No Guts No Glory: How to Raise Glory Rank in Destiny 2?


Destiny 2's Crucible is still a massive hit among both experienced players and yet inexpert newbies. Well, let's just face it, there are all sorts of hotshot game modes for any taste and color: a pretty old-fashioned Clash for those who prefer traditional gaming or a hardcore Survival, packed up with some intense action and requiring high-level teamwork. Not to mention an impressive variety of maps and a bunch of outstanding events which give Guardians a chance to show off their skills to other players. But with all this in-game diversity, Crucible Glory ranks still remain a real gem of Destiny 2's PvP combats.


Destiny 2 carry is a perfect option for Crucible

It's not a secret that climbing the Glory rank ladder is not an easy task. And by “not easy” we mean “wickedly hard” but certainly not impossible (especially with our Destiny 2 boost). Just like every other quest, the road to raising Glory rank has its own intricacies. It's not just about soldering through the matches and melting the rivals. It's about skills. It's about tactics. It's about a well-considered weapon choice, about knowing Destiny 2 current meta , about a highly coordinated and smartly managed group of players working as a team. And, of course, it's about understanding how this whole thing operates.

Have you ever wondered about Season 7 glory rank raising? What weapons to pop into each slot to wreak havoc on the rivals' teams? What is the fastest way to get Mythic rank? Ever needed a glory rank guide? Alright then, Guardian. Buckle up. You are about to dive into our humble guide on glory ranking in Destiny 2.


Season of Opulence Glory ranking: How does it work?

Before we bring you up to speed on how to raise Glory Rank in Destiny 2, let us get into some lore first. Glory is a skill-based rank in Crucible PvP activity. Unlike its brother-in-arms, Valor (where you get the points for every completed match), Glory points are acquired only from Competitive Crucible and only for winning. Every time you lose a match, the points are immediately deducted from your score. If you for some reason quit a match in progress, it will also be counted as a loss. But hey, there is a bright side: for winning two or more times in a row you will get a yummy prize: a win-streak bonus that's gonna multiply your points and get you closer to a long-wished-for level up.

All in all, there are six rank levels:

  • Guardian
  • Brave
  • Heroic
  • Fabled
  • Mythic
  • Legend

Five of them (from Guardian to Mythic) are subdivided into three more levels. Legend – as it follows from the name – is the one and only.

As you can see, the ranking system welcomes a player at Guardian level. To hit Brave you will require 200 points. Add another 850 – and you jump straight to the Heroic. The number may sound intimidating, but that's not the real problem. Even Fabled rank grinding may become a nasty thorn in the flesh because the Glory points amount you earn from each win will only reduce with every rank. Again, a silver lining: win-streaks will come in handy here. However, there is one more fly in the ointment.

With great power (and with a higher rank) comes not only great responsibility but also one tricky thing: you will get fewer points for winning and lose more for losing. Sorrowful math. But hey, keep your pecker up, Guardian! Good news is on the way. When you reach a new rank, you are generously rewarded. Emblems, ornaments, tokens, cool gear and badass weapons – that kind of generous. Well, speaking of some badass weapons... We think it's safe to say that now we have officially come to the most amusing part of our journey – the best PvP weapons for Destiny 2.


Competitive Crucible: best weapons for PvP

If you want to rank up quickly and show the mighty Lord Shaxx what you're made of, you will need to pick your weapons wisely. Luckily, we have prepared a short guide that might help you in this delicate matter.

Having been changed due to some past updates, weapon slot system is still a big deal. We won ̀t go into much of the details, just gonna give you a couple of tips on what weapons will do good in each slot.

  1. First Slot (Kinetic) gives you almost unlimited freedom to choose. Hand cannons, pulse rifles, and shotguns are our favorites here, but if you're a big fan of auto rifles or can't imagine a match without an SMG, feel free to grab them. Destiny 2 Revoker sniper rifle is a rational choice but it requires if not excellent but at least good marksmanship. Baligant/Hawthorne's Field-Forged shotguns are pretty serious, Lumina hand cannon is a perfect option for healing fellow-players and increasing damage, and Blast Furnace or Bygones are essential for those who like pulse rifles.
  2. Second Slot (Energy) we'd rather keep shotgun-free. A fusion or a scout rifle is a tried-and-true choice, SMG is fine as well, but if you're skillful enough to effectively use a sniper rifle, be our guest. Recluse SMG is a solid choice due to its insanely fast TTK. Loaded Question fusion rifle with its Reservoir Burst perk is gonna make your foes explode, literally. Misfit auto rifle is a high RPM monster, especially with some stability perks, and Luna’s Howl along with Destiny 2's precious Not Forgotten hand cannons are just total PvP dominators.
  3. Third Slot (Power) is claimed by some heavy-ammo weapons. Here our choice would be good old grenade and rocket launchers – absolute essentials for annihilating closely grouped and not very careful enemies. Truth and Curtain Call rocket launchers and Anarchy grenade launcher guarantee relentless damage-dealing assaults, but you can also pack fusion rifles (Merciless or Telesto) or even Tractor Cannon shotgun in this slot.

You can try various loadouts to make it optimal for your playstyle, and those Glory points will rain down on you in bunches.


Raising Glory ranks: is the game worth the candle?

Obviously, Legend rank is a tough nut to crack. Not only you need a flawless PvP history, but also a whole truckload of time and patience. And a good team. As cliche as it may sound, a well-knit team is nearly half of your success on Crucible arena. Going solo might be fun for the first little while but as soon as you get stomped by an experienced 4-stack you'll wish for a solid backup (or a Glory rank boost). “But why even bother?” you may ask. “Why do I need to go into all these troubles to raise my rank and get to the top of PvP arena?” If you are still in doubt, read on – we've done some numbers to show you what ranking up can really give you.

2100 Glory rank will bless you with probably one of the most fierce PvP beasts: Luna’s Howl (yep, that one from our weapon list). Despite recent somewhat confusing nerfs it still remains a total must-have for an effective Crucible performance. A legendary hand canon packed with a savage Magnificent Howl perk will become a fast and highly-accurate killing tool that is definitely worth getting. Fabled is a glory rank for Luna's Howl. Destiny 2 Fabled rank, 2100 points, got it? Alrighty, let's move on.

Mythic rank with 3500 glory points is also a notable milestone in Crucible but let's aim higher. 5500 Glory rank is definitely the path that you won't regret having battled through. We are talking about one more tempting pinnacle reward. A weapon that alongside its murderous companion Luna's Howl has been dominating the Crucible meta for quite a long time. It's Not Forgotten – another legendary hand cannon but even faster, stronger, deadlier. With a couple of perks, this beauty will get a colossal boost which almost doubles Luna's range. Imagine a relentless death dealer with more accurate shots, totally reliable at extended distances. Are you still having doubts about raising your glory rank for Not Forgotten?


If you're in trouble, Destiny 2 Glory Rank boost can help you a great deal

As you, valiant Guardian, can see, all the inquires about how to get Destiny 2 Legend rank, or Fabled or Mythic rank can be answered simply: only hard work, smart tactics and absolute dedication to the game will get you to the very top. The way is long and thorny but we are sure: if there's anyone who can do it, it's you. In case you're in trouble and need assistance, go to and choose a Glory Rank boost. Our professionals are always ready to help and make your Crucible ascent easier and more pleasant.

Hitting Legend is indeed a challenging quest, but we hope that our little Legend glory rank guide helped you get closer to the desired goal.

Good luck, Guardian!

May the Light guide you.

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