Shadowkeep starter weapon pack: What loadout is the best to meet the new Destiny 2 DLC?


What Destiny 2 weapons will do good in the upcoming update?

The speculations around Bungie’s new installment for Destiny 2 do not cease to circulate through the fan community. The game is back on the radar with a bunch of promising updates that are likely to change some of the core concepts of our favorite science-fantasy shooter. And while you are busy scrolling through our website looking for a nice Destiny 2 carry, we’re gonna make it easier for you by offering one or two options for perfecting your loadout.

In this article, we will share some insights into the weapons that will most probably continue being the top ones and defining Destiny 2 meta just like they are doing now. Judging by where things currently stand, three weapons have proven to be particularly effective and powerful. The holy trinity includes two grenade launchers – Mountaintop and Wendigo – and a well-known Recluse SMG. If they are not affected by any balance changes (yes, Bungie, we know you like nerfing things), we will get ourselves a pretty solid weapon choice to jump to the next D2 chapter.

Destiny 2 Shadowkeep is shaping up to be quite something, but with just a couple of adjustments to your loadout, you will be fully prepared to face any hardships it throws at you.


Destiny 2 best weapons to start playing Shadowkeep

Destiny 2 Mountaintop GL

In a manner of speaking, this weapon is a total breakthrough not only in D2 but also in the whole franchise. We are used to GLs being strictly heavy weapons, but Mountaintop completely changes this well-established principle. It’s a kinetic weapon, which means it can be equipped to your first slot and, in doing so, frees the heavy one for another even more damage-dealing item. Speaking of damage, Mountaintop shows some pretty astonishing numbers – around 55k of normal DPS. The most attractive things besides DPS are manually-detonated grenades and the ability to fire straight without calculating the trajectory. Moreover, Mountaintop deals massive splash damage, which makes is a perfect trash-clearing raid tool.

How to get Mountaintop Destiny 2 GL?

It is obtainable through the Crucible quest, which has recently been drastically eased. It’s still a long journey but now it’s at least bearable and more or less balanced for above-average players. So, in order to obtain this GL, it’s necessary to complete the following steps:

  • earn Glory in the Crucible until you hit Fabled rank;
  • complete a special Triumphs by landing 750 regular kills and 75 multikills with GLs and earning 25 medals.

Then you stop by the Tower to chat with Shaxx, and this will get you your Mountaintop.

Destiny 2 Recluse SMG

Recluse is, well, Recluse. Being the fastest SMG in D2 with the record-breaking TTK of 0.46 seconds, it is irreplaceable for add clearing and boss damage, ‘cause it absolutely melts in PvE. It’s stable, it has a solid range, and it’s exclusive perk substantially buffs damage for any kill you manage to land, which basically comes to one simple truth: as long as you keep killing with any weapon from your loadout, Recluse will get deadlier with every minute.

How to get Recluse Destiny 2 SMG?

Well, to obtain this gem, you’ll have to take some pains. After you take the quest by visiting Shaxx in the Tower, you’ll face two objectives:

  • earn Glory in the Crucible until you hit Fabled rank;
  • win a particular number of Crucible matches.

It’s not as easy as it might occur at first, but for a strong Crucible player, it’s really gonna be a piece of cake. If your PvP skills are not high enough, then you’ll have to exert all your powers, but we can assure you – Recluse is totally worth your while.

Destiny 2 Wendigo GL

This beauty goes straight into your heavy slot, and along with the two abovementioned weapons forms the most lethal combo ever known in D2. Wendigo GL3 gets a massive damage and blast radius boost from orb pick-up, plus, as an icing on the cake, it has blinding grenades, which prove useful both in PvP and PvE.

How to get Wendigo GL3?

As it’s a Vanguard weapon, the quest is received from Zavala and requires a certain prowess in handling GLs. The objectives are the following:

  • delivering 1500 GL final blows;
  • delivering 500 GL multikills;
  • earning points in Strikes.

Not exactly a child’s play, but now thanks to the almighty nerfs, your progress bars will be filled a lot faster.


What other weapons are good in Destiny 2 Season of the Undying?

As October is stepping on our toes, we are more than ready to jump into the welcoming arms of D2’s eight Season of the Undying. We are expecting some Vex invasion, nightmarish entities flooding the Moon, and a whole bunch of new activities, but we might be prepared to meet some balance changes as well. There is a chance our meta holy trinity is slightly (or hugely) nerfed, which will be a real tragedy, but as they say better safe than sorry, and we need to think an advance about some good replacements.

Crimson Exotic Destiny 2 HC is a nice option for your kinetic. Crimson is a hell of a stylish gun, but with the good looks comes great power as well: a three-round burst perk, healing for every kill you make, and reloads for headshots. If you’re running solo, this HC can be a life-saver, plus it’s a solid add clearing tool.

Swarm of the Raven will fit perfectly into your heavy slot. Its performance might be slightly inferior to the one of Wendigo, but Swarm is trying to keep up with its DPS. The numbers are quite impressive with the Spike grenades damage buff perk, and if you pair this GL with Tractor Cannon, you can get one of the highest DPS in the whole D2.


Destiny 2 Shadowkeep weapons: What’s new?

Destiny 2 armory continues to expand. It has over six hundred weapons and keeps growing, as Bungie keeps adding more and more items. That is great if you ask us. The opportunities in making combos and creating various loadouts truly have no boundaries. Well, almost no boundaries, ‘cause as we all know, not every weapon is easy to get. While some gush like water from a burst pipe, dropping from all quarters, the others require tedious and nerve-racking grind.

Shadowkeep and the Eighth Season of the Undying will massively enhance D2 weapon collection with some new exciting additions. We are talking about such exotics as Eriana’s Vow – that badass-looking HC from the trailer; Leviathan’s Breath – the first-ever D2 heavy bow; Deathbringer – a rocket launcher with the biggest blast radius possible, dropping Void orbs on your foes; Xenophage – a newly-added machine gun that will reportedly replace Divinity (though it hasn’t been confirmed, and we hope both guns will be available); Loud Lullaby – high-impact HC with 110 RPM and ammo-returning perk; Monte Carlo – a D1 vet auto rifle that gained huge popularity back in the days; and two more yet unannounced pinnacles from Gambit and the Crucible.

Some of the weapons that are listed above have potential and might be really good, especially for the upcoming activities, but we will know for sure only in October when the season and the DLC finally arrive. To grind for the new stuff or not is your call to make, but in any case, with our Shadowkeep starter weapon pack, which includes Mountaintop, Wendigo, and Recluse – the naughtiest babies in D2 so far – you will cut through any obstacle, whether it’s a horde of adds, a tanky boss, or a rival team of Guardians.

To mark the start of the new D2 chapter, we’ve prepared a sweet surprise: great discounts for the most popular guns, our starter pack trio included. With almost a week left till the new stuff arrives, you don’t have much time to grind for all of them solo. The clock is ticking, so don’t waste another minute, go to and let the professionals get you prepped for the new D2 season.

See you soon, Guardian!

Let your weapons always find their targets.

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