Pentagon and Update 6 are already available in The Division 2


It’s time to rejoice, Agents, as the devs have finally blessed us with their TU6 and Episode 2 for the fan-favorite The Division 2. The brand-new DLC called arrived yesterday and marked the second of the three massive game updates. For Season Pass owners, every piece of new content has already been dropped. Others still need to wait a bit longer – around one week, until October 22.

Some of you are probably already enjoying the long-awaited patch, but for those who haven’t got such a chance yet, we’ll quickly overview what to expect next week from the Division 2 new update.

So, what exactly do TU6 and Ep2 bring us?


Freshly-added story missions

Two missions are expected to arrive and continue the major storyline, where SHD Agents are facing the Black Tusk operatives once again. Your first objective takes you to the heart of the fallen country’s military – the Pentagon. It’s invaded by the Black Tusk who is trying to get hold of a bioreactor, and your job is to stop them. The events of the other Division 2 Pentagon story will unfold in DARPA Labs. The same notorious enemy is trying to transport the reactor through a net of underground tunnels that had been constructed back in the Cold War days. Fight the Tusk and don’t let them undertake their devious plans.

New spec

The patch also brings us one more spec. Ladies and gents, meet the Technicians – skill-focused and support specialists who will contribute a great deal to any party and become new combat defining figures. Armed with an insane P-017 six-shooter Multi Missile Launcher, they will mercilessly destroyer all hostile electronics. Their passive talents hugely improve skill power and damage to drones, and EMP grenades disable enemy turrets and robotics. Moreover, special Artificer Hive abilities will give your teammates nice enhancing buffs.

Just like it was with Gunner, Pass owners accessed Division 2 new specialization the same day the DLC landed, while those without the Pass are required to handle a chain of quests (or simply use our Technician Unlock boost).

Classified Missions

Y1 Pass holders have come out ahead again. Two additional missions will provide extra challenges and, of course, extra rewards. Marina and Embassy-themed assignments cover preventing an arms deal and saving a pilot in trouble.


Expeditions + Mastery System

Expeditions that have been removed from rotation a while ago now are coming back accompanied by the newest feature that was the reason for their removal in the first place. So, meet Mastery System – a fully developed and improved additional layer with extra difficulty for Kenly College location.

The idea behind it is rather simple: each completion on a certain difficulty mode will award you medals depending on your time in both Expeditions and regular missions. Moreover, special Modifiers will appear, the first one including grenade drops from the enemies you kill. Of course, this whole innovation comes with great rewards, so diving into it is definitely worth the effort. Kenly College is brought back for a two-week period, so if you wanna get Diamondback, you better hurry.

Shepherd System

Every time you answer a call for help from a fellow agent, you’ll be granted endorsements. There will be several Shepherd ranks with certain requirements and rewards plus some extra goodies from the Agent that needed your backup.


Tons of improvements based on fans feedback

The list includes:

  • crafting changes;
  • recalibration;
  • Inventory management 2.0;
  • targeted loot;
  • providing more Stash space;
  • balancing weapons and talents;
  • the possibility to select your loadout voting for a map in PvP Conflict.

About these and other significant changes you can read in our article, and we are moving to the next key point, which is:

Conflict content

Here we have a fresh Team Elimination mode, where two groups of four face each other and try to annihilate all rival team members. To claim an ultimate victory a group should win four rounds out of seven, with the round being over when one party completely destroys the other or when the allotted time runs out. On top of that, a new map has been added. It’s reported to be named the Wharf and not to downgrade from the previous PvP locations’ scale.


However, the news regarding PvE content is not looking so good. The release date of the game’s long-awaited second raid has unfortunately been moved. According to Ubisoft representatives, such a decision was motivated by the necessity to make more improvements so that the raid could meet the highest standards. It’s not the end of the world as the raid is still scheduled to be released, and as long as this polishing brings us great content, we don’t mind waiting.

One more good news for The Division 2 newcomers. If you haven’t experienced this shooter yet but are planning to do that, you’ll have a perfect chance to try it out during the free weekend. Moreover, the price will be significantly cut down to make the game way more affordable. Speaking of affordable, our offers on always come at reasonable prices, so if you wanna get the most of that new updates, pay a visit to our Division 2 page for some sweet and juicy boosts.

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