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The last Division 2 stream was held on September 18, and the devs dwelled mostly on Dark Zone and Conflict improvements that are going to be introduced in the upcoming TU6. In addition to the already more or less teased news about removing normalization, reworking the Vendor system, and extending supply drops to the Control points, the new Conflict mode was also announced. All these changes sound really groundbreaking, and we can’t wait to see them integrated into the gaming process. While we are entering a standby mode, counting days till October, let us explain what the devs have prepared for The Division 2’s future.


General overview

On Monday, September 16, Public Test Server was launched for all Division 2 players, and the devs received tons of feedback on the future in-game changes. Two days ago, the second testing stage began. Of course, it’s still a work in progress and the final version of TU6 is yet to come, but judging from what we have now, the update is extremely huge, so almost nothing in the game will remain the same, particularly weapons, talents, and gear.

Eagle Bearer in TU6

After it had been announced that Eagle Bearer Exotic assault rifle would get nerfed, Division 2 gaming community was very quick to react. The devs understand that any nerfs are not warmly welcomed, especially regarding something so fan-favorite, but they are also pretty convinced that for the moment, Eagle Bearer is incredibly powerful. Yes, an Exotic must perform very well, but when you’ve got this one weapon that overshadows all the rest both in PvE and PvP, some corrections have to be made. No matter what build you run, Eagle Bearer remains super powerful, and the devs want you not to hung up on one weapon but rather try out different ones. Anyway, the decision to decrease EB’s damage has already been made despite the player’s disappointment. However, apart from not-so-pleasant news, we have a couple of good ones. The devs promised to buff Exotic talents, including those for Eagle Bearer, so now you can not only improve your exotic weapon’s performance but also continue running your favorite assault rifle with more powerful perks.


Dark Zones

One of the most crucial Update 6’s moments is Dark Zone normalization. For those who have reached 500 GS, there will be no build normalization, which means your weapons and gear will show the actual, not buffed performance. However, players with the GS under 500 will continue getting their builds normalized so that the Dark Zone experience wouldn’t be so harsh.

Weapon and gear talents will still provide nice bonuses but now they’re gonna be slightly different depending on the gaming mode: their versions will be shown automatically whether you are PvP zone or open PvE world. Moreover, to make this whole thing clearer, PvP modifiers are being included in the UI.

Thieves’ Den got itself a full-fledged Vendor. He will have a rotating stock of various items, which you’ll be able to obtain by spending looted DZ resources. They, by the way, are gonna drop in a single currency that will significantly simplify the buying process. There will be a special icon on the map showing where the Vendor can be found as he constantly moves between the two usual Dark Zones. Other Vendors outside the DZs will also receive the above-mentioned resources as payment, and their range of goods will be more diverse and interesting.

One more improvement deals with the DZ servers. Now players will be sent to the locations that are more populated with other Agents, and that is a huge solution of the “I got to an empty Dark Zone” problem. Now the system will check DZ servers for other players’ presence before it transfers you there even if it takes more time than usual but the devs are working hard to get rid of any delays or loading troubles.



To make Conflict combats more alluring, players will get a guaranteed reward after every match. Additional loot will be dropped for victory and raising the Conflict level, however, we’ll no longer have high score rewards.Visual changes are to be expected as well. Among other things, we will have new loading screens and sound effects. Moreover, new special daily projects will be introduced, taking turns with the already familiar DZ projects. Plus, there will be one more weekly project.

And on top of that, an innovation that should have been added to the game right from the start. It’s the ability to make loadout adjustments during map voting.

New gaming mode

Team Elimination is a brand-new PvP-mode in Conflict. Its mechanic is simple but no less exciting. Two teams of four fight each other. You have only one life, and the game is played for 7 rounds max. A team that wins 4 rounds becomes a victor.

This mode is primarily aimed at group dynamics, teamwork and the ability to put new buffs, like reviving an ally of sending an impulse, into use. The devs promise new experience, which is easily integrated into other in-game activities. Team Elimination is already available on PTS, and we think you really should give it a look.

In conclusion, we’d like to remind you that PTS is just a testing system, which allows monitoring updates and changes in order to see how well players react and how exactly the added modifications work in the real gaming process. If something is included in the testing version, it doesn’t mean that this particular change or feature is guaranteed to present in the actual game. Our point is that if something from TU6 feels slightly off right now, you really shouldn’t worry, ‘cause the devs are listening to the community and paying close attention to every feedback to make The Division 2 the best game in the genre.

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