Play with PRO in Rocket League!


What’s up everybody, Foksey here!

We at LegionFarm Group have been working on spreading our Play with a Pro service across even more competitive games. Rocket League is an ideal type of game for it, as everyone loves winning by impressive plays, but not everybody can devote enough time towards getting their skills to the needed level. If you want to know how to get good at Rocket League, this one is for you!

We’re launching our PwP services in Rocket League! It's like a proper Rocket League lfg. You can already hire our professional players to assist and train you. Have you seen some of the crazy stuff on YouTube of what some players can pull off in-game? Backflips, stunts, insane trajectories! Together with our PRO’s, we’ll help bring your Rocket League skills to a higher level so you can become more effective and reap the benefits and glory from impressive gameplay. Get yourself some proper Rocket League coaching!

Be sure to stay tuned for more news about our projects, I’ll keep you updated.

Have a nice day! Foksey out!

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