Legionfarm and Prime World: integration of in-game services


Hello, guys!

It’s official! LegionFarm is the first-ever company of its kind to seamlessly integrate in-game assistance and coaching services directly into a game. Here’s the official announcement from Prime World! This is a huge moment for LegionFarm. Being the first at something can sure be stressful, but we’ve managed! Now, players can already hire one of our 15+ professional teammates right inside Prime World at any time.

Our coaches can cover all possible roles, lanes, and heroes. This service is like an LFG system, wherein every player is a master. But, our players aren’t just teammates, they will also coach you while you play. All of our pro players have tons of tips and tricks up their sleeves due to being very high ranked (TOP 0.1%). Playing with PRO’s in a unique manner which LFG provides has never been done before.

The main goal of this service is to grow more high-ranked players in-game in order to reduce toxicity within the games community. Many players who have tried our service now draw much more pleasure from the game, they get to enjoy it as it was meant to be. Feedback for LFG has been very positive. All of our clients learn something new even just within the first hour of the service. Having real pros as teammates can be an unusual experience, but a very pleasant and enjoyable one!

More news about further integrations are coming soon, stay tuned.

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