The Division 2 devs promise major mechanics changes


October is shaping up to be great for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 players, as the game is expected to have Update 6.0 with the multiple mechanic changes. Mostly, they will affect loot, gear, recalibration, and crafting station. Moreover, a new loot system is going to be introduced, and it’s reported to significantly ease item farming. But okay, Agents, first things first.


Title Update 6.0

Even though the update itself is still a week away, Public Test Server with all the upcoming innovations is already available on PC. The most curious players have been testing the first round of new hot stuff for almost a week now, and the second batch is scheduled for tomorrow, September 24. Testing is divided into periods so that players could focus on each aspect more attentively. PTS is closing on the first day of October, and hopefully, that will be the day the update drops as well.

TU6 will tangibly alter the already existing game mechanics. However, these changes are necessary, as both devs and players understand that the game can easily become quite boring or frustrating due to certain limitations and not-so-simple loot-farming system, which, at this point, makes getting the needed items very time-consuming.

So, what exactly does TU6 hold for us?



For the time being, brand sets include a certain number of items, which can be equipped to the certain gear slots. For example, Douglas & Harding only have a mask, a holster, and kneepads. The update will change this system entirely: all brands will have items for every available slot. That, according to the devs, will make looting for gear considerably easier and clearer.

However, there's an exception to every rule: the 511 set will remain unchanged as it is based on the actual brand. That’s why it will still include the real-life items: a vest, gloves, and a backpack.

Gear sets

To activate set bonuses you no longer need all six items. Instead, just like in the original Division, four gear pieces will be enough to set off that bonus. As a result, players will be able to combine gear sets with two additional items and make their builds more diverse.

Apart from that, a backpack and a chest piece will come with a high-end talent, which is gonna drop for each item randomly. Methods for obtaining gear sets also breaks new ground. While some sets are attainable through the crafting station and the others drop solely from Black Tusk, the rest of them will be added to the general loot pool.


Named items

Currently, there are several types of named items in Division 2, which differ from the regular ones only in the way they look. Let’s take the F2000 assault rifle, for instance. It can be acquired by collecting the keys from the Hunters, but it doesn’t have any perks or any other advantage over other items. TU6 is gonna change that.

In addition to enhancing the already existing named items, a lot of new ones will be added as well. The total number of the newcoming items is expected to be around 35. All of them will reportedly have one of the weapon talents that are present in the game, but it’s gonna be hugely buffed, and instead of +10% elite damage, for instance, a certain named item will come with a +20% or even +30% damage buff.

You may wonder, how exactly one might obtain such kind of gear? The devs say some items will be available in certain, yet unannounced sources, some will come as rare random drops, while the others will be granted as rewards for completing the most challenging tasks, like Heroic missions or Tier 4 Control Points. The devs also want to make sure that these items will be equally distributed among all in-game activities.

Loot system

Considering the number of items being increased, to make it easier for players to obtain them, Ubisoft Massive is introducing a new loot rotation system. It will change on a daily basis and will assign certain types of loot to every main operation and district. Such loot will include some weapons, all gear pieces (gloves, masks, backpacks, etc.), gear sets, and mods.

On Monday, for instance, for completing random events in the East Mall district, you are awarded with a mask, and Lincoln Memorial operation massively drops Airaldi Holdings pieces. On Tuesday, East Mall will be the source of backpack drops, while in Lincoln Memorial you’ll be able to loot some Badger Tuff items. Consequently, loot will be spread across different places, and you won’t have to re-run the same missions over and over to get the desired item. To make it more convenient, all the loot drops will be viewed on the map. There’s also gonna be a timer with a countdown to the next rotation update.

Big icons will indicate what items drop from Washington districts and smaller ones will show the loot available through the main missions. Targeted loot, as the devs call it, will be added to the regular mission drops. Moreover, both in missions and in the open world, targeted items are more likely to come from the bosses rather than from regular enemies and crates. The same goes for the Dark Zones – every day a certain type of targeted loot will be displayed on the map, however, the items will remain contaminated and will need extraction.

Just like the general ones, targeted items score will more or less match the player’s score. The closer you are to 500, the higher the loot score is.



With Update 6, the recalibration system is becoming more flexible. Now the talents of different brands and the stats of different colors can be moved between each other. It makes creating talent combos more versatile, which is undoubtedly good for players.

Among other changes, we have the new UI. Instead of choosing an item, which talent you wanna move, you will choose a talent or a feature and then pick a corresponding gear item that has it. These changes will turn recalibration into a visually simpler and more convenient system.

Crafting station

It looks like our prayers have been heard. The devs are raising the limit of rare materials that you can carry. Moreover, they will become shareable among Agents from the same account. When the amount of certain material hits the cap, it will stop dropping, which is super handy as it does not clutter up your loot with the items you no longer need.

Also, in the crafting station menu, we will see a list of all the missing blueprints and the way to get them.

As you can see, Ubisoft Massive has done a terrific job of improving the loot system, which is brilliant’ ‘cause collecting items for your character's development is one of the basic pillars of any looter-shooter. From the look of things, the devs are determined to keep perfecting Division 2, and we are definitely on board with this, as these changes seem to be exactly what the game needs.

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