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The content phases of WoW Classic


The way content will be released

If you have been keeping a close eye on the Classic WoW development, then you probably already know about the phased content schedule. If you don’t know what they are or confused about them, we’re going to talk about the various content phases in Classic WoW and explain why they exist and what they mean for the game. A key tenant of any MMO is that they change over time. The developers will add balance updates, Hotfixes, Bug patches, and most importantly content updates. If Blizzard gave us all of the content from the last patch from the original WoW at the release of WoW Classic, then the game would be over quite quickly. It would be hard to find 40 people for WoW Classic T1 raids who haven’t already cleared it. Therefore, Blizzard introduced these content phases, so the game will maintain some sort of content updates that will make sure that all players have something to look forward too. This is actually similar to how other MMO games get updates. This will contribute to making WoW Classic a genuine experience. That being said there were some shifts in how these phases will be presented in the game. After the original announcement of the game, it was stated that there would be 4 stages of content. But this turned out to be not the perfect fit for the game progression. The player base has also been vocal about this, asking the devs to consider making more phases. And so, in Match, the devs made an announcement that they will be making 6 instead of 4 phases. They stated that the reasons for such change were the feedback from the community and their own deliberations. So the final plan is to release WoW Classic with patches of version 1.2.x, next update will introduce patch series 1.3.x and so on.


Activities for lore lovers.

The main idea behind Phase 1 is introducing the two opening raids MC and Onyxia. Surely, they come with Molten Core attunement and one for the Onyxia as well. As we know both of these raids have already been beaten, but that’s a topic for another blog post. Anyway, there is another instance type activity available at launch and that’s Maraudon. It is available to players from lvl 36 – 46 and is situated in Desolace. There isn’t much more endgame content, but what’s already here serves as a solid foundation for the future updates. The number of activities can be explained by the sheer difficulty of the game. Most of the players will be leveling for weeks and months, so there is enough time for everyone to try out the MC raid and others. This is also a very smart idea because the Tier sets that can be collected from the raids will be perfect for clearing the upcoming content. That being said, if you are aiming to gear up for the next big update, don’t forget to do Onyxia Lair attunement as this will be required if you want to be able to enter the instance. To successfully complete every quest related to Ony Lair you will need a lot of help, so get ready. Phase 2 will bring us Kazzak and Azuregos the two bosses for everyone to slain and a new area Dire Maul. These are the ruins of once beautiful elf city in Feralas. This area contains dungeons and a special PvP arena, but more on that later. WoW Classic T2 raids will come in Tier 3 with Blackwing Lair. It is worth mentioning that some of the pieces of this Tier can also be found in Ony Lair. So, you’ll have BWL raid to grind in. Moreover, this Phase will mark the beginning of Darkmoon deck drops. This is a system of craftable cards that can be put in decks which in turn can be exchanged for Darkmoon Faire. Then, in Phase 4 we will see Green Dragons also known as The Dragons of the Nightmare. Another instance will be returning to the game – Zul’Gurub. So there is plenty to look forward to. But there is more. In Phase 5, War Effort of Ahn’Quiraj will begin and with that certain raids will become available. Also, loot from dungeons will be reconfigured with new loot locations and drop rates. Finally, Phase 6 will bring one of the WoW Classic T3 raids. Naxxramas will grace us with its presents if one could say so. Now let’s move on to the PvP part of the content.


No limits for bloodthirsty players

Those of you who like great competition will have to enjoy open-world skirmishes as everybody will be fighting for a chance to slain a boss or gather some important material. That being said there is no formal PvP content or any system of any sort that can represent your skill and achievements in this area. The situation will change drastically once Phase 2 hits the servers. Players will experience the first iteration of PvP ranks and their rewards as well as the Honor System, which will have some penalties for certain PKs. Phase 3 will expand on that and will introduce the 1.12 version of Alterac Valley. It is a big battleground with 40 players' capacity. But that’s not all, another battleground will bring Warsong Gulch with capture the flag objective. Then in Phase 4, a new capture of the flag battleground will be included in the game called the Arathi Basin. Now, Phase 5 will have nothing new for the PvP, but there will already be enough content to try out. Finally, along with Naxx raid open-world PvP will receive objectives in areas like Eastern Plaguelands and Silithus, thus making PvP outside battlegrounds more rewarding and meaningful. So when someone is going about their business completing a Naxxramas attunement or something of the sorts you can intervene and create some quality content. That is basically all for PvP content in these updates. It seems like not much, but in reality, there is enough challenge. WoW Classic PvP is a very challenging aspect, especially in terms of WoW Classic. And systems like Honorable kills will surely generate some interesting scenarios for all players to enjoy. You would expect some new stories to appear on social media that tell about some awesome tactic applied in this eternal war between two factions. This is what the Vanilla PvP is really about.

Hopefully, you’ve found this article informative. We’ve covered a pretty hefty piece of info given to us by the devs. The way they decided to approach the game’s progression shows that they are very much interested in players getting enough to play with, retaining a good sense of progression at the same time.

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