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Profession Guide – Blacksmithing


How would you like to be able to forge tools that can save lives? The point of any MMO is embarking on an adventure. But a journey into a magical world would be incomplete if everyone were doing the same thing. Finding your calling in a world like Azeroth can enrich your experience. Sure, killing monsters, getting levels makes the most of the fun. Yet, many players prefer peaceful professions. The second half of the genre that defines WoW is RPG. What contributes better to role-playing than communicating with others by trading, exchanging goods, making something new? This is what professions are all about in theory. In reality, gamers pick up professions thinking about making a profit or making their time in the game simpler. Blacksmithing is one of those professions that can really help you out in the game. One thing to know about this profession - it can get a little tough on the higher ranks, as particular resources for high-grade recipes are rare and expensive. Let's start by discussing the profession in general. After that, we're gоing to move on to specifics and finish up by summarizing everything to answer the question - is it worth it?

The overview

The rumors are true – a lot of money is involved in lvling this profession. It is gоing to be astonishingly difficult to obtain resources at the same time as you're progressing through levels. That being said, you do want to go with Blacksmithing. One of the cooler things about Blacksmithing and this is something that a lot of professions have in Classic is the variations. Once you reach lvl 40 or higher and have Blacksmithing at 200 you can actually then go into Wеаpоnsmithing or into Аrmorsmithing. There is even a deeper tree to go into because there are 3 more variations - making axes, swords or maces. The cool thing about the sub-trees is that it gives you a possibility to forge very specific, top-notch wеаpоns whether it would be one of those 3 wеаpоn types. Moving on to Аrmorsmithing. Unlike with the previous wеаpоn specialization, unlocking аrmor mastery is a little bit more complex. Fortunately, there are services that can help make the lvling of this profession faster and simpler. Have a look at what we have in store, you will surely find something of use. One last note – you can “unlearn” this profession if you deem it useless. Just remember, should you want to pick it up once more, the progress will be lost. Additionally, the specialization can be switched. So if you re-learned blacksmithing, get it lvl 200, then visit Steamwheedle Port, which is in Tanaris. There is a hidden hut somewhere inside of which a special item, a book, namely, is gathering dust. When you interact with it you’ll be able to change what you specialize in. Therefore, you will not have to go through the long quest chains which we’ll describe later on in this guide.



For the first starting ranks you will be visiting the trainers in the major cities of your faction. If you don’t know where exactly these trainers have their shops, just ask the guards for the direction. More experienced trainers can be found in other places, here is a list of them:


  • Bengus Deepforge found in Ironforge
  • Saru Steelfury hanging out in Orgrimmar
  • Brikk Keencraft staying in Stranglethorn Vale

There is only one Artisan class trainer and his name is Brikk Keencraft. He is located in Booty Bay


To produce an item with this profession stand next to an anvil. You need to have Blacksmith Hammer in your inventory. Open the spellbook and locate the hammer icon in there, that’s where the recipes are saved. Select one and click ‘Create’ to craft something.

Other craftable items

Apart from the obvious products of your art, as a blacksmith, you can craft different items. Keys are one of those items. There are exactly 4 types of them which you can create:

  • Silver Skeleton Key
  • Golden Skeleton Key
  • Truesilver Skeleton Key
  • Arcanite Skeleton Key

Making protection

Time to talk about specializations in more detail. If you’ve made up your mind about gоing with this one, there will be a high demand for things like Titanic Leggings and Lionheart Helm. These two items are crucial for any DPS warrior. To convert to аrmorsmith, find Bengus Deepforge for Аlliance or Krathok Moltenfist for the Horde. They’ll share the info about the location of both аrmor and wеаpоn masters. Anyway, they are both actually in the same location. The Аlliance players will be looking for Grumnus Steelshaper. Whereas the Horde members will need to seek Okothos Ironrager. From here there’ll be a long quest chain for you to carry out. The formula is you get sent to visit different masters, who will ask you to craft a number of items. Each of them will have 3 quests for crafting. When you finish them, you will be rewarded with something valuable like an important recipe or an item used in crafting. You will also be asked to seek out the next master. This is the stage where investment in your craft can become a major issue. Most of the ingredients are either very expensive or just hard to make. Since you’ve past lvl 40 you should already have a mount, therefore, there should be some spare coins in your pockets that you can spend on this. If you do, you should be ready to become an armorsmith. You’ll get a few more quests to get you started in crafting аrmor. To get them, talk to Grumnus Steelshaper or Okothos Ironrager to get your quests.

Phase 2 of Аrmorsmithing quests

As your expertise grows, you will be capable of getting new recipes by collecting new tomes of Top Half of Advanced Аrmorsmithing and Bottom Half of Advanced Аrmorsmithing. There are 3 tomes in total and when you obtain both pieces they’re combined into a new item that grants you a recipe. If you find yourself struggling with this, Legionfarm has your back! Stop wasting your time by endlessly farming resources, attempting to up another lvl. Get in touch with our professionals, select a service and solve all of your problems.


Making weaponry

The questline for getting this specialization is pretty similar to the аrmorsmithing. The requirements are also the same – your character must have lvl 40 and your blacksmithing skill level must be no less than 200. However, there are three sub-specializations that you can dive further into. They are related to producing certain types of wеаpоns, namely – axes, hammers, and swords. The most popular of those 3 is Axesmith, as it will allow you create powerful wеаpоns such as Nightfall – purple rarity two-handed ax with a special bonus that procs on critical hit and Annihilator which can reduce the аrmor of the target if the critical hit was successful. However, the most iconic wеаpоn that can be crafted by those masters that specialize in Axes is Arcanite Reaper which gives an absolutely insane +62 to Attack Power. Whatever specialty you will choose is, of course, up to you, because any of those are very relevant to other players. So, just like earlier you start by speaking with Bengus Deepforge or Krathok Moltenfist, they will send you to chat with the wеаpоnsmith masters – Ironus Coldsteel and Borgosh Corebender respectively. The weapons you'll be asked to forge are going to cost you a lot of coins. And since the task is to make several of them, this could be the most suitable opportunity to try out our services. Just visit our website and select one of our offers. If you struggle to pick something, contact our managers and they'll help you choose. Once you’ve completed all of your tasks, you will officially be pronounced a wеаpоnsmith. From now on, all you have to do is select which wеаpоn type you would like the most.


Venture to Winterspring and locate Kilram. He’ll have a couple of tasks for you one of which will send you to Blackrock spire to slain Shadow Hunter Vosh’gajin. You’ll need to fetch an item that drops from him and return it to Kilram for which you’ll be rewarded with a recipe for Dawn’s Edge. Now you can officially consider yourself an Axesmith master. You can now forge very powerful axes of all kinds, but most importantly you can craft these:

  • Annihilator
  • Arcanite Reaper
  • Dark Iron Destroyer
  • Dawn's Edge
  • Nightfall

Axes are virtually the same as swords. However, they have some unique traits. Certain classes can equip swords but can't use axes and vice versa. One can use a sharpening stone to temporarily powered up. To do the same for maces one would need to use weight stones.



Lilith the Lithe is gоing to help you become a master of forging hammers. To become one, accept the quest called Sweet Serenity. By the way, Lilith is also found in Winterspring. The quest sends you in Stratholme where you’ll need to find and defeat Crimson Hammersmith who drops a special item. You won’t miss it, as it has his name on it. Return to Lilith to accept your destiny as a hammer expert and receive a recipe for Enchanter Battlehammer. Can’t really put one type above the other. Certain classes benefit from certain types of weapons, it’s not just personal preference. Similarly, to other types, there is a long list of maces that you can make, but only a handful of them are really commercially profitable, meaning you're going to get lots of gold for selling these on the auction:

  • Ebon Hand
  • Enchanted Battlehammer
  • Hammer of the Titans
  • Masterwork Stormhammer
  • Persuader
  • Serenity

There is one iconic mace in the whole game that everyone knows. Only a few masters can craft one. It’s name – Sulfuras. Yes, the weapon of the ancient spirit. We have a detailed guide that fully explains the adventure one would set on to create such a masterpiece. In fact, this is not the only legendary weapon that can be forged. There are more. This is one of those facts that sells you the idea of picking up this profession. Because there is nothing more epic than working towards creating a weapon that is so rare, grand and powerful.


Last, but not least we have swordsmith specialty. To get one talk to Seril Scourgebane in guess where? In Winterstpring of course. Anyways, his quest also sends you in Stratholme. This time around, you’ll be looking for Black Guard Swordsmith who drops Insignia of the Black Guard. That’s what you need to give to the Seril to become a swordsmith and get Blazing Rapier recipe. Blades are the most versatile weapons of all, plus they got some of the best visuals. Now, have a look at what fine swords you can create:

  • Arcanite Champion
  • Blackguard
  • Blazing Rapier
  • Corruption
  • Dark Iron Reaver
  • Frostguard
  • Sageblade


This profession is very useful by the most demanding classes like warriors or paladins. At the same time, it doesn’t make it easy for you to get better at it, because you’ll have to constantly keep spending your gold on it when you’re probably better off investing it into your character’s progression. To sum everything up – blacksmithing pairs up with nothing other than mining, since it can provide you with most of the ingredients you’ll need. You’ll be able to create аrmor or wеаpоns that are all in high demand by most players, which will make a good amount of money for you. All you have to do to learn this profession is spend 10 copper at level 5 to pay for the trainer to teach you the basics. Another apprentice blacksmith is born. From then, there is a rocky way up to the top. Different resources suggest an approximate list of things which are sorted to take you from the starting level to Artisan. The only reason such a list isn’t in this guide is that there isn’t one for all. You’ll have to think about what’s your best approach here. Nevertheless, if you make it to the top ranks in this profession, you’ll be practically bathing in gold coins. To make it happen sooner, why not use our offers? We offer a big number of options, which you can choose from. Leave the lvling to the professional and reap the reward. Do you need resources? Pick up one of our resource farming offers. That concludes our guide, thank you for reading it. We’ll be making a series of guides for each individual profession, so check back our blog page very soon.

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