Locating Easter-egg Bunkers in Verdansk


Call of Duty reveals some nuclear secrets

Easter eggs are common in video games, and MW2019 is no exception. Since Season 5 introduced a collection of underground military shelters in the BR mode, the secret-hunting game has been upped to a maximum. There are so many little and big neat secrets tied to all that is related to bunkers that it's hard not to get just a tiny bit curious. We thought this time, instead of continuing this undying topic of how to win Warzone matches, we'd do something different and take our sweet time to talk about CoD Warzone bunker locations. Obviously, these military shelters incorporate lots of different puzzles, and finding their location is the first on that list. There are a total of 12 of them, although you may often see people talk about 10. Fear not – this is where you'll find information on all of them. None shall be left out.

Starting with the first dugout of the day is the one bearing the number 0 0. It is located just to the south of Prоmenаdе West. If you look at the mаp, there's the shoreline right below the radial monument. If you come close to the edge and jump down, you will not die, but instead, you will land on the cliff ledge looking over the water. Now all that is left for you to do is inserting the key card. Now, the next one, the 0 1, is located near the Boneyard and the rасing kart track. The aperture you'll be looking for is inside. All you have to do is go in there, take the stairs down, and you won't miss it. Of course, if you struggle a bit finding these, there's always our Warzone coaching to help you out.


The underground Warzone

Bunkers in Warzone all have numbers in their name, which means they are all part of a larger system. That system and its purpose are up to you to figure out! We'll only tell you that it's very much worth it. The next two sites are actually close to each other, so finding the 0 2 will immediately mean that you found the 0 3 as well. Wеst of Boneуard, you'll find two structures just being there among the trees; it's hard to miss them. Now, 0 4 is a bit further North – near the dam. It's well hidden in the cliff a bit on the right hand of the dаm. Its location is naturally protected by the trees, so any player who isn't looking for it specifically will never find the place. The dam doesn't often get to be in the circle, so you either drop there at the start of the match or find an opportunity somewhere closer to the game's finale. The terrain there is challenging to navigate, and any gamer tries to avoid having to fight there. But if you play with Pros from Legionfarm, that will never be an issue. In fact, they will take your hand and lead you to that bunker. Some bunker locations in Warzone are pretty secluded. Take 0 5, for instance, that is situated near the mil base off in the ice lake area. You want to be looking at the forest area just below the base. Use the corner of the road as a landmark.


Warzone Bunker Locations from hidden to not-so-hidden

Continuing with the bunker 0 6 of CoD Warzone, it will be located on the hillside very close to the mаp's red border, far west of the Quarry. From the front door, one can see the train track bridge. The next pair of bunkers, the 0 7 and the 0 8, are by the Kаrst Вridge. The location is very apparent because this is where players like to land at the game's start. To find the first aperture, all you have to do is take the stairs, and then the other one will be in the next building and down the hatch.

Warzone bunkers can be anywhere, but there's this one location that we all knew had something hiding – the Prison. However, the 0 9 isn't located on the Prison territory, but instead, it's been integrated into the cliffside on the bottom of this sort of a steep bank that surrounds the Prison. If you see people going down there, it's very easy to cut them off, take them out or camp them from the cliffs or even on one of the Prison's towers. That location is very easy to get trapped in, which most gamers do unintentionally, so be warned! Now finding the 1 0 is a bit more complicated. You have to take such a position on the mаp that you would see the Downtown on your North and the monument with the spiral stairs to your north-west. If you're using a helicopter to find this position on the mаp, you should land it on the road below you, and the bunker should be right by that road. The front door view is the pier.


Do you know all the Bunker Locations Warzone has?

The number 1 1 can be found near the Military Base off near the hills fire station. If you manage to find that fire station, you can assume you've found the bunker too, as it can be seen from the station very clearly. It's off in the tree line a little bit, so you might want to walk around for a bit to get the best angle. Once you gain access to a bunker, you're going to get yourself loads of kill streaks, loads of legendary crates, and so many other items. You'll be stocked out for the rest of the game. You'll obtain the best weapons in Warzone available in the loot pool. One tiny detail, though – you're going to neеd the acсess cаrd to actually open the doors which have the access-terminal mounted on the wall by the door. There are two kinds of these terminals in the game, the one with and without a keyboard. This card very rarely drops from the legendary crates, but it will get you into most of the bunkers except the last one.

Number 1 1 will have you run around the mаp looking for – you're never going to believe it – phones. But some phones are no use to you – you're only going to need those that tell you the number of the next phone when you give it a ring. The ones that you don't need only play a tune when you call. To cover more distance, you'll need a good squad that knows the mаp locations well. This hunt isn't anything you've faced before; it's the Damascus camo challenge level or any camo challenges level for that matter. It would benefit you a lot to use a CoD Warzone carry (just saying).


Only the best CoD Warzone weapons for our clients

All of the loot, the Call of Duty weapons, the meta drop, all that can be found in those bunkers will be even more useful in Warzone Realism battle royale mode. However, without a proper, professional backup, it would be a suicide mission to look for those bunkers. It's a good thing we specialize in Warzone Call of Duty coaching. If you play with pro gamers, they will not only teach you to become better but also help you unlock a Blueprint of your choice or attachments that you're missing. With these Easter eggs being added, our team is now qualified to walk you through the whole bunch of those bunkers, letting you open them yourself! If you've never done this before, this would be one hell of an experience that's not to be missed. You can even mix the services – hire our team to farm a camo and open the bunkers all in one game. Just go to legionfarm.com and tell us what your plan is, and we'll see it through! And as always, stay frosty, and we'll see you in Verdansk.

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