Let’s Prepare for Beyond Light Together


What’s Going to Change in Destiny 2 with Beyond Light?

Beyond Light is about to be released, and we are all patiently waiting for the launch date. Let’s review what we know about BL so far before jumping into our main discussion.

First of all, Beyond Light will introduce new Destiny 2 subclasses, which are the Revenant (Hunter), Shadebiner (Warlock), and Behemoth (Titan). Obviously, all these subclasses will have unique abilities somehow connected to the newest expansion and the location, which is Europa.

And about the latter. We’ve all seen the trailer that was voiced over by our friend Variks, in which beautiful and breathtaking locations were finally shown to us. Europa is the newest destination in D2, where the Darkness reigns and reinforces its army to gain more power. And your task, Guardian, will be to take down as many enemies as you can and bring the empire to the end.

New Destiny 2 weapons are also going to be added to the game. The players will be able to play with the Destiny 2 best weapons and exotics, some of them being the newest sniper and assault rifles, a grenade launcher, and even a sword. Destiny 2 armor 2.0 is also going to be included in the fresh update, and all classes will get unique helmets and gauntlets that surely look astounding and alike other gear.

From new Destiny sets to a variety of quests and raids, we are going to get a lot of new content. Will you need a Destiny 2 carry or professional assistance? What will you have to do to prepare for it? Let’s talk it through on this page.


How to Prepare for Destiny 2 Beyond Light?

Bungie always gets rid of old content before releasing a new one. Nothing will change this time, and because of that, we will have to take a few preparational steps towards not only successful completion of the previous tasks but also a good and fresh start after the Destiny 2 Beyond Light release. Here is what you should do before the launch:

  • Unlock all the crucial weapons that you can use in BL. These include Whisper of the Worm, Outbreak Perfected, Anarchy, Eriana's Vow, and Izanagi's Burden.
  • Gear up. Getting good Destiny 2 armor sets for your class won’t hurt for sure. Here, you can just choose the ones that you like the most. Just keep in mind that it’s better to have at least some armor than not having any.
  • Finish all the Titles. Doing so has many benefits: first of all, you get to improve your skills and unlock many achievements, which is critical for anyone playing D2 for sure. Also, you will be able to unlock some new content and explore it for yourself.
  • Take care of the Prophecy Dungeon. You should definitely do that if you want to unlock the MMXX title, and even if you don’t want to, it is a great activity to play by yourself or with your friends. This D2 dungeon will soon go away, so you should definitely check it out before it disappears.
  • Play all the old content that will soon be removed. This step includes not only the PD, but many other locations, quests, and areas. Titan, Mercury, and Mars will soon be deleted. Now is the right time to play those before it’s too late!

As you can see it right now, you will need a couple of Destiny 2 exotics added to your arsenal of weapons before going into BL. Let’s agree that it is not always clear what kind of guns you might need, so let’s quickly review those right now.

Izanagi's Burden is a good one for snipers. The same goes for Whisper of the Worm catalyst, but it might be better for players who have more experience of dealing damage with sniper rifles. An Outbreak Perfected is amazing for players who are ready to dish out some major damage to the groups of foes and are ready to carry such a massive weapon to lead their team to victory.

Of course, you can choose something you enjoy playing more. You are not limited to anything: even if your faves are not listed here, it does not mean that they won’t do a good job during your wanderings on Europa.


A Quick Review of Destiny 2 News

Are you ready for Beyond Light? Even if you think you are, it is still important to make sure that you remember all the updates and news. And to help you with that, we’ve prepared a quick guide on BL news every D2 player should be aware of:

  • Dynamic weather. The weather on planet Europa is going to change. This means that if you plan on going out, you’ll need to check the forecast. All jokes aside, dynamic weather is one of the newest features in D2, and it is a really interesting one.
  • Fragments and Aspects. If you were waiting for something that will help you customize your subclass, this is your opportunity to do so. These are the items and perks that will modify your abilities and provide you with bonus weapon damage.
  • Cross-play. Finally, we will get full cross-play on all platforms this year. You will be able to match with players from all consoles, which was not possible before.
  • The return of Cosmodrome. The legendary location is finally going to make a comeback.
  • Content Vault. Even though it might be a little bit sad that we will have to say goodbye to the old content, the new one is ready to take its place. We probably don’t know even half of what’s waiting for us. Pretty exciting, huh?
  • Stasis. This is the first element to appear in D2, and its power allows you to free the enemies to death and shatter them as if they weigh nothing. Every subclass uses this element differently, so it might take some getting used to, but it’ll be totally worth it.

Of course, it was only a short review of all the important news. To learn more about recent updates and changes, feel free to visit our blog to find details on D2 and the Beyond Light expansion.


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