Operation Dark Hours - is this impossible?


Nice to see you again, Agents! If you’re not living in the tank, then you should know that the first raid activity for the Division 2 is already here! Operation Dark Hours is an 8-player raid, which has created a lot of mess for the past few days.

The Division 2 players (especially console ones) claimed that this raid is way too hard. They’ve even wanted the developers to complete this raid on stream to prove that this raid is not impossible. We, legionfarm.com team, have some information to share with you that’ll help you in completing this extremely hard activity.


First of all, this raid doesn’t have a matchmaking system, so finding a raid team could be the first problem you’ll have to deal with, not to mention the raid itself.

Operation Dark Hours raid has 4 major encounters:

  • Max “Boomer” Bailey
  • Dizzy, Ricochet, and Weasel
  • Buddy & Lucy
  • DDP-52 Razorback

Each of these encounters is quite tough. The first one, Max “Boomer” Bailey, is supposed to be some kind of the power check for your raid group, as the developers said. This stage does not involve any serious tactics, it’s more about your raw damage output. Shoot his backpack with the two miniguns to make him kneel, then shoot him in the head as much as you can. When he stands up, destroy the green panel on his front to stop his self-healing (trust us, you don’t want him to be healed). While doing all of this, look out for the terminals in the middle and the electronic nodes to stop him from granting immunity. Repeat until he’s dead. If your raid team has successfully cleared this stage, then your builds and power level are good for this activity and you can move on.

The second encounter is harder in terms of mechanics. Purple gas filling the room gives everyone a Choking Weapon Debuff (reduces your weapon damage). You’ll have to turn this gas orange by interacting with the monitors and then it’ll give an Armor Breaker Buff (increases damage dealt to the bosses). In order to summon Oliver "Weasel" Gordon, you’ll have to kill Dizzy or Ricochet. Notice that you won’t be able to control the gas anymore (it will start to cycle), which will make things much harder. We have a good tip for you: try to kill Dizzy and Ricochet at the same time, this will help you a lot. All of that sounds easy on paper, but it’s not how the things are in fact.

The next stage, Buddy and Lucy is a rest before the storm. Buddy (Healer) and Lucy (Damage Dealer) are two Black Tusk warhounds. You'll notice the overcharge window across both of their health bars. You’ll have to deplete both of their health bars at a steady rate, making sure none of them leaves the overcharge window. If you’ve done something wrong and overcharge has activated - ISAC will alarm you - two players will have to interact with the two laptops in the middle of the area. If you’ll fail this part, Buddy and Lucy will fully restore their health. Nothing really complicated here, to be honest.

The last one, the DDP-52 Razorback, is the toughest one and it’ll take quite a lot of time to describe how to beat this stage. The only thing you have to know is that it’s possible to complete (even tho you’ll be 100% sure that it isn’t), trust us.

And now we’ll tell you a bit about the rewards you can get:

  • Aces & Eights Set - a new gear set for the Sharpshooter that will increase your weapon handling, accuracy, marksman rifle damage, and can provide some serious buffs for your whole team.
  • Negotiator's Dilemma Set - a new gear set for the Demolitionist that will give you armor on kill, increase your health, explosive resistance, provide an increased explosive damage and armor buff, and will launch a grenade at the target that depleted your armor.
  • Tip of the Spear Set - a new gear set for the Survivalist that will increase your pulse skill power, protection from elites, reduce the cooldown, equip your crossbow bolts with proximity detonators, and killing an enemy will trigger a small pulse that’ll increase your team damage.
  • Exotic P416 Eagle Bearer Assault Rifle - it’s just a great weapon overall with awesome crit chance and great defensive perks. Accuracy increases as you continuously fire, headshot kills grant increased reload speed, increased damage and the tenacity buff. The strength of Tenacity can be increased by body shots and headshots.

You can learn more detailed information about the rewards in our Operation Dark Hours category.


So, what was the problem? What players lacked for the Dark Hours completion? Tactics don’t seem that complicated (except the last encounter), but people were going insane even on the Boomer. Well, as far as you may know, PC players have completed the raid a few days earlier than the console players - and that’s a huge gap!

It’s totally clear, that PC players have a lot of advantages, for example, they’re able to have 60+ fps instead of 30 and their aiming is better due to the usage of mouse and keyboard. But even like this, the difference between the PC and console raid completions never left a few hours mark, it’s never been more than a day (except one case in the Destiny).

As it turned out, the main problem was the number of rapid switches between the targets and the overall accuracy. Switching targets is much harder on the controller with the sticks and the accuracy… Well, it’s better to score some body shots, than miss some shots into the head and don’t deal any damage at all. The second problem is unoptimized builds of the players, but no one could know, what to use in an upcoming raid.

Now we’re going into the specific Dark Hours tips, so it’ll be at least a bit easier for you to complete the raid.


Some of the following The Division 2 tips and advice may seem pretty common, but as the practice showed, players can forget even such essential things sometimes:

  1. Use voicechat - this is kinda obvious, but we’ve seen some players trying to ignore this almost #1 raiding rule. Voicechat is a requirement for something this hard in an online game.
  2. 490+ Gearscore - this is obvious as well, but you better get yourself a 500 gear score to make things as easy as possible on this side.
  3. Optimize your build - seems like hybrid damage/defense AR or LMG builds should do the trick.
  4. It’s better to shoot the enemy to the body, then miss a shot into the head - going for the headshots is not the best option 100% of the time.
  5. Find yourself a great position in every encounter - there’s a lot of switching between enemies in this raid, so your positioning can make things simpler for you.
  6. Follow the tactics - and to follow them, you’ve got to know them. If you’re not familiar with the encounter you’re going for, it’s better to ask someone to tell you what to do.
  7. Stay calm and positive - even if you’re wiping, yelling at someone and being nervous won’t help you to succeed.

Even tho we’ve told you a lot about this raid, it’s still quite complicated. But there’s a way around it - and that’s why we’re here. We can provide you almost any The Division 2 raid carry service - starting with the completion and finishing with the unique gear. If you’ve chosen The Division 2 raid carry service for the Operation Dark Hours, then our team of professionals will complete this for you as fast as possible. If you’re looking for new gear (Tip of the Spear set for the Survivalist, Aces & Eights set for the Sharpshooter or Negotiator's Dilemma Set for the Demolitionist), you can order any of it as well. And last but not least, we can get you an amazing P416 Eagle Bearer exotic assault rifle - The Division 2 community has loved it, so you’ll be impressed too.

All of the stuff mentioned above is available on our site in the Operation Dark Hours category or below this article - you should definitely check this out!


Raids are tough, and this thing is common across all online games because it’s meant to be like this. Sometimes developers are going way too hard on players, but this is not the case, it’s totally possible to complete. The difficulty is something you have to face if you’re looking for the best rewards. Don’t forget that.

See you later, Agents!

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