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Legendary weapons in WoW Classic


The holy trinity

Weapons and armor are hard to come by in WoW Classic. Resources are scarce, money is made in small amounts, especially on small levels. But there are even more rare weapons in the game, that will only be wielded by a selected few. At least that’s the idea. Welcome to our new blog post where we will talk about the legendary weapons in the game. Most of the good gear must be crafted and so are these weapons. Legendary items have an orange color on them. They will demand a lot of time to make them, a lot of dedication. But what makes them Legendary. For one, those weapons are the best in their class, offering exclusive bonus stats that can only be found on them. What’s more, there is a good part of the lore that’s tied to them. You will be learning a lot about the history of Azeroth and it’s past when attempting to forge those weapons. The things that you will need to do, the quests, also shed light on the lore. Once you have one of those weapons you will feel like holding a big piece of the lore in your hands. Players will see 3 legendary weapons, two of which will be obtainable from the start and the third one will be released later in content updates called Phases. The first weapon is Sulfuras. It is Two-Handed mace, a great weapon for melee classes like Warrior. Next, we have Thunderfury. It is a unique One-Handed blade for swift melee classes like Rogues and Hunters. Finally, Priests and other casters can possess the Atiesh Great Staff of the Guardia. This is a staff worthy of its wielder. Let’s have a closer look at each of these weapons.

The mace of discord


Sulfuras is handled by Ragnaros. You can imagine the power this weapon has and the fact that you can wield the weapon that the antagonist himself used in many battles makes this mace wanted by many players. Besides, it’s one of the very few Legendary weapons. Most of the parts for it you will have to obtain in that raid. Eye of Sulfuras is a pretty uncommon item that can be looted from Ragnaros with a 3% drop rate. Additionally, only one of 40 people in a party can get that item, you’ll get a very slim chance to obtain one. If you do want that weapon, you will be clearing MC as often as possible. Of course, you can get our WoW Classic boost service to speed up this process. Anyway, once you own this Eye of Sulfuras, there is nevertheless a lot of farming to do. The next piece of the weapon is Sulfuron Hammer. It can be created by a player who has the max lvl in the Blacksmith crafting profession. Thus, if you did pick up this profession, make sure it’s maxed out. You can get the blueprint from Lokhtos Darkbargainer. To get it, you’re going to need a lot of rare materials. Fortunately, this nailer can be sold, so you don’t have to do all of this yourself. But you still need to get that Eye of Sulfuras. Once you have both items in your inventory, you will, at last, be ready to combine them and get that powerful mace.

The sword of the Windlord


There is no denying that Thunderfury is a great looking weapon. This weapon is so rare it even created a meme one time in Vanilla. Someone linked this item in chat and some other guy replied with “Did someone say [Thunderfury, Blessed Blade of the Windseeker]?” This spawned an avalanche of messages in chat all linking this sword. This phrase became so popular, sometimes you can see someone use it for old time sakes. The blade itself belonged to another elemental lord. He was killed by Ragnaros. There is evidence that Sulfuras was involved too. Anyway, to get this weapon you would need two parts, both of which held by bosses in MC. Getting only one of those items would let you start a quest. Besides those two parts, to craft Thunderfury, you would be required to get 10 Elementium Bars. These items are hard to come by. You will be going to the same raid time after time to get some materials to create those bars. These WoW Classic legendary weapons are really difficult to get, but that’s part of the excitement. You’re meant to do all of this hard work by yourself, but the reward pays off. As soon as you hold each of the items you’ll be able to summon that elemental lord and fight him. He is an incredibly powerful foe, so you will need another full raiding party to defeat him. All of this struggle so that only one person can have Thunderfury. What an exciting weapon that is!

The mysterious staff


We’ve covered both of these weapons more in-depth in our earlier blog posts, which you’re welcome to check out. But there is one that we haven’t talked about. Atiesh is a staff that was used by Guardians of Tirisfal. The last member of this cast was Medivh. You might already know who this guy was if you’ve played other Warcraft games or seen the movie. This stuff is unique because it grants an ability to turn those who use it into crows. It also can open up a portal to Karazhan, a tower that served a base for Guardians. This weapon is truly special, but to get it might be a harder task than getting other legendaries. The quest is tied to Naxxramas, a raid that will become available in Phase 4 as mentioned earlier. If you’ve decided to obtain this weapon, be warned that the challenge starts from the attunement quest. It is a very long and annoying quest if you don’t have a bunch of spare gold. But as soon as you're granted access to the raid, you will find out that bosses drop unique loot - splinters of this staff. Just like with the legendary weapons these items are bound to the character, so only one player out of all of raiding party can get those. You will need a total of 40 of these splinters, so imagine how many times you would need to clear Naxxramas to get all of them. Surely, you can use our WoW boost and get them much faster and easier. On top of that, the server must complete a quest to unlock the Gates of Ahn'Qiraj. This is a server-wide event, without it you can forget about Atiesh. Once you have obtained all 40 splinters, you can now combine them to assemble Frame of Atiesh. Now, the hard part only begins. With this item you’re now able to take a quest from Anachronos, but only if your reputation with Brood of Nozdormu faction is not lower than neutral. If that’s not the case, you will have to farm their reputation. This quest will task you with retrieving the remaining two pieces of this weapon a Base and a Head. The last boss in Naxxramas has one of these pieces. The latter can be located in the Temple of Ahn'Qiraj. Once you own all 3 parts, it won’t be enough to just put them together. You will need to perform a ritual on this staff in the catacombs underneath Strathholme. There, as usual, you will have to summon and stop the demon Atiesh. But to defeat him you will need the help of someone that can weaken him because you will need to use his legendary blades to give him peace. This concludes our brief overview of Vanilla legendary weapons that are now or will be present in WoW Classic. Hopefully, you found this article entertaining.

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