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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is less than a week away now and we are focusing our sights on one of the biggest changes in the DLC, the Destiny Content Vault. In our two previous blogs, we discussed Locations, Activities & Legendary Weapons and then Raids, Exotics & Catalysts. In this blog we will cover everything else, from the story in Beyond Light through to the new power and pinnacle caps.

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The story so far...

Beyond Light continues the story from the Season Of Arrivals, which saw the Destiny Universe invaded by pyramid ships led by the Fallen Kell of Darkness, Eramis. In Beyond Light, players will travel to Jupiter’s moon Europa, where they will confront the Darkness. With support from a mysterious Exo stranger who can travel between timelines, your guardian will fight Eramis and her House of Salvation Elites to stop her restoring the glory of her people.

The pyramids and Darkness have been long teased in Destiny 2’s lore, but it was the defeat of Dominus Ghaul at the end of the base game which sent a pulse throughout the universe, awakening the pyramids and setting them on a course for the solar system. It all kicked off earlier in the year during the global Destiny 2 event in which thousands of players watched a Cabal Superweapon, The Almighty crash into earth. In the following days, the pyramids had finally made their way to the solar system.

We know little of the Darkness itself, but both Eris and the Drifter are at the center of finding out its true intentions. And even though the Pyramids have made their way to the Solar System, they are yet to attack, instead offering new weapons and a new stasis power for guardians to wield. It would appear the Darkness is trying to tempt guardians to its side, but for what reason? We’re sure players will find out more during Beyond Light, but it could well be a story that stretches across the next few years of Destiny.


New Power & Pinnacle Cap

Power levels sit at the heart of Destiny’s gameplay loop, so it’s no surprise that Bungie has announced the new soft, hard and pinnacle cap well ahead of Beyond Light’s launch on the 10th November. The current hard cap is 1050, and the pinnacle is 1060. From the start of next season, all weapons and gear will be set to 1050, while the new soft cap is 1200, the new hard cap is 1250 and the pinnacle is 1260.

This sets the goal for players intending to take part in the race for first competition in the new raid, Deep Stone Crypt. The raid is available on the 21st November, so players have 11 days to reach the 1250 cap, although many will also likely aim for the 1260 pinnacle cap.

Weapon and Gear Power Levels

We touched on the changes to power levels in the previous articles, but we will focus on how that affects armor here. To phase out older sets, Bungie is introducing a power limit in Season 14, which means each armor set has a maximum power number it can reach. Take the Garden of Salvations Hunter Armor set, for example, each of its individual parts is now power-limited to 1360. Once the power limit exceeds that limitation a few seasons from now, you cannot upgrade that armor past 1360.

Just like the weapons, Bungie wants players to move past relying on the same builds for seasons on end. This approach to introducing power level limits will keep the meta fresh and the gameplay dynamic as the fanbase will need to keep optimizing and changing builds on a season-by-season basis.

It’s not all bad though, as we’re happy to say weapon-orientated armor mods are no longer tied to a specific energy type. You can now freely apply weapon mods to any piece of armor regardless of the energy type, opening up character builds and removing the current restrictions. There are also some other balances to the base power of mods, increasing the floor of effectiveness of armor mods based on player feedback.

Destiny 2 Raid Armor will now include a fifth slot dedicated to raid-specific mods, although armor earned prior to season 12 will not have the new mod slot, so you must gather your best fireteam and start earning those armor pieces again from November onwards. Raid specific mods like Anti-Taken mods will only function in their respective raid, while mods in departing raids will be deprecated such as the Leviathan Raid’s Anti-Hive mods.

Weapon Balances

Like with most new seasons, weapons will also receive several balances and changes. Hand cannons will have a number of changes to make each subclass of the weapon feel more unique. One notable change is that the rate of fire for lightweight hand cannons like Waking Vigil and Luna’s Howl will be reduced from 150 to 140 effectively turning them into adaptive hand cannons. Bungie wants to encourage players to use other hand cannons rather than relying solely on lightweights.

Sniper rifles will handle slightly differently in Year 4, with Bungie looking to make them easier to use but not overly powerful. Therefore, aim assist will see a slight improvement on rifles with higher zoom scopes and, but it will be decreased on lower zoom scopes. Lower zoom scopes are easier to use, so a decrease in aim assistance makes sense. Scout rifles will also receive a similar change, with Bungie making the aim assist slightly better. Depending on the aim assist stat of the individual weapon, the AA cone will increase by up to a maximum of 15%.

There are plenty of smaller changes to the likes of assault rifles and rocket launchers, but most fans will be happy to learn that The Mountaintop will finally receive a much-needed debuff. Arriving late last year as a Pinnacle Weapon in The Crucible, the Mountaintop has dominated competitive multiplayer for the past year. From November 10th, the Mountaintop will have its splash damage range reduced by 33% while its in-air accuracy will also decrease along with its synergy with certain perks. The Mountaintop has been a sore spot for fans for some time now, so it’s great to see Bungie has listened to the fans and implemented changes.

We have an article with the full list of weapon changes here if you’d like to learn more.

Token Changes

Using vendor tokens for weapons has always been a great way to fill any power gaps in your inventory. Bungie is changing the way tokens work in the next season, as they will now drop weapons and armor 20 power levels below your current max, while collection buybacks will be limited to 1050. This will stop players from hoarding tokens prior to the launch of Beyond Light and using them to quickly boost power level.


Bungie has already announced the first returning portion of content, which will be The Cosmodrome from the first Destiny, and returning alongside the area are three new strikes. This is the only confirmed returning content for the start of the season so far, but we’re likely to see something pulled out of the vault each season if Bungie’s past record is anything to go by.

The Destiny 1 raid, Vault of Glass, will return next year. Originally set on Venus, the raid took players into the heart of a Vex structure in which Guardians had to overcome several puzzles and combat encounters. Bungie has provided no additional information about changes to the raid, but we’re sure fans will hear more in the new year.

Feel we’re missing something? Disagree with something? What are you most looking forward to in Beyond Light? Please let us know in the comments below.

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