Pyromancers - our youngest TOP-0.1% Predator in Apex Legends


How are you doing guys? It’s Foksey here again with you!

Remember I told you about a 16-year old predator player in our last Apex Legends article? Well, today we get to find out more about this awesome young man :) You can order an Apex coaching session with him here: Apex PWP

Before becoming an Apex Legends Pro, pyromancers started out on his gaming career with the help of his brother, who introduced him to Dota Reborn. Pyro has reached a top-400 EU rank in Dota, with over 7000 MMR (insanely good!) and hundreds of hours in-game.

Pyromancers started playing Apex right before going to college and a week after it was released. But, it was hard for him to get into it since he was totally into Dota at that point. His friends had to help tear him away from it even, it worked! After his switch, Pyro became a Predator in all 4 seasons of the game! He’s got really good stats, check them out.


That’s like a proper cyber athlete performance right there. In fact, Pyro wants to become a serious esports player. He’s planning on playing tournaments and scrims once he’s finished with his studying. There’s a lot more chance to be noticed by some cybersports organization. All of this is impossible atm due to the studying and the timezone he’s currently living in.

Pyromancers is a proper Pro gamer if I’ve ever seen one. He intends to become a really serious cyber athlete, with a clear plan to participate in tournaments and scrims to get scouted. That is, once he's out of college, That's quite difficult for him at the moment due to college and the time zone he's living in. Until then, Pyro is part of our LegionFarm Play with a PRO service and an active twitch streamer.

Through our PwP service, Pyromancers is able to polish his skills and be ready for when tournament time comes and pay his bills. His history and background prove that its never “too early” for getting good at games. LegionFarm helps Pyro stay on track towards achieving his dreams of becoming a professional esports player.

There's no doubt in my mind that you’ll hear more about him outside of our PwP in Apex Legends!

If you want to know how to get better at Apex Legends - follow this link and book a session with pyromancers!

That’s all I have today for you on Pyro guys. Also, I hope you enjoy reading our сontent!

Peace out.

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