The raid in The Division 2 is harder on consoles


The Division 2 PC affordable raid a reality?

The main premise of the new installment of Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 was making sure that the endgame content is viable from the start, unlike its predecessor. The first game had a rough start, but you could say that the game was an expensive experiment and it was expected to have some problems. In the end, the game turned out great. So, as the flagman of the improved endgame, Division 2 raid – the new activity was meant to provide enough challenge and entertain players who’ve reached the max level. The challenge it did provide, but not in a way everyone expected. The raid came out late, it was first announced that it would release on 25th of April, but due to some technical issues, it was delayed until Math 16th. Now, you have to understand, the hype was real. The division never had an activity like that before. 8-players instance would be the biggest and the most difficult yet in the whole franchise. When the raid became available the players from all 3 platforms rushed to the instance in hopes to be the first to finish it. The developers promised to put the pictures of those who would complete it first on the walls of the White House. So, the competition was on. The results were strangely different. The thing is the Division 2 Dark Hours raid was beaten after 5 hours since release on PC, but it took around 3 days to beat the raid on consoles. Even when it did happen, the whole process took around 10 hours, while PC players managed to finish the run in about 24 minutes, which is a crazy difference. The community of the game has spoken. Many players claim that it is much harder to complete Operation Dark Hours on consoles than it is on PC and that the difficulty of the raid should be nerfed. One of the community managers from Massive Entertainment claimed that while the developers found the feedback very valuable it is unlikely that they would take any action to change the difficulty of the raid. Meaning that the statistics that they have shown the numbers within tolerable margins. The community disagreed with this statement. Gamers state that the PC version of Operation Dark Hours has a technical advantage. Let’s see, if it’s really so.


How to finish Division 2 raid on PS4

To give you some background here is how to do Operation Dark Hours. This mission is supposed to be the most challenging content to date, so the entry requirements are pretty high. First of all, you need to reach level 30. Then you ought to unlock World Tier 5, which could take a while and finally, make certain that you have at least 490 of Gear Score. You would need to find another 7 people who have are ready to enter the raid and make sure all of them are rocking their own custom build. The developers claimed that the raid is meant to be played by a highly cooperated diverse team. Therefore, having different roles in a team is recommended. To enter the raid, you would need to talk to the helicopter pilot at your operation base. Once you’re on sight, you’ll find yourselves in the sewer system beneath the airport. The operation will take place in the airport itself, of course. It is very diverse in terms of combat scenarios and tactical opportunities that are provided by surroundings. The first boss that you will confront is the guy called Max “Boomer” Bailey. For console players, the first boss serves as the test for Division 2 raid difficulty. Which means if your party can’t beat him, you’re not ready for the raid. Anyway, the next few bosses you will face have these nicknames - Dizzy, Ricochet, and Weasel. They have a unique battle arena where you have to watch out for the gas that fills the surface of the area you are in. Then you will meet the duo, Lucy and Buddy. They are two dog-like automated drones, one of which has an insta-kill attack, so watch out for that one. Up next, you’ll face the DDP-52 Razorback. This is a big truck and a final boss the raid. It could take a long time before you’ll figure out how to destroy it. Players on PS4 got first The Division 2 raid completion after two days since it became available. This proves that consoles have some problems when it comes to an activity like that in the game.


Has anyone beat the Division 2 raid on console?

We will start off by presenting the official reason, why the developers themselves think that the console players found it more difficult to complete the raid as fast as PC gamers. Massive Entertainment addressed the AI bug which could lead to potential difficulty spikes during the raid run. Developers believed that fixing this bug could resolve the issue and they would not need to change the difficulty directly. However, the community has been pretty vocal that the issue lies in the technical differences between consoles and PC. Like so, we know that the frame-rate on consoles is capped to 30, while PC players got full 60 fps. While 30 frames are still considered to be a standard in the modern Gaming Industry, some fast-paced games like the Division 2 can suffer from slower frame rates. It is known that the frame cap was done due to the technical limitations of the consoles, so there is really nothing can be done in this regard. However, this is not all. Console players also claim that it is generally more difficult to play with a gamepad that with a combination of keyboard and mouse. This also doesn’t need any additional proof, as everybody knows that it’s much easier and faster to aim using a mouse in action games. You could argue, those console players could connect a mouse and keyboard to their systems, but is it something that was intended from the start? Players expect to get a fair challenge regardless of what control scheme they're using. Using a racing wheel or a dance pad is out of the argument since we’re only talking about conventional and standard methods. Anyway, players also found the lack of Division 2 lfg system disturbing. You would assume that these days if you have a raid activity in the game, you should think about implementing a system that lets players find a group with the activity. In our case, the developers acknowledged the fact that the system is indeed needed and it will be implemented in the game in the future. This is especially frustrating since it was promised that gamers would be able to use this system for any activity. For now, gamers have to manually start groups, so this promised feature of Division 2 raid matchmaking is simply not there. During one of the State of the Game live streams, content manager Yannick Banchereau stated that the matchmaking system was brought to the discussion within the studio many times, and the reason it’s not yet in the game is simply that, they want to make it right. He then elaborated that the developers don’t would like to avoid having random groups, which would decrease the overall gameplay experience. Whether it is the right choice or not is up to everyone to decide.


New horizons for Division 2 insane console raids

All of this is surely not a great start for raids in the game as a new type of content. It’s now time to speculate whether the problems will reappear in the future. Division 2 The Foundry is rumored to be the name for the next raid. In this one, players will be fighting against the faction called the True Sons. Presumably, the raid will take place in some sort of factory, where this faction is creating new weapons. The raid itself is claimed to be more aggressive and raw, whatever this means. But what’s more interesting is will they do anything to negate the difference in difficulty between the platforms, taking the fact that they have a technical character? What’s more, will we see a full-fledged LFG system? Nobody can know for sure. One thing is certain – the developers are opening various channels to accept player’s feedback on the first raid, to make the second one much better. It’s always nice to know the big company is listening, isn’t it? In any case, if you are experiencing similar difficulties that we’ve described above, you can find several Division 2 raid carry services available on our website. You can expect more offers to appear when the new raid comes out this fall. For more news, stay tuned on

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