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How to farm resources and gold in WoW Classic


Wow classic farming guide or where the money comes from

Hello everyone and welcome to our new guide. We will discuss the most important resources in the game and teach you where to find and farm them in large quantities. The one resource that truly stands out is very simple to identify – gold. Money can truly change the speed of your progression. Needless to say, you can buy almost all other resources with gold from NPC’s or on the auction from other players. We will talk about the best ways to make gold in the latter parts of this guide. For now, we will be focusing on the general wow classic farming principles that will make your farming process much more effective and easy. Depending on the professions you’ve chosen, killing monsters can be your primary source of crafting resources. Farming mobs is great in general because you will get these 4 things :

  • Experience – a resource that makes your character grow stronger and allows you to level up.
  • Money – some mobs, if not all, drop some about of copper, silver or even gold. Everything depends on how strong the monster is. Admittedly, bosses from dungeons and raids are the most generous ones.
  • Crafting materials - When you’ve killed a monster you can then use your Skinning profession, to extract the materials needed for other production professions.
  • Other items – you’ll find a lot of unique items that mobs drop after death, some of them are complete rubbish, others can be used for crafting, but all of them can be sold for money, either to NPC or on auction.

So, make a habit of wow classic farming mobs, whenever you have free time, as this will surely make you a profit in one way or the other.


Wow classic farming resources like a pro

Some mobs have a better loot table than the others, so when farming, it’s best to know what mobs to farm, and where they are. The same goes for other crafting resources as well. But let’s stick to mobs for now. Be advised, that common wow classic farm spots can be guarded by other players, and they will protect their assets if need be. That’s what causes open-world PvP to happen, so be prepared. Another important thing is the class that you use. Now, if you’ve chosen a mage, you can consider yourself a farming machine, as mages one of the classes who can do the wow vanilla aoe farm. What it means is that you can use your skills that can damage and kill multiple monsters at the same time, which increases the amounts of loot that you get. Of course, there are spots that are better for this kind of grinding. If you’re are playing as Alliance mage, this is for the next part is for you. Once you’ve reached level 20-22 go to Redridge Mountains and find the Tower of Ilgalar. West of this tower you will find groups of Shadowhide Gnolls, Brutes, and Warriors in different combinations. The tactics for farming them go like this. You aggro the one that walks around solo and makes him move to one of the camps with the others, and then you start raining them down with your AOE abilities. If you’re a frost mage, freeze them first. Ones they’re all down, move to the next camp and repeat the process. The good thing is that they’re all located pretty close, making this wow vanilla best farm spot. The respawn rate of these mobs is very efficient. You can do the whole thing solo, but it’d be even more effective if you do it with friends. That way, you can aggro more monsters and deal with them faster. Here are some other locations in Eastern Kingdoms that are great for aoe farming on low levels:

  • Sludge Fen in Barrens zone, you’re looking for Savannah Lions
  • Boulder Lode Mine in the same zone, Venture Co. mobs
  • Fenris Isle & Keep in Silverpine Forest, Rot Hide Gnolls
  • Ironband Excavation Site in Loch Modan, look for Stonesplinter Troggs
  • Near Loch Modan in Wetlands, you’ll find Mosshide Gnolls

The list can go on and on, but if you want to find a good spot yourself, for wow vanilla xp farm, per se, look for melee mobs that can be aggroed easily. If they have a stationery pack, it’s the best option.


Wow classic best way to farm gold is to sell something everybody needs

Now, let’s take a look at how to grind for arguably the most important resource in the game – gold. When you create a character, pick two collecting professions instead of the combo of production plus gathering. This might seem counter-productive, but in fact this way you’ll be making much more gold. By level 40 you going to want to buy a mount and learn a riding skill. With a mount, your playing experience a whole lot more fun and easy. But you will need to have 100 gold by the time you reach that level. When the server is fresh, most valuable items will still be cheap, as the market needs time to adjust. This means that you can get those items and keep them until the price will rise, so you can sell it for more gold. One of the coolest things you can gather to make a profit of is Black Lotus. It is a crafting component for all flasks that will be used in raids, so every member of every raiding party will want to have this flask in their inventory. This makes the Black Lotus a very strong source of gold. In certain zones like Winterspring, there will be 3-4 Black Lotus spawn in close vicinity, if you’re lucky to encounter one of these spots, there this money to be made. WoW Classic gold farm involves mob grinding, so having a Skinning profession, really helps. A lot of players will be doing the same thing, so the price for the items obtained via this profession will be very modest for some time. So, sell the leather to vendors, while you’re grinding. On top of that, by doing so, you’re also increasing the chance to get more crafting materials and rare items. Another item that can be sold for good money is Small Flame Sac that is used in many Alchemy recipes. They drop from a number of Whelping mobs that can be found in Swamp of Sorrows, south of Misty Valley, there is a lake. That’s where you will find these mobs. Most players are aware of this spot, so you can expect it to be packed. If that’s the case, there is another Whelp spot in Badlands east and north of Lethor Ravine. Additionally, you can do the Vanilla gold farming with cat-monsters that are all around the Wetlands. They drop things like Soft Patch of Fur or Long Soft Tail that can be stacked up to 20 items and sold for around 80 silver per stack. Another great item is Wicked Claw which is used to craft one of the best helmets in Vanilla – Lionheart Helm, so this item is really valuable. Some mobs also contribute to wow classic rep farming. The one thing we didn’t mention earlier is that killing particular mobs can build a name with certain factions in the game. Each fraction offers discounts for buying their wares, repairing, training and more. That makes reputation another tool in your arsenal to gain gold.


Make the best of your time

This is pretty much every method for farming resources for crafting and gold. Your starting class and professions can affect the speed at which you obtain items in the gold. Like so, Warriors are very powerful at the max level, but it is very hard to grind resources. Some of the best farmers are considered to be classes that focus on ranged attacks and AOE damage, for multiple kills. What’s more, you should choose professions accordingly. You can always earn more by crafting gear and selling it on the auction. However, if you want to make gold fast, consider two gathering professions to maximize the number of items you retrieve from monsters and from the world itself. There mining nodes near mountains, various plants and flows in forests and more. You can always play on the market if you have a bit of entrepreneur blood and you can take risks when the time is right. Auction may be the fastest way to get resources and gold if you know what to do. When you’re farming, you should know what spots are better for your class. If you have great AOE capabilities, look for larger packs of mobs that are located close to each other. Bring a friend or two to increase the effectiveness of your farming process. Monsters drop items that can be either stacked and sold to vendors when the server is fresh and everyone is doing the same thing. Or, you could save some valuable items for later and wait until the price for them breaks the ceiling. Either way, keep an open eye on how the prices change and act accordingly. Don’t forget about the reputation with factions, you’ll get access to discounts that will make your life much easier. That concludes our guide for farming resources and gold, we hope you found it useful. For more guides like this, stay tuned on

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