is entirely focused on helping people improve their gaming skills and generate maximum in-game fun! As soon as this global lockdown trend started, we’ve seen a massive surge in gaming activity across the globe. Here’s the graph of the video games sales increase worldwide during March 2020. And that’s just sales. The gaming activity has gone totally mad!


And just like that, the quantity of Legionfarm orders has grown as well. Another thing that we’ve noticed is an increase in the number of people that want to come work with LegionFarm Group as professional gamers. Although we are very saddened by the events our world is currently facing, the fact that we as a company can provide individuals with an opportunity to acquire real, respected, well paying, and prospective jobs in virtual worlds and help push the gaming industry forward - makes us happy.

Despite the world being in turmoil, we at LegionFarm, together with our community, and pro players see this as a prime opportunity that can bring us closer to our mission of creating over 1 million jobs in virtual worlds.

Calling all Pro gamers! We’ve got a job for you!

And so, if you see yourself as a skilled gamer with achievements and believe that you can help others by utilizing your in-game expertise, we would be happy to see you as a PRO gamer at LegionFarm! All you need to do is fill out the form below:

Become our PRO, start to earn money by gaming! Apply

We also have an official LegionFarm Group Discord server for our current and future players. It's kinda fresh, but you can already join the "Waiting room" channel to communicate with our representatives!

Trust me, I can say with maximum certainty that the demand for games and LegionFarm services will continue to rise even once the pandemic is over. Especially as we continue to expand our game lineup and recruit more pro players. Many of our current clients simply no longer wish to play with randoms after trying our Play with a PRO service. Who doesn’t want reliable and skilled teammates all the time?

Making a career out of gaming.

Our passion is gaming, we love it, we’re driven by our goal of providing real-world value through efforts and the coming together of people in virtual worlds. It is now more clear to us than ever at LegionFarm that gaming can not only bring joy and amazing experiences to casual gamers in a time of global pandemonium but also act as a financial safe haven for those with exceptional in-game skills who are in need of work.

Having a job as a gamer is proving to be quite reliable and secure, the numbers are there to prove it and we’re here to help. Heck, the only thing that can thwart that is someone shutting off the entire planet’s internet. But, that’s more like a scenario from The Walking Dead TV show :)

I invite you to join LegionFarm Group, let’s make this world better through gaming!

Foksey out! Cya later and stay safe dear readers!

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