The Community’s Response To Beyond Light


It’s time to face the truth and be vocal. The fans have spoken, and their frustration is clear. In this piece we’re taking a detailed look into everything that’s wrong with this late-autumn’s update and talking about what this means for the future of Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light Causes Mass Hysteria

No one wants to see a much-anticipated addon be destroyed by the fans. Unfortunately, it seems like the BL release was underwhelming. Having looked through fans' reactions on all social platforms, we can outline the main problems people are vocal about. One of these issues is the lack of content. To be more specific, after a considerable part of the game's content has been shelved away for an unknown period of time, there's no new content to feel the hole.

The global loot table, for the lack of better expression, just can't cut it. Let's be clear: Bungie used to make and release a lot more content for the same period of time in the past. Take Destiny 1, for instance. All the weapons, armor, and other gear were unique for each of the activities.

In the past, we could have blamed the publishing contract with Activision. Many fans did blame them. But whoever did that didn't know that Activision didn't have any effect on the development cycle. Now that they're gone, there's no one else to blame. And that's what really makes us all sad. It's not that whatever they did add is terrible or boring – not at all. Fans are exploring the new destination together. Some of them are even using the benefits of our Destiny 2 lfg or Destiny 2 team finder. So, it's not all that bad.


What Everyone Thinks of Beyond Light

It is still bizarre how Bungie decided to go about working on their only franchise. While the new campaign is engaging, the developers still put up some artificial barricades here and there to make people stop enjoying the original story and go back to farming until they have a sufficient Power level. So people would return to doing Strikes, and even then, some Strikes won't even work properly. There have been complaints about the Strike not being able to allow the team of players to progress. Remember that this happened after the content was vaulted, which was supposed to make the game more stable. If you look at the Destiny 2 tracker that tracks bugs submitted by the players, you'll find many similar problems.

And when you are made to stop progressing through the new storyline after each mission to grind another 20 levels, it just kills all excitement for that new campaign. If we go over some of the Destiny 2 stats available to the public, we'll find out that the campaign itself is doable in just 3 hours. That's 3 hours of an expansion with a 40$ price tag on it. And what do you do after you've completed the storyline? Without consulting the Destiny 2 roadmap, which basically tells you to wait for the better times, all there's to do is explore Europa. Do that and try to farm the new pinnacle. As with other guns of the same type, it's a long grind and it would have been more engaging if we had new PvP maps to grind on. But there are none. No new Gambit maps to farm Destiny 2 exotics on, the lack of fresh core activities, weird Destiny 2 armor stats. So all we've got is one new Strike.


Destiny 2 Giveth and Taketh Away

But we have Stasis now,’ some may say. It's true. It is a pretty fun new-class archetype. But how fun is it really to use it on the same old maps you've been on millions of times already? Not very fun. Stasis alone can't make the core activities better. From this moment onward, we just can’t have the same way to treat such activities. For a whole expansion to add, almost nothing is just awful. If anything, BL proved that Bungie must focus on these core activities for every full expansion in the future.

We can't keep using the Destiny 2 team finder for the same old Strikes, the same old Crucible and Gambit maps. After the Beyond Light Destiny 2 campaign, core activities need to have something fresh. For instance, Taken King added not only 9 PvP maps but also 3 more game modes. Why haven't we seen a new PvP mode in so long? The devs can't be this naïve to think that Destiny 2 Stasis is big enough of a feature to freshen up the old game modes. Also, why hasn't Rift returned? Taken King added 4 more Strikes with new unique loot that was incredible and chasing after that loot added replayability. But that’s not the only example.


Most Destiny 2 News Isn't Easy to Read

Forsaken gave us 5 PvP maps, 4 Strikes, and an entire Gambit mode, along with all of its maps. Why does BL come with the same price as Forsaken when it's given us nearly nothing to these core activities? That's what fans are most disappointed about. No new Destiny 2 weapons from the past won't cut it either. Or are we supposed to keep trying to do solo Prophecy Dungeon or some other old content? That's why we can witness such poor Metacritic reviews. Why? Because it's hard to justify an expansion that shoved 40-50% of the game's content up in the vault and the rest of it got sunset, aka "the loot that you earn." The best weapons in Destiny 2 would shed tears if they could. Not all decisions were made poorly, though, but plenty of them definitely were.

For the longest time, the fans have been speculating about Destiny 3, and it seems like the developers decided to stick with the current version longer than anyone thought. Which is a good thing. We already have so much lore, quests, exotics, all in one package. It's entirely admissible to keep things in-house. There's just so much to this game. Some part of the community has been asking Bungie to drop the number two in the game's title and call it something more appropriate like Destiny Universe or Forever or something of the sorts. And the new story, which is only part one of the trilogy, supports the idea. Not literally, of course, but still. The Beyond Light exotics – fantastic, UI updates – much welcomed, Europa – beautiful. So, where do the bad reviews are coming from then?


Make the Game Better with Destiny 2 Services

You already know the answer to this question – it’s the lack of content. One pretty important factor that gets overlooked when discussing what's going on with the game and why the community's reaction is this bad is why the content got vaulted. Somewhere along the lines, the players lost or never learned the true meaning behind the vaulting among countless announcements. The content that went away was meant to be reworked, freshened up, made better. The devs did mention that, but it looks like they didn't do it often enough. They didn't stress this point enough, so the fans ignored it.

Then there's the Sunsetting. A mechanic that makes all Destiny 2 exotic weapons lose their effectiveness over time, rendering them almost useless. Imagine, you've been using some Destiny 2 carry service to get Not Forgotten. Guess what? In time, it'll be wack. From the developers’ POV, this incentivizes the loot grind, making it more wanted. However, from the gamers’ POV, this just devalues all of the loot. Not the cosmetic kind like Destiny 2 ships, but the real full-on kind of loot. What's the point of going over some Destiny 2 dungeon or raid for the hundredth time if the rarest gun from it will, at some point, lose its power?

In conclusion, what we want to say is that Bungie could benefit from looking at their project from a different perspective. However obvious this may sound to the developers, trying to figure out what makes us want to play this game is what's going to save it. We're not saying the game is doomed because of BL, not at all. There's a high demand for the Destiny 2 carry service, which you may also try. Our coaching services through the Destiny 2 team finder are as popular as ever. See for yourself – come over to our website,, and take a close look at our Play with Pro services. Legionfarm has the best roster of hardcore players who are eager to share their experience with you and help you get the most of that Beyond Light expansion no matter how little content there’s still left to enjoy.

Maybe we were meant to face the moment where there would be less content so that in the future that content would be made better. Who knows? Only time will tell. So stay hopeful, Guardians, for there will be a brighter day!

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