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Profession Guide – Enchanting


Unorthodox craftsmanship

When you’re thinking about professions in any MMORPG game the first things that come to mind are probably those professions that enable players to make weapons, armor, maybe potions and other things can make a character stronger. Taken the fact that there are usually several kinds of weapon and armor types you get on your hands a bunch of similar professions with very small differences. WoW, wouldn’t have become so popular if it’s developers just followed this formula. Enchanting is a unique profession and it is tied to the world of the game. This is not a production profession in a normal sense. Basically, it revolves around the idea of empowering items that you can equip with magic. Enchanters also use their craft to disenchant something that already has this magic in and then use the residue to permanently buff the power of some other item. The rarer the item that gets disenchanted the more valuable substance is extracted, the better a power-up will be. This makes enchanting a unique profession in the sense that it is very well designed from a logical point of view. Essentially it’s something like reverse engineering, only you deconstruct something powerful to take that power and embed it into something less powerful. This magical resource that represents the extracted power-up can increase the stats, making an armor stronger, more resilient, making weapon strike faster among a host of other mystical powers. Enchanter’s craft is often applied as a paid service. It allows them to dictate the price that is directly proportional to the rarity of the equipment they work with. This craft also includes tools that are needed for transferring the magic from one thing to another. Those tools actually need to be upgraded with each new difficult enchant learned, but more on this later. Now, without further ado, let’s move on to our guide.


It is recommended to learn Enchanting as early as possible mostly because it doesn’t require any gathering profession to give you access to the crafting ingredients. At the same time, this craft pairs well with other production professions like Blacksmithing, Leatherworking or Tailoring. It’s true that you have no need in gathering anything, at the same time your craft uses items that a scarce in the game. Therefore, any profession that allows you to create an item would be beneficial. So, you would be making items to disenchant them and use that essence to buff other items. Again, to try to keep things simple, usually, Tailoring is picked as a pair. This is due to the fact that tailoring doesn’t require a gathering profession – you would be finding cloth among other things in loot drops. That way you will only be picking 2 instead of 3 professions. So, which class benefits the most from enchanting? Of course, if your goal is making money, you should definitely pick it up no matter what class your character is. However, if you’re planning to use the products of your craft for yourself, consider tanking Druids. One of the most essential trinkets for these Druids is the Smoking Heart of the Mountain. Since you’re likely to go choose Tailoring as well, all classes that wear cloth-type of armor will surely take advantage of Enchanting as well. Therefore, this profession suits casters like Warlocks, Mages and Priests.

Tools of trade

As we said earlier, there are tools that you’re going to need to have performed your craft. They are called magical rods. There are different kinds of rods and they require a different level of skill. New ranks of enchanting are learned from trainers located in major towns. So, search for these NPC’s:


Journeyman lvl
  • Alanna Raveneye
  • Thonys Pillarstone
  • Betty Quin
  • Lalina Summermoon
Expert lvl
  • Lucan Cordell
  • Gimble Thistlefuzz
  • Xylinnia Starshine

Horde trainers

Journeyman lvl
  • Teg Dawnstrider
  • Vance Undergloom
  • Jhag
  • Malcomb Wynn
Expert lvl
  • Mot Dawnstrider
  • Godan
  • Lavinia Crowe

Finally, the highest rank – Artisan belongs to an NPC called Annora. She is found in the Uldaman dungeon and only appears after players clear the room of the trash mobs. If you wish to secure this rank, your character must at least be lvl 35 and have 200 skill lvl in enchanting. To make the most out of visiting her, it’s best to stock up with reagents so that you can lvl up this profession all the way to 250 while still being by her side. Then you’ll be able to learn Annora’s best recipes without the need of returning to her and clearing the dungeon once more.


How does this work?

As with all professions in WoW, the player gains skill points when performing a specific task. The frequency at which the player earns these skill points is relative to their current skill level. The reagents come from disenchanting. This process completely destroys the item and will only leave the enchanting ingredients like dust, eternal essences or radiant shards. It all depends on the rarity of the item that you take apart. To disenchant an item into these reagents you use a spell of the same name in your spellbook while making sure you have a rod in your inventory. The process can be canceled, so if you do that by mistake you can stop it. You can’t disenchant grey items. The spell only applies to items starting from Uncommon rarity. That being said, you will mostly get various types of dust and essences from green items and sometimes even shards. Blue rarity items will grant you various shards. And when you disenchant an epic item, you’ll get the Nexus Crystal. Should you get lucky you can get it from blue items too.Enchanting is always in high demand, all recipes are important, making this craft a perfect option for making gold at a steady pace through all of the Classic’s life span. You can also get a ton of gold at early lvls thanks to acquiring rare recipes. Tailors create additional items for the purpose of lvling enchanting. A lot of different dust can be obtained via disenchanting gloves, belts, pants, and shoulders. Sometimes crafting those is actually cheaper than getting the dust some other way.


Carve your own path

We will also give you a guideline on how to approach each milestone in this profession. Note that this might not reflect your process as not always you will get a skill point. Therefore, you’ll probably need more reagents. In any case, once you’ve picked up this profession, start by crafting Runed Copper Rod - your first instrument. Then start enchanting bracers for minor health boost that uses Strange Dust. This will get you to skill lvl 75. Then you’ll be able to get a Journeyman rank. The road to 150 is more complex. Your best starting point is Enchant Bracer again, but this time around you need to aim for Minor Deflection boost, it’s going to take a Lesser Magic Essence and good old Strange dust. To reach 100, you switch to Minor Stamina buff. Then you’ll want to get yourself a new rod, this time it’ll be a Runed Silver one. To get to 105 you just keep making the Minor Stamina buff enchants, all with Enchant Bracers for now. For lvl 120 you switch to making Minor Agility and then return making Minor Stamina all the way up to 130. It might look unreasonable on paper, but it really is the most efficient way, when you rotate the enchants. You are going to get to lvl 150 by making the Lesser Stamina for bracers. Once you hit 150 it’ll be the time when you learn the Expert rank and enter a new era of Enchanting. You going to want to make yourself the Runed Golden Rod. Once you got it, you’ll be able to get to 160 by making Lesser Stamina. However, from 160 to 165 you should switch making enchanting shields with a Lesser Stamina boost. You come back to working on bracers to achieve lvl 180 by using the Spirit enchant. From 180 to 200 you should go with Strength. Thenceforth, you are going to need to make a new rod – Runed Truesilver. Keep making Strength enchants until you hit 205 and then switch to enchanting cloaks with Greater Defense which will get you to 225. That’s when you’ll be ready to get the Artisan rank. That’s the finish line to 300. Your ascension begins with enchanting gloves for Agility. It’ll get you to lvl 235. Then, start enchanting chest for Superior Health boost up to lvl 245. Revert to bracers with Greater Strength until you get to 265. That’s the point when you’ll have to invest some more gold into this endeavor. You are going to need to buy formula for Greater Stamina enchant for shields. You’ll use it to get yourself to lvl 290. It’s a big leap, so make sure you got enough reagents. The last 10 are the hardest. Not only you will have to purchase 2 more formulas: one for a new rod and another for Enchant Cloak – Superior Defense. You’ll want to craft that rod too. It’s called Runed Arcanite Rod. Then you reach 300 by enchanting cloaks with that formula you purchased and learned. There are many other formulas that you will be able to learn along the way. They cover many other types of weapons and armor slots. Some of those enchants will better be used for raiding. It is assumed that enchants for raiding are always more expensive than the rest.



There is really no reason why you shouldn’t pick this profession. Other than it can cost you a little more than one can expect at some stages. But if you decide to risk it, the payoff will be huge. Everyone needs the services of enchanters. Therefore, even if you don’t see how your character can benefit from this craft, consider picking it up just for the same of always have people asking you to enchant something for money. And the higher the skill you got, the more expensive and more valuable your services will be. Sure, you can say the same about other professions too. However, enchanting is more flexible. You can find most crafted weapons on the auction. It is less likely to find on an auction a specific item with a specific enchant. Besides, there is an option to lvl up this profession by picking up one of the offers from our website. If you feel like you won’t be able to spend that much gold on reagents and formulas in the game or you don’t have as much free time to spend it on mastering this craft at the same time as lvling your character, Legionfarm is at your service. We can get you to the max rank with no problems at all, so there is no reason good enough to not pick enchanting. It is as unique as it is a profitable profession that doesn’t really have a requirement for a class or a race. Thank you for reading this guide, hopefully, you found it useful. There will be more, so stay tuned.

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