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Leatherworking guide



The thing about Leatherworking is that this is the easiest profession to farm materials for. You know that you need to kill beasts and skin them for the leather. As you keep farming mobs you’ll learn what kinds of leather can be obtained from them, you won’t need to look for something else like with other professions. That being said, you will be doing 3 things at the same time – gaining XP for your character for grinding mobs, lvling your skinning profession and most importantly you’ll be lvling leatherworking. Other professions like tailoring depend on rng when it comes to materials acquisition. If rng is not on your side you won’t be able to get much, whereas farming leather is a much safer bet. Because of how easy it is to farm leather it does mean that the price for skins is usually relatively low. On top of that leather is not needed by any other professions like cloth or ore, so that also helps to keep the price for leather relatively low. What does all this mean? It means that leatherworking is one of the cheapest crafting professions to level up.


Speaking of lvling, there are the basics you need to know like what class is best, or what the second profession you should pick. You got to know the locations of your trainers, but most importantly there are 3 different specializations of leatherworking similar to some other professions. There is also a general path to fast lvling to 300. Your process will most likely be different and if you come across any difficulties, you should know that our services are there for you. So the 3 different fields are Elemental, Tribal and Dragonscale Leatherworking. It is a primary profession which means that you’re able to take only one other primary profession, so choose wisely. Classes that would benefit the most from this craft are those that wear leather-type armor. They’ll be able to craft armor for themselves which is always nice. At the same time, hunters and shamans should go with the Dragonscale for that mail armor. Those who want to have more protection choose Elemental. Finally, if you wish to have more DPS or healing in raids, your best bet is Tribal. But before you can learn a specialization, you’ll be visiting your trainers for new ranks.

Learn from the best

Leatherworking just like any other profession has its own masters. Someone who has reached a certain height in this craft and is now willing to teach others. These NPC’s will help you progress through the ranks of this profession, so here is a list of them:

Alliance Apprentice & Journeyman Leatherworking Trainers

  • Aayndia Floralwind
  • Adele Fielder
  • Drakk Stonehand
  • Fimble Finespindle
  • Nadyia Maneweaver
  • Randal Worth
  • Telonis

Horde Apprentice & Journeyman Leatherworking Trainers

  • Arthur Moore
  • Brawn
  • Brumn Winterhoof
  • Chaw Stronghide
  • Hahrana Ironhide
  • Karolek
  • Shelene Rhobart
  • Una

At some point, you’ll be able to learn the last rank – Artisan but to find a trainer who could teach you that is no simple task. Alliance players will find him in The Hinterlands. While Horde players should seek Hahrana Ironhide in Feralas.


A way to go about lvling leatherworking

There is a way to lvl up leatherworking efficiently, meaning that you’ll be using the very minimum number of materials. You can adjust the following list to make it better suit your vision of lvling. Remember that if you don’t wish to go through this, without a doubt, tedious process, look up our leatherworking boost offer on our website. So, let’s get started. You begin with an Apprentice rank and to get to the next on the list you should be making 3 things – Light leather until you hit skill lvl 20. Then switch to Light Armor kit, it only requires 1 piece of Light Leather. And from 45 to 55 you just make enough of Handstitched Leather Cloak. Simple as that. Once you’re able to proceed to the Journeyman rank, things will get more complicated and exciting. It’s best, to begin with - Embossed Leather Gloves. The same two materials it’s made of will be used for your next product - Fine Leather Belt. Making those will move you all the way to lvl 100. Following this achievement, switch to producing Medium Armor Kit. To completely prepare for the next rank, make Cured Medium Hides until you’re ready. Once you’ve become an Expert, begin with crafting Dark Leather Boots up until you hit 130. Without any dilly-dallying switch to Dark Leather Belt. It’ll take you to 145. Alternatively, you can try making Dark Leather Cloak. That here is a rare case where you can make a choice, based on which one you prefer better, or which materials you have at this point. 145-150 is best achieved by creating Hilman’s Leather Gloves. 150-160 is best closed with Cured Heavy Hide. Up next, you’ve got Guardian Pants, a fancy name for fancy pants. Barbaric Shoulders is the item that will aid you in getting to lvl 190. That’s when you’ll start making Dusky Bracers and finally Dusky Belt. That'll take you to lvl 205 when you’ll be able to pick Artisan. From here on out the list goes shorter, there are only 5 items that you will be crafted to cover the last mile to 300. So, the first item is the Nightscape Headband. The second one is the Nightscape Pants. As you may have guessed they’re both parts of the same set, which is nice. On lvl 250 to 265, the best thing to make is the Rugged Armor Kit. To finish up another two pieces of the same collection will be advantageous. They are Wicked Leather Bracers and the same name for Headband. That’s how you get to 300. There must be a better way of doing this, but this method has helped lots of players, so it’s a good starting point. Again, it would probably be best to modify it a bit. Therefore, the best way to approach this is to start following this list and when something becomes too expensive to craft, there’ll probably be a cheaper alternative.


Leatherworking variations

Now, we’ve talked a little about the 3 variations of this craft, it’s time to give them proper attention. Let’s start with Elemental kind. Once again, this variation is for those who are looking for more resistance in their gear. A great example is the Molten Helm. There are a bunch of other useful recipes, but before you can get to them, you first need to meet the trainer. For Alliance that would be Sarah Tanner. The trick with meeting her is that you need to also bring some materials to her so that she could start your training. You’ll get a quest with the list of the things that she needs. The same deal Horde players get. They will need to find Brumn Winterhoof, a Tauren with a second name that speaks for itself. Things are a little bit different from Dragonscale leatherworking. The name of this variation is pretty cool. It also gives you a hit of what kind of gear you’ll be specializing in – top-notch mail gear. Just look up Chromatic Gauntlets and you’ll get the idea. Now, what’s different is what is required from players to prepare before they can learn it. Instead of resources, you’ll need to have made a few items among which are some recipes. Depending on your faction you’ll need to locate Peter Galen or Thorkaf Dragoneye. You are able to tell by their names which faction each of them belongs to. Finally, we’ve got Tribal variation. Being the most popular kind of leatherworking among players for the possibility to make gear pieces like Devilsaur Leggings, this variation has by far the longest quest. One must prepare a big number of resources, but the results will be worth it. If you’re one of those who like the sky over the Stormwind, then you should seek out Pratt McGrubben. If you’re edgier and like spikey things, then you’ll need to have a chat with Jangor Swiftstrider. These guys will set you off on a chain of quests, so be ready to travel quite a bit. One last thing remains to be said about these variations – all of them can be changed. If you’ve read our guide about blacksmithing, you’re aware that you can unlearn a profession. And this is how you can change the specialization – by relearning it again. You will have to lvl it up again, which is at this point is probably best to be done with our services. Nobody would want to go through this twice. Anyway, once you reach skill lvl 200, seek out someone called Narain Soothfancy. He hasn’t got a mission for you, but in his house, you’ll find a book. Interact with it to select a new specialization.



To conclude our guide, we want to try to answer a question – why would you want to go with leatherworking in Phase 1? It’s all about opportunity, really. A lot of players who looked up character leveling guides probably went with skinning. Therefore, leather will be sold for outrageously low prices. Another reason why you should go with this craft is that you can actually turn a profit without even using the auction house. If you want to play it safe, avoid paying fees and just put your merch out there, you can just work with a vendor. Just by going from your trainer to the closest vendor you’ll still be making a killing. This is a super chill scenario. Most professions have to analyze the auction, play on the prices and apply other economic terms. In this regard, leatherworking is a very chill profession. On top of that, there are ways of lvling it almost offline. If you don’t have much free time, it’s still possible to make a real in-game profit with this craft. Not to mention the services provided by Legionfarm that further support this option. Vendors are super useful – even if the item has become grey, meaning that you’re not getting any more skill increase, you can still sell them to continue making money. Therefore, these items remain to be profitable for you. The last reason is that literally half of the classes directly benefit from this craft. Furthermore, there is a lot of those who use a lot of alter low-lvl characters or so-called twinks. Most of those twinks are classes that use leather. You’re going to able to make a lot of gold off these individuals, by taking advantage of the fact that probably half of the population of your server are going to be rolling classes use leather. This concludes our guide, thank you for reading it. We try to make small changes to them while preserving the overall structure. Hopefully, you liked this one and there will be more to come.

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