The Division 2 dev reveals a secret boss


The Division 2 is not that ordinary shoot-the-bad-guys-and-loot-everything-around-you type of game. Surely, as a looter-shooter, it requires a great deal of both but if you dig deeper, it’s not that straightforward as it might seem at first.

It’s a common practice for the devs to hide some extra stuff in their game’s open world to spice things up a little. Usually dedicated expert players crack such puzzles in a matter of days or weeks at most. However, it’s been almost three months since the Manning National Zoo mission was added, and till now, no one’s had even the slightest clue that all this time, the location has hiding a Division 2 unknown boss encounter.

It was Trick Dempsey, The Division 2 game dev, who spilled the beans. During his stream, he hinted at the boss’s existence and his approximate whereabouts. In less than one day, the mystery was solved. The Manning Zoo had been explored in all directions until the most proficient investigators finally found the boss, and one of them even posted a video of their discovery.

By the looks of it, your starting point should be that huge location near the monorail – and by “huge” we mean a football field’s size huge – where you’re just running around basically doing nothing. To trigger the boss’s emergence, you’ll have to destroy some beehives. Yes, you read it right – beehives. Don’t worry, the bees won’t try to take revenge on you. However, as soon as you’re done shooting their habitats and activate the panel near the butterfly exhibit, you’ll summon somebody who looks a lot like a very angry beekeeper. And this, ladies and gents, will be the hidden boss in the Division 2 – The Agony.

The Agony seems to be extremely tanky and heavily armored. He wears some kind of a protective suit and is armed with a hammer. It takes time, skills, and probably some teamwork to take The Agony down, but as you can see from the video, it’s pretty much possible.


What other secrets does The Division 2 keep?

The game is indeed full of secrets: some of them, just like this one with the boss, were teased by the devs, while the vast majority was found by the players on their own.

Do you remember the Division 2 secret vendor? In case you haven’t found her yet, her name is Cassie Mendoza and she is your fast pass to some really nice high-end items. The chances of locating her by accident are close to zero, so just wandering around hoping for some luck is not gonna work in this case. You need to know exactly what to do, and we are happy to teach you the ropes. First of all, find the Snitch. He’s an NPC named Jared Nash, and he’s your only way to Cassie. He’s shown on your map as a couple of question marks and resides somewhere in The 1040 Safe House. As soon as you find the Snitch, he’ll drop a bounty for you to complete. Handle the encounters and try not to kick the bucket, as it will call off your deal with the Snitch and you’ll have to find him and take the bounty once again but this time only after a while. Once you’re done, Cassie will appear on your radar. She is constantly moving, so we cannot point you the exact direction, but the map will definitely help you in locating her.


The Division 2 secret side missions

Side missions are not something large-scale but they are surprisingly elaborate and well-designed, so if you’re looking for something extra, you certainly should check them out, ‘cause the devs have put some serious work into this content. Moreover, the loot drops from these missions are exclusive and pretty delicious.

Here we’ve listed all the locations with some short instructions for each of them:

  • Garage Stash can be found in the West End neighborhood, north from 25th St NW. Locate a safe house, and there’ll be an NPC called Stephen. Talk to him and get the mission. Once you complete it, you’ll be rewarded with an extensive mag blueprint for your .45 SMG.
  • Missing Scavengers. Search the 20th St NW area for a building with a gay pride flag. Enter it and talk to William Bromley. For completing his mission, you’ll be granted C79 Scope (3.4x) blueprint.
  • Missing Wire Scavengers. Running east along Massachusetts Ave NW, you’ll come across a driveway near Brasserie Steakhouse. Taking this driveway down, you’ll need to enter the building, climb up and find a quest giver named Amanda. The reward is the Osprey 9 Suppressor blueprint.
  • Missing Curators. The Castle settlement is your primary destination. Head right and proceed to the Manning Institution underground area until you reach the safehouse. Find Olivia Vance, complete the mission and grab your Stability magazine mod.
  • Navy Hill Transmission. Go to Truman safehouse in the southwest section of the map. Go out by taking the North Exit, keep running in the western direction to the car park. Then locate a door near the white van, come down by taking the ladder, and then find a person named Jane so that she could drop the quest for you. Nimble Link Belt blueprint and Retro Field Uniform are yours for the taking.

The Division 2 secret loot rooms

The looting aspect of The Division 2 is remarkable, as the devs have added tons of loot sources and also doubled the pleasure by hiding a bunch of secret locations for us to discover. We’re gonna give you a quick overview of some of them, and you will decide if you’re up for some loot-hunting or not.

While getting through the mission in Grand Washington Hotel, collect a key-card from the corpse by the big laundry cart, and then, after you’ve eliminated the enemies, go up to the last floor and unlock Suite 3 to find some chests.

One more secret loot room is located within the Contaminated Zone called The Ark in the building on Madison Dr NW. To get inside, you’ll need to climb the black boxes and jump down the hole in the yellow tart. Enter the building, pick up the key. Your next step is to light up five animal exhibits by activating the panels near them. Collect another key, head to the Staff Only room (accessible through the door that wasn’t interactable before) and that’s where our secret loot area is located. Search for boxes, open them and enjoy your loot.

How about some more hidden stashes? Head to Air and Space Museum. After you clear the area, go down to the garage, open up the door and be ready to shoot some enemies. Once you deal with the bastards, look for the yellow X sign on the wall. Right next to it, there is a basket with a blue balloon. Shoot the balloon and go find some more. All of them are located near the yellow X marks. The second one is waiting for you at the Planetarium and the third one you can find before entering the workshop as you proceed with the mission scanning all those missile parts. In one of the rooms there’ll be an inscription saying “Scavenger Parts Here” and that’s where our last balloon is hiding. The secret room is unlocked! You can find it under the “Earth from Space” sign and loot the hell out of those chests.

The Division 2 open world is truly astonishing. You can spend hours just exploring the city and looking for some loot. However, to search all Washington’s areas without any restrictions, it’s vital to deal with the storyline, take over some Control points, and clear a lot of hostile territories to guarantee yourself free access. If you wanna progress fast and without putting too much effort into it, a Division 2 carry is the best possible option. Expert players will do their best to meet your in-game needs and provide you with any item you long for. Visit and have a look at our offers – discover the best gaming experience and gear up to unveil more The Division 2 mysteries. Who knows, maybe you will be the next player to find another secret boss?

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