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How to pick a profession in WoW Classic


Classic WoW professions overview and tips

Wow Classic professions are as important as the class itself. They have their own role in the game and, what’s more important, you have to plan in advance, which professions you will choose and why. In this guide we will be going through all WoW Classic professions and talk about what are they good for and what can you get out of them, so by the time when you will be creating your character, you’ll know which profession you will choose as your primary one. That being said it is important to know how professions have changed since Vanilla. For starters, First Aid will return in Classic, but Archeology, Jewelcrafting, and Inscription won’t be in the game. What’s more, is that there is no easy way to re-learn recipes if you decide to abandon your profession. You’d have start all over from the basics. That adds weight to the choice of the profession that you’ll have to make. Gathering nodes also won’t provide experience for using them and they won’t be shared. Some of the finest items that can be crafted in the game, requires players to visit specific places to do so. Certain Alchemy laboratories located in instances and then there is, of course, the Black Anvil, well known to Blacksmiths. Now, that you know that the stakes are real, time to move on to the actual wow classic profession guide. The next part will list professions and name some of the key benefits of having them. It’s important that the professions that you choose complement the class you’ve picked for your character. This will help your character to level up faster and be generally better, however, there are other applications for professions in this game.

How to choose a profession in WoW Classic for new players

Some races offer additional profession bonuses. Gnomes racial bonus increases engineering by 15 and Taurens have increased herbalism by 15. Some items provide various advantages for crafting. For instance, the Goblin Mining Helmet gives +5 to Mining. All professions are divided into several categories. Ultimately, you have primary and secondary professions. You can choose up to two primary professions and take all of the secondary ones if you want. Moving on, here are what kinds of professions will be in the game:

  • Production Professions – you can craft items from recipes. These items can be equipped or sold.
  • Gathering Professions – as the name implies, you gather resources that are used in production professions. Great for making gold
  • Service Professions – don’t produce items that can be worn, but still, make very useful items. More on professions from this category later.
  • Miscellaneous – other types of professions like riding that make your character able to use mounts, fishing and a few more.

For the sake of this wow classic profession picking guide, we will be referring to some numerical data found from other resources, to give you a clear understanding of the matter. When picking a profession, you should think about why do you need it. Some players decide to go with a specific combination, that will help them with speed-leveling, others want to create a stable income and play on the market. If you’re in a guild, you might want to have designated crafters, who will supply the guild members with useful consumable items, weapons, and armor. These are not all uses for professions. Our advice- think about what do you plan to do in the game, and pick a profession that can help you achieve your goals.


Best Professions For Each Class and Role, the logical approach

Some classes can indeed benefit from having certain professions. So, let’s start with Blacksmithing. This profession allows you to craft weapons and plate armor. Those who choose this profession should know that to craft items for this profession you must have a Blacksmith Hammer. It’s also one of those professions that requires a special place to do the job. In this case, you’d an anvil. As mentioned briefly before, some unique items can be crafted on a very special anvil. In any case, players can choose to specialize in making weapons and become Weaponsmiths to be able to craft weapons. Then Weaponsmiths can specialize as Swordsmiths, Axesmiths, and Hammersmiths at skill level 250. Armorsmiths get access to exclusive armor recipes. Needless to say, that all warriors and paladins can benefit from learning this profession if you plan to craft your own equipment. Remember that some items give wow classic profession bonuses. Now that we have just mentioned skill level, let’s use the moment and explain briefly what it means. Professions level up just like your character. You can do that by using them, so if you have a production profession, you keep crafting the same item. When you’ve created enough of this item, the process will stop giving you experience, and you must select a more difficult item to craft. If the recipe you use has Orange color, then you’re are guaranteed to raise a skill level. If it’s Yellow or Green, there is a chance you’ll get a level up and Grey means the recipe is just useless in terms of progression. The same goes for gathering professions. Once you’ve reached enough skill level and provided that your character has reached a certain level himself, you will be able to get a new profession rank from a trainer. There are a total of 4 ranks:

  • Apprentice – skill level 75 and character level 5
  • Journeyman - skill level 150 and character level 10
  • Expert - skill level 225 and character level 20
  • Artisan - skill level 300 and character level 35

Some professions have different requirements. As such, you can become an Expert at gathering professions at level 10 and Artisan at 25. Fishing has no requirements for Apprentice and Journeyman tanks, plus Expert and Artisan have even lower required level.


Combine Gathering and Production

Anyways, let’s continue looking at professions. Alchemy lets you create powerful consumable items that will come in handy in raids. Your main products will be flasks, elixirs, and potions. This profession will be useful for healing and supporting classes like Shaman and Priests. Take Herbalism to provide yourself with the opportunity to get crafting materials. Combinations like these are always useful. Reaching the vanilla wow profession cap would be your goal because the top rank in each profession lets you create or gather truly amazing things. Engineering is the profession that’s useful for all classes, but Hunters, in particular, will be happy to have it. You’ll be able to craft many gadgets and tools that you’ll be using in combat. This makes Engineering a unique profession and it’s great for all DPS classes. Leatherworking and Tailoring are similar to Armorsmithing, it allows players to create gear with high resistance. Tailoring is usually picked by classes that specialize in casting spells like Mages and Leatherworking is preferred for Rogues and Hunters. Pick Skinning to be able to retrieve various leather types. Sometimes tailors also use materials gathered from Skinning. Enchanting combines well with tailoring as well, because it lets you disenchant the produced items. Mining is great if you’ve chosen Blacksmithing as one of your primary ones. It pairs with Engineering as well. Fishing goes well with Alchemy and Herbalism. Cooking goes hand in hand with fishing. So you see all of the professions are connected and can benefit from each other. In general, pick a production profession to craft items, and a gathering profession to get access to materials, instead of buying them. At vanilla wow profession cap you can decide to switch to another profession, but remember, that should you want to come back to the one you mastered, you’d have to start learning it from the bottom.


Spend your time in the game with a profit

Now you know that wow classic most useful professions for some, might be not so great for others unless you are not planning to use professions to make things for yourself. There is a lot to consider when you are leveling your character and professions. Everything is tied to locations, most ore nodes are located on mountains. The stronger the monster is, the better the materials can be found on him when using Skinning. You should plan you wow classic profession leveling according to these facts. The idea here is to spend your time effectively. When you’re doing quests in an area, observe carefully and spot the location where you might find something to gather. Once you’re on your way to the next objective, always stop and gather materials. Even in speed-leveling, you would be making stops to get some crafting reagents. Professions certainly add a new level of depth to already hardcore games, which WoW Classic certainly is. However, on higher levels, when you will be running raids, you won’t get far without crafted gear and other bonuses that can only be earned through professions. Wow classic profession leveling can be combined with character leveling, try to make sure that you have reached a skill cap for your profession by the time you hit each level mark. Use this guide for reference. That way, next time you’re back in town, you can visit the professional trainer a get a new rank, then do the crafting to make some useful equipment and sell whichever you don’t need. Your crafting skills will always be praised by other players because nobody can master all professions at the same time. Plus, you will be always a good amount of gold, even just by selling crafting reagents. All in all, while you can go without having a single profession, we recommend you find a few that will help you out and stick to them. Your game will change because of that. As always, for more information and blog posts, stay tuned on – the best WoW Classic vendor on the market.

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