Our First Look at Call of Duty Cold War


Call of Duty Cold War gives us a well-knit spy thriller with a short but engaging campaign and various vehicle-infused multiplayer modes. With a solid critics score, it received a surprisingly poor reception from players. To find out what this is all about, there’s our first look at Treyarch’s Cold War.

Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War: A Spy Blockbuster We Deserved

This year’s November keeps delivering good news on the gaming front, and Friday 13th treated us to CoD Black Ops Cold War – one more chapter of the fan-favorite military simulation. The story unfolds in the 80s; it follows Russell Adler and his CIA team in pursuit of a Soviet spy and gets them entangled in an epic whirlpool of conspiracies, massive gunfights, undercover missions, and even some heavyweight moral dilemmas.

This release has brought some hefty stuff to the table, from a pretty tangible Call of Duty stats shake-up to a bunch of plot hints that have every chance to sеt the tone and even reshape the entire futurе of the CoD franchisе. With the Cold War release date already behind, we’re now ready to reflect on the journey and give you guys a thorough loоk at the story, gamе modеs, and general reception of the freshest Call of Duty spy blockbuster.


What’s Up With the Call of Duty Cold War Multiplayer?

The new Call of Duty rediscovers the good old 6x6 multiplayer mode together with the larger-scale 12x12 one. There are a plethora of maps to choose from, and the gunplay mostly feels smooth. The new vehicle system adds a couple of interesting mechanics but brings several issues along the way. Some maps and guns really need balancing. The official CoD Tracker Twitter account has recently stated that the developers had acknowledged the issues connecting to Cold War and promised to roll major fixes in the nearest future. Hopefully, it’ll give us better map control and a clearer objective pool among other things.

Call of Duty Cold War also brings a story-based zombie mode. Nothing out-of-ordinary is to expect, but this mode does give you the creeps sometimes and never fails to bring the ultimate fun. CoD Cold War weapons are a bit less customizable, but you can share both your loadout and progress through all modes, which is certainly a big plus.


What’s Up With the Call of Duty Cold War Campaign?

The Cold War Black Ops adventure follows the standards set by the previous games but does it with a fresh and somewhat unexpected touch, which, however, plays out really well in the Cold War setting. Loaded with a hefty portion of explosions and shootouts, the campaign delivers on everything we want to see in an action-packed shooter and… adds so much more.

The crowning achievement of the Black Ops Cold War is, undoubtedly, the players’ ability to influence the story by making their own choices. Character customization has an impact as well, giving your agent unique traits and background that play a big role in plot development.

One more notable feature is that the shooting part is occasionally outshined by the non-shooting one. With various stealth mechanics and a switch to investigation work, you’ll have to elaborate plans, conduct undercover operations and get busy with regular spy stuff, like gathering intel or something less trivial like hiding a dead body without being noticed. In a nutshell, the Cold War CoD game is a well-knit spy thriller with the fan-favorite Michael Bay level of epicness. It’s loud and hectic, much like every other self-respecting CoD game, but we surprisingly get to delve into the best parts in the quietest moments.


How Critics and Users React to CoD Black Ops Cold War

The Cold War game was generally favored by the critics, with an average Metacritic score of around 80 out of 100. Game Informer sums it up as “mind games and motorized mayhem,” highlighting a vast array of modes and a solid, engaging, and resonating storyline. Gamespot praises the CoD Cold War gameplay, giving Treyarch a pat on the back for infusing more stealth mechanics and trying to raise some relevant questions.

Players, however, have different opinions. Some consider Cold War to be a significant step forward from Modern Warfare, pointing out a well-told story, fun multiplayer modes, and a more immersive experience due to the player choice options. Others are totally dissatisfied: they’re dead sure that this CoD part is completely crappy and even call it the worst ever. Some lash out at the devs for broken Call of Duty weapons, messy multiplayer with poorly-designed maps and a short, content-lacking campaign. Others actually believe the campaign to be the only saving grace but are still disappointed by the imbalanced meta and a too-short CoD Cold War weapons list.

We do agree that some points definitely need fixing, but in broad terms, Cold War is nowhere near the “worst ever.” However, tastes differ, and you’ll never know what it’s really like for you until you go and try it out.


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So what do you guys think about Cold War? What are your thoughts on the plot? Do you dig the Zombies mode? What weapons are your favorites this time around? Don’t hesitate to share your opinions and don’t forget to take a peek at legionfarm.com.

Stay tuned on our blog for more updates and see you around guys!

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