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Ragnaros has fallen


World’s First Ragnaros kill – was it a challenge?

Following up on our story about the world’s first level 60 character, we have witnessed yet another record being set in the history of WoW Classic. We’re talking about the very first time a guild bit the last raid available in the game – Molten Core. Now, for those of you unfamiliar with what the raid actually is, here is a quick summary. A raid is a 40-men instance, filled with super-tough monsters and 8 bosses. Every boss encounter demands highly skilled performance, which includes the correct positioning, timing, and cooperation. Preparation for such a raid is very difficult too. It usually takes a considerable amount of time to get ready. The guild has to craft some items from healing potions to weapons and armor with specific protection values, but that’s not all. Everyone has to do the attunement quest – a special sequence of quests that grants entrance to the raid. You can find out more about the raid and attunement on our blog. The game will have more raids available later on, but for now – MC is the only one. The final challenge. It took only one week, to beat the raid, which is an incredible achievement. The guild that accomplished that is called <Apes> and today we’re going to talk about how they did it. The Apes Molten Core was not a walk in a park. The guild was well outfitted for the challenges, however, they almost failed. By the end of the final battle, many of the raid party members were dead or nearly dead. Yet, they managed to pull it off. So, this is the story of Apes Molten Core.


Learn more about the Apes guild

So, who are these Apes and what’s their story? These guys are known for their specialty in Vanilla content. You could say that they have been anticipating for the release of Classic, long before it was even in the works. That makes them perfect candidates for being the first to beat the Molten Core raid. They all are very dedicated, willing to put in the time and work tirelessly to achieve their goal. In their arsenal is vast knowledge of the raid and the game itself. This is something a lot of us can learn easily. Even if you’re just starting your journey in World of Warcraft there are a lot of resources online that can help you out and provide all the information you might need. If you missed the old days, when the game was still young you could try out the Vanilla private servers, that tried to manually recreate the state of WoW how it was on release 15 years ago. Sure, the devs had an actual old version of the game that was being used as a reference build when WoW Classic was in development. Private servers could only rely on the memory of those who managed them and open data sources. Still, it is a good enough option to prepare for the official release. And that’s what guys at Apes guild have been doing the whole time. Essentially, they’ve used the private servers as a training ground to prepare for the Molten Core raid. Now we know that results were worth it. Now, let’s have a look at what strategy they used in their famous raid run.


Molten Core raid – plan, and execution

As we mentioned early, it is a lot of work to prepare for the raid. Firstly, everyone would need to be a max lvl. The record for achieving that lvl has already been set in stone, but the race is still going on. Some of the guys from Apes guild have secured their place on top. Based on the chart from Reddit, it took them 3 and a half days, which is an outstanding result. Other guild members took some more time being placed somewhere in the top 50. You could already say that they’ve been planning for something. By the way, Apes kept a low profile regarding their intentions to beat the raid. There was no announcement about them trying to be the first, it just happened. The community has been caught by surprise. But anyway, after reaching the required level, they’d have to make sure they have everything they need to go in. Everybody in a raid had the right gear, but how did they prepare for this remains a secret as most of their streams were private. What we do know, however, is the raid composition and tactics. By the way, this is something we’ll be using for our WoW Classic MC boost service for sure. They decided to go with a somewhat unorthodox composition. Out of 40 people, only 3 of them went with a tank and only one of those 3 was actually a defensive one. The rest were rocking DPS spec. Then they got 12 healers – 6 Priests and 6 Paladins. The rest of the party was DPS, mainly consisting of Mages and Warriors. The 3 Warlocks helped them with Curse of the Elements for casters, Curse of Shadow with it’s continuous resistance to Shadow and Arcane magic, but increasing their damage and Curse of Recklessness that increases melee damage for classes like Warriors. Strangely there was only one Hunter present in a raid. What’s even more curious is the fact that all of them were playing as non-human races. That doesn’t affect anything in the WoW Classic Molten Core, but it does say something about Apes. On top of that, not everyone in the raiding party was at max level. Despite doing great in that leveling race, the Hunter and some others were as low as lvl 55. This did cause some problems along the way, but it didn’t stop them from beating Ragnaros, the final boss of the raid.


What did it mean for the community?

Speaking of him, defeating him meant that the guild also got the First Ragnaros kill. Another renowned professional guild – Method made their plans to take some of those world’s first records, but so far they have been surpassed by others like the Apes. Take the First Ragnaros kill all of the rest records that have been made during the first week following the game’s release, it all proves one point, if only one. The game’s not hardcore, it has been made to be, but years of playing, researching and experimenting left little no nothing to be challenged by. Meaning that with the game, it’s community has also grown in expertise. Yes, the priorities may have shifted a little bit with time, but it is now difficult to surprise the player base with a really difficult challenge. Players have proved that they’ve learned a lot since World of Warcraft has been released in 2004 and so the difficulty of feature-lacking Classic experience hasn’t stopped players from getting Ragnaros killed in the first week. Surely enough, there is a lot more content that will be released, more raids to complete, therefore, more records to be set. If you want more blogs like this one, check back our blog very soon.

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