The Destiny Content Vault: Locations, Activities & Legendary Weapons


The next step in Destiny 2’s universe, Beyond Light launches in a week, so we are giving readers the lowdown on the Destiny Content Vault. In the previous article, we discussed the raids, exotics and catalysts going into the vault, but today we will go through the locations, legendary weapons and activities on their way out.

It’s easy to think of Destiny 2 and instantly conjure up images of the excellent exotic weapons, but there are many fantastic legendary weapons throughout the solar system. So, with several activities set to go, so too will several years of legendary gear.

Hopefully, this list will give you an idea of which legendary weapons you may need to farm for before Destiny 2’s fourth year begins on November 10th.

Looking for information on Raids, Exotics and Catalysts? Click here to find out more about the Destiny Content Vault.


First, it’s important to discuss how the power level changes will affect legendary weapons. Each weapon will no longer be attainable for new players, but those who already have them will find each one has a maximum power level depending on which season it is released. Weapons unlocked during recent seasons will stay viable for longer, but older weapons will be restricted by their performance in higher level encounters. Fortunately, all the weapons below can still be used in power-disabled PvP modes.

If you want to find out the viability of a legendary weapon, open your inventory in Destiny 2 and right-click on the weapon in question. Hover over the current power with your cursor which shows the power limit and the seasonal cap. For example, the Hammerhead Machine Gun is power-limited at 1060, meaning it can not be upgraded past the current seasonal cap, making it ineffective in PvE next season.

This will bring some big changes to the Destiny 2 meta, with weapons like the aforementioned Hammerhead, Breakneck and Mountaintop being power-limited. Here’s a list of the most used weapons in the game, their maximum power level, and which season they will be limited from.



For the first time in Destiny 2’s history, Bungie will remove several locations, shifting them into the Destiny Content Vault. This will radically change the basic structure of Destiny 2, making it almost unrecognisable from the game that launched in 2017. These changes have been long overdue though, as many of the locations are underutilized. There’s also a bulk of content leaving alongside the planets, so let’s look at each area and the content going with it.



Referred to as “The planet closest to the sun, and most consumed by the Vex,” Mercury released in the Curse of Osiris DLC. Mercury’s actual play area is relatively small, but it is further backed up by The Infinite Forest, a Vex Simulation build which spawns versions of the past, present and future. It has featured in numerous seasons, including the most recent seasonal event, Festival of the Lost.

Going into the vault with Mercury are five-story missions, three adventures, one lost sector, a public event, two strikes and the vendor Brother Vance. The Infinite Forest strikes have always been enjoyable, so hopefully we can look forward to seeing them with a new lick of paint.


Released as part of Destiny’s second expansion, Mars brought with it several fantastic missions and a significant activity in the form of Escalation Protocol (more on that shortly). It features the Lost Sector Core Terminus, a hive-infested series of halls which always served as a fantastic location for farming kills because of its close location to a fast travel point. It was especially useful when farming for catalysts such as The Huckleberry, The Ace of Spades and Trinity Ghoul.

Four story missions, two strikes, four adventures, the Escalation Protocol activity and Vendor Ana Bray will go into the vault from November.


Having released alongside the game, it’s fair to say Titan feels slightly dated. It’s one of the smaller maps in the game, but has always been fairly active in moment-to-moment gameplay. In recent months it has played home to the Contact activity alongside a few other locations. Titan is also one of the few areas in the game where performance was always an issue, so hopefully Bungie brings it back with some much-needed optimization.

With Titan being so small it is only taking a handful of content with it, including four-story missions, one strike, three lost sectors and Sloane, Titan’s Vendor. Other than the recent Contact activity, there has been little reason to visit the moon.


IO played an important role during the recent Season of Arrivals, as players would support Eris Morn during her weekly hunt to discover more about the impending Darkness. IO was also home to one of the most important exotic missions in the game, The Whisper. The third largest moon in Jupiter’s orbit is one of the largest areas in Destiny 2, so its exclusion will leave a gap for existing players, especially when you consider how active it has been.

When IO enters the vault on November 10th, so will two story missions, two strikes, three lost sectors, The Whisper activity and the Vendor, Asher Mir.

The Farm

Originally the main hub area for players who had not yet finished the campaign, the farm offers no real benefits over visiting The Tower apart from a shorter loading screen, although this comes at the cost of there being very few vendors. On the plus side, The Farm has a lovely football pitch that Guardians can play on. It would be great to see it return to Destiny, but hopefully Bungie will give it more purpose a second time around.

The Leviathan

The Leviathan is arguably the most important location entering the vault. It was not only home to the first Destiny 2 raid but also two subsequent raid lairs in Eater of Worlds and Spire of Stars. The beginning of The Leviathan also served as a brilliant spot for farming radiant seeds when working through Black Armory Forge weapon frames.


We’ve already touched on strikes leaving Destiny 2 on November 10th, but here’s a full list of all strikes entering the Destiny Content Vault. Fortunately, we are likely to see at least two new strikes on Europa and one in The Cosmodrome. As sad as it is to say goodbye to these strikes, it sure is exciting to see what’s coming next.


Legendary Weapons going into the Content Vault

As we discussed above, several locations will leave Destiny 2 soon, and so too the ability to farm their weapons. Some could remain in the game in other forms, but this list accounts for those which drop in the activities leaving.


The Leviathan

The Leviathan raid will lose a number of weapons including the popular hand cannon, Midnight Coup and the Alone as a God Sniper Rifle. Players who already own these weapons can continue to use them, but Bungie has announced the vaulted legendaries will be power-limited, so unless you plan to use them in PvP they will be useless in high-power encounters.


The Leviathan, Eater of Worlds

The Leviathan’s Raid Lair, Eater of Worlds will see two weapons go into the vault. The I Am Alive grenade launcher and Zenith of Your Kind auto-loading shotgun. Having now been eclipsed by far better shotguns, the Zenith of your Kind shotgun was a powerful choice at the time.

The Leviathan, Spire of Stars

The second raid lair set in The Leviathan, Spire of Stars drops the Last of the Legion Kinetic Sidearm and the Emperor’s Envy, an energy fusion rifle. Both weapons will go into the Destiny Content Vault from November 10th.

Scourge of the Past

Released as part of the Forsaken expansion, Scourge of the Past features a number of great weapon drops which may or may not go into the vault from November. Bungie has already stated that The Anarchy will be available via the Memory Kiosk, but there is no further information on the legendary drops in the raid. Threat Level is still a pretty viable shotgun to this day, with the curated roll featuring the Trench Barrel and Graverobber perks.

  • Bellowing Giant
  • No Feelings
  • Threat Level
  • Tempered Dynamo

Crown of Sorrow

The Season of Opulence raid, Crown of Sorrow takes place in the depths of the Leviathan. Of the weapons potentially going into the Destiny Content Vault, Bane of Sorrow and Emperor's Courtesy are probably the most notable offering some serious firepower with the right roll on either.

  • Bane of Sorrow
  • Caluse Noblesse
  • Emperor's Courtesy
  • Gahlran's Right Hand


A number of activities will head into the vault from November, and numerous legendary weapons will probably be unavailable from that point forward.

The Reckoning

Reckoning is the Gambit/raid like co-op activity that tasks players with charging their synthesizer to create a number of legendary weapons. The activity is set to be retired in November, making these weapons currently impossible to get as Bungie has made no other announcements regarding them. Fortunately, the best weapon on this list, the Gnawing Hunger Auto Rifle is currently also available via the Lead-focused Umbral Engrams so there’s still plenty of time to farm for one of the god rolls.


Escalation Protocol

With Mars set to go into the vault, so too will the popular Escalation Protocol, an activity that tasks players with working together to tackle increasingly difficult waves of enemies. The IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1 is probably the strongest weapon that drops in Escalation Protocol depending on the roll, although Trench Barrel and Threat Detector is a solid roll for the shotgun, even if it has been eclipsed by more recent shotguns.

Players can currently pick up the IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.2 from umbral engrams, although the SMG now includes random rolls, a few of which potentially make it one of the most efficient submachine guns in the game and an absolute force to be reckoned with in PvP.

  • IKELOS_SG_v1.0.1
  • IKELOS_SMG_V1.0.1
  • IKELOS_SR_v1.0.1

Black Armory Forges

The Black Armory forge was Bungie’s first attempt at giving players more autonomy over weapon drops. Players pick a frame, meet the set conditions for that frame, and then take it to one of the four forges across the solar system. The Black Armory is rarely used these days, as most of the weapon drops have been surpassed. The three exotic weapons which drop from the activity have been confirmed as returning to the Memory Kiosk, but there has been no word on the legendary drops so far.

Below are just a few of the legendary weapons potentially leaving with the Back Armory Forges. The Hammerhead still stands as one of the best machine guns in the game with the right roll, providing a reliable legendary power weapon so you can focus your exotic in the kinetic or energy slot. Blast Furnace is also a solid pulse rifle if you can drop a curated roll which has Headseeker, Outlaw and Tactical Mag, making it a solid choice for mid to long range PvP arenas.


Zero Hour

Zero Hour and the Outbreak Perfected will go into the Destiny Content Vault on November 10th, and there’s no word on when or if it may return. It’s likely Bungie will look to rebalance the weapon for Beyond Light or a future piece of content, and reintroduce an updated version of the mission.

Zero Hour is still currently available, so we would recommend pulling a fireteam together and earning yourself the Outbreak Perfected before it goes into the Destiny Content Vault.

The Whisper

The Whisper mission takes players through a difficult number of platforming puzzles before throwing them into a demanding encounter at the end, and the mission is timed. Fortunately, the reward is worth the hard work as The Whisper of the Worm is one of the best PvE sniper rifles in the game. The Whisper mission will almost certainly make its way back into the game, although who knows when that could be?

Numerous Crucible Game Modes

Crucible looks set to receive a big shakeup in Beyond Light with Supremacy, Countdown, Lockdown, Breakthrough, Doubles, Momentum Control and Scorched all leaving private and public playlists.The below maps will head into vault and several significant sandbox changes have been announced, which will change the way Destiny 2 PvP is played.


Gambit Prime (will merge with Gambit)

Gambit and the faster-paced version, Gambit Prime will merge in September. Gambit will now feature one longer round and focus on creating a better balance between mote collecting and the fight with the primeval boss at the end of the round. The Cathedral of Scars and Kel’s Grave Gambit maps will also leave circulation from November.

Nightfall (will be replaced by Nightfall: The Ordeal)

Destiny 2’s ramped up strike playlist, Nightfall will be replaced by Nightfall: The Ordeal on November 10th making it the only nightfall activity for the immediate future. Nightfall: The Ordeal has been the most popular playlist for some time as it drops unique loot.


Niobe Labs

Niobe Labs launched a month after the Black Armory and tasked players with solving a very intricate puzzle. Once cleared, successful players were rewarded with a ghost shell and an emblem. The activity is still currently available, although you’ll likely struggle finding someone to team up as it demands multiple players.

The Menagerie

Arguably one of the most enjoyable activities in recent years, The Menagerie tasked players with upgrading and filling a chalice with tokens that guarantee specific types of drops. Feeling like a shortened raid with plenty of excellent encounters, The Menagerie was without a doubt the most enjoyable piece of content during year 3.

The Menagerie also brought with it some excellent new weapons and enabled players to customize the perk rolls of past weapons.


Prophecy Dungeon

The Prophecy Dungeon is one of the newest activities to go into the Destiny Content Vault. Bungie launched the dungeon in June this year with no announcement beforehand, which meant players were instantly scrambling to take on the tough encounter. Taking players to the Realm of the Nine to learn more about The Darkness, the Prophecy Dungeon acted as a mini raid to tide player’s over until the release of Beyond Light. Bungie says the Prophecy Dungeon will return in a future update.

The Tribute Hall

Situated somewhere in The Leviathan, The Tribute Hall is filled with trophies belonging to Emperor Callus. Collecting them will not only reward you with lore but also the Bad Juju Pulse Rifle and its catalyst. The Tribute Hall is also an excellent place to pick up ammo should you be heading into a raid or other activity.

It’s clear Bungie has spent a lot of time thinking about the future of Destiny 2 and how it can best take the title forward. The move to limit power on weapons and moving content to the vault is clearly an attempt to keep things fresh for Destiny players. It’s also an attempt to limit how many players often rely on one or two builds by making sure the meta is constantly shifting with each season.

While it might be easy to look at the removal of content as making the game smaller, this shift will hopefully make Destiny 2, Beyond Light and Year 4 feel like a more focused, dynamic and entertaining experience.

Do you think we missed something? Disagree with a point? What weapons are you sad to see go? What weapons are you likely to take into the next season? Let us know in the comments below.

Our team here at Legionfarm is dying to finally see the Beyond Light release, and we can’t wait to share more news with you this week. If you want to farm all the soon-to-be-retired content but feel like you’re running out of time, you’re welcome to play side by side with our pros. Hire yourself a professional game buddy to get the most of everything that’s leaving Destiny 2 in the upcoming future and hone your gaming skills all along. To find out more about our Play with a Pro offers, please click here.

Hope you enjoyed the read! See you next time and stay safe!


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