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In the best genre’s traditions, The Division 2 offers us a great deal of shooting spiced with massive loot drops, so it basically combines everything we love about a good looter-shooter. Both parts are essential and intertwined: great loot leads to great performance. Working on perfecting your build is not a piece of cake, and the further you go through the game, the harder it gets to obtain the needed items.

Endgame drops are powerful but random, so you never know what you’re gonna get and sometimes such surprises are far from being pleasant. For an excruciatingly difficult mission, you might receive some weapons or gear that you already have or just don’t want ‘cause they don’t fit your current build. But hold off on getting rid of those items: there’s plenty of time to dismantle or sell them. Instead of simply disposing of them, you can do some good for your teammates, as they might actually find some use for the pieces that are useless to you.

In this guide, we’ll explain the process of giving away Division 2 items and dropping them for the friends of yours to pick up.


Things you should keep in mind before sharing

First of all, it should be noted that the process of sharing has some restrictions and doesn’t work with all the Division 2 set items. However, as far as we are concerned, it applies to most weapons and equipment. It’s really difficult to figure out some patterns here, but in general, caches, mission rewards, and bossdrops are shareable, while items from other Agents in DZ or PvP are not.

Before you get down to business, it’s necessary to keep in mind certain important things:

  1. It is essential to be a part of a group. You can’t drop items to random players, just like you can’t give a solo-earned item to a friend who joins you afterward. Only pieces that were looted while playing as a team can be shared between the members of a given team.
  2. The level is important as well. Until players complete the main campaign, items will be linked to their levels. In other words, if your friend has 25 lvl and you give them a 27 lvl item, it’ll be impossible for them to equip the said item – not before they reach the necessary level corresponding to the one the dropped item has.
  3. Sharing has a time limit. Once a piece of loot is obtained, you’ll have only one hour to give it to one of the members of your group. In most cases, it’s enough to deal with a mission and swap the looted goodies but things happen, you know, so don’t forget to keep track of time.

Now when you’re aware of the main Division 2 share items rules, it’s time to fill you in on the sharing process itself.


Giving the Division 2 items to the members of your team

When you’re sure you’ve met all the requirements listed above, go to the in-game menu and head over to your inventory. Then choose whatever item you’ve decided to drop. From there you’re gonna push Left Thumbstick on your controller or click the right mouse button if you’re on PC. By doing so, you will open a small sub-menu with several options. Click on ‘Share’, and after that, the needed piece will be immediately dropped right in front of you. Your friends can come and pick it up, and it’ll be good to be equipped right away.

Item sharing is not very common for shooters. Anthem, for instance, or Destiny don’t have such an option, so every single piece you loot stays in your stash without any possibility to be swapped to anybody else. From this side, Ubisoft Massive blessed us with a real gem. The access to items sharing makes looting more exciting, as it basically excludes the chances to loot completely useless pieces, and also helps a lot with powering-up.

Imagine, for instance, that you’ve been chasing a certain piece for a very long time and it’s the only one left to complete the build or give you a set bonus. For the same mission, members of one group are very likely to loot completely different items, so it might happen that your teammate gets that particular piece you’ve longed for so much and you don’t. With items sharing, getting your hands on it is not an issue at all. A couple of simple steps and your friend can drop that goodie for you. And voila, your build is perfected! Powering up is a lot easier and faster when you can just swap the needed equipment or weapons between party members without re-running the same activities and waiting for those items to finally drop for you. Moreover, it gives you another good reason to play with a team.


The Division 2 is better with friends

Well, Agent, we believe that’s all there is on how to share items in the Division 2. Hopefully, this article helped you out. If you’re still playing solo, consider bringing some friends over to the game, ‘cause trust us, it’s gonna be way more fun running around and beating the missions in a team. Besides, by teaming up, the whole party will gain some solid support buffs, which cannot but help especially in the hardest missions.

For just such an occasion, we’ve recently compiled a whole bunch of tips for newbies, so if you don’t feel like explaining all the in-game intricacies to your buddies, let them check our beginners guide for those who are just starting to explore the Division 2’s wonders. Moreover, is always ready to provide a couple of carries, so feel free to give it a look.

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