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Onyxia’s Lair attunement guide


Learn about Vanilla WoW attunement for raids

This blog post, we will discuss the longest and the most hardcore WoW Classic attunement of all. But before we start, let's define what attunements are. You’re probably familiar with the concept of raids in MMORPG games. Raids are closed off instances like dungeons, but unlike dungeons, they are more massive, require a bigger team and have more bosses. Raids are your typical endgame content and it’s worth noting that we provide WoW Classic boosting service for raids among other things. Raids, as you may have guessed require a lot of preparation like working out the strategy, positions, tactics for your teams. Furthermore, you got to make certain you’re well equipped. As a part of this preparation process, you need to gain access to the raid itself. You can’t actually enter a raid unless you’ve met certain requirements. One of those requirements is a series of quests that provides enables players to enter the raid. These quest lines are called attunements. Check out our WoW Classic boosting service page for more info on that front. In short, these quests usually require players to visit some locations, visit dungeons, kill bosses and acquire some items. All raids have attunements and the first two who had them since the beginning of WoW are Molten Core and Onyxia’s Lair. We will cover MC’s attunement in a separate blog post. Quest for Onyxia attunement is, like we said in the beginning, the most difficult one. But we’re going to guide you through the quest line for both factions, so you’ll have a good understanding of what to expect from the raid.


Onyxia Lair attunement quests for Alliance

We will start from the Alliance version of WoW Vanilla Onyxia lair attunement. The first part of the quest actually starts in the Burning Steppes. The quest giver’s name is Helendis Riverhorn is asking players to kill several dragonkin mobs, most of which are elites – which means it’s best to bring a couple of friends. The best part is that there is no hint about this quest being the first in an attunement chain. It starts from a typical mission, but then the story unfolds into an epic journey which will result in gaining access to Onyxia’s attunement. In any case, after completing the first task, you will then be sent by Helendis to Magistrate Solomone who is a mayor in a small town at the border of the Burning Steppes. The mayor will send you to Stormwind keep. Once you're there, you will then need to speak with Lady Katrana who stands right beside the Highlord. Then you’ll address Bolvar again and ultimately you will be sent back to the Burning Steppes and chat with Marshall Maxwell who will ask you to locate Ragged John. Once you’ve found him you will need to talk to him about the “Official business” and he’ll tell you a fascinating story relating hammers and stuff. Most importantly, he’ll tell you about Marshall Windsdor and that he is being held in Blackrock Depths. When you revert to Maxwell and report about what you’ve learned, you will be asked to enter Blackrock depths and annihilate High Interrogator Gerstahn. At that’s not the end of Alliance’s WoW Vanilla Onyxia lair attunement quest chain. Once you’ve freed Windsdor, you’ll need to return to BRD and start looking for an item called “A Crumpled Up Note”. To wrap up the rest of the steps – you will be asked to kill two bosses in BRD and escort Marshall Windsdor from his cell to the entrance of BRD. Long story short, Windsor returns to Stormwind to reveal the identity of Lady Katrana. After a short fight, Bolvar will give you an item and ask you to seek out someone who knows what it does. That someone is an elf Haleh and she will ask you to kill General Drakkisath. For a reward, miss pointy ears will reward you with Drakefire Amulet which is the outcome of WoW Ony attunement for Alliance.


Vanilla Ony attunement for the Horde

If you assumed that was complicated, here is the rundown of Horde’s Onyx attunement vanilla wow. You start the chain by receiving a mission from Warlord Goretooth who asks you to eliminate bosses in LBRS and find Important Blackrock Documents. Then you will have to search for Eitrigg in Orgrimmar, assassinate Rend Blackhand in UBRS and retrieve his head. Find Rexxar who patrols through Desolace and accept a quest called “The Testament of the Horde”. You have to take that testament and bring it to Myranda the Hag and in return, you will get a quest called “Oculus Illusions” that requires you to go back to UBRS where you will have to kill Dragonkin mobs and loot 20 Black Dragonspawn Eyes that they drop. And that’s only the half of Ony attunement questline horde. Visit Emberstrife’s Cave as your next step. Emberstrife will give you 3 more quests:

  • The Test of Skulls, Scryer
  • The Test of Skulls, Somnus
  • The Test of Skulls, Chronalis
These are the names of 3 drakes that you will need to kill all a part of Nyxia attunement vanilla horde. These drakes are better to be dealt with by bringing a group of players, but by the time you’ve cleared UBRS, we assume that you already got one. Chronalisthe a certain item. Return that item to the bear lover himself and you will be given the Drakefire amulet and your Onyxia attunement vanilla horde will be completed.


WoW Classic Onyxia attunement analysis for both sides

Let’s analyze the two versions of the Onyxia’s attunement. Ony attunement questline alliance has a lot of simple chores where you have to run back and forth, talk to NPCs and even do an escort mission. On the other side of the table, Horde’s quest chain is more oriented on fighting elite monsters. Not only that but also you have to keep returning to one NPC that can be at a random location depending on his route. So, no matter what step are you on in this quest, you will always be battling challenging foes. Both quest lines have something in common as well. Through the completion of Onyxia attunement vanilla alliance, you will uncover a lot of lore related to the faction and their position in the world. There is even a plot twist, that we have hopefully kept a secret for those of you unfamiliar with the story. The same thing is present in the Horde’s quests. When you speak to Thrall and the later on with Rexxar, they will tell you the story of the Horde, so you will begin to learn the original goals of the faction and how it has changed since the events that happened in the past. We do hope you found this article useful and as always if you want to find out more about our services, please follow our website

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