Here's everything you have to know about the Old Ways patch in Apex Legends!


What’s up, people! Foksey here.

Since Apex Legends is the most popular game in our Play with a PRO system, I thought it would be useful to cover the game’s latest changes for you guys :)

So, what’re the Old Ways? It’s the Bloodhound’s thematic event. First, let’s check out this awesome cinematic about her backstory:

One of the most important changes in the Old Ways is the new Duos mode. What this means is that you can now play in teams of 2, which is awesome! Though, ranked games are still limited to parties of 3. But whether you're a team of 2 or 3, our PRO players are still the best bet if you want to know how to be good at Apex Legends. They can be hired for any mode or for Apex coaching.

There’s also a new map rotation in normal mode! At the moment we have the current versions of World’s Edge, Kings Canyon Season 2, and Kings Canyon After Dark. Ranked games are limited to World’s Edge only. However, the map itself has changed quite a bit.

Remember sniper rock near Skyhook? The place where you could always find a sniper rifle? Well now, that part is replaced with the underground arena, Bloodhound’s Trials. Once you dive into it, you’ll see 3 panels, each of which activates levels 1 to 3 of the Trial. Activating it will summon ferocious prowlers that you’ll need to kill. Once that’s done, one of the altars will open, allowing you to acquire some great loot! The greater the level you’re completing, the greater the rewards. But, you’ll need to face more prowlers too! The level 3 challenge will reward you with golden items, which is very snazzy.

Just a tip, the most important thing here is TO NOT UNDERESTIMATE THE PROWLERS. These guys are insanely fast and deal tons of damage. If they down you, they’ll kill you, they don’t switch targets either. If there’s a Pathfinder in your team, he needs to set up a zipline across the arena so that you can get to safety quickly if things go awry.

I’m an average Apex player, my tips aren’t super valuable tbh. But, if you want some really godly tips or help with the above, I recommend asking one of our PROs during a session. One of our PROs can even help you clear the Trials so that you know exactly what to do with your friends after.

This patch also comes with some legends changes. For example, Revenant was buffed significantly due to the entire player base saying he was too weak. His Q underwent 2 changes. It now lasts twice as long (20s of silence and a 10s AoE), and it can disable Gibraltar’s Gun Shield. His Death totem now also revives players with 50 health instead of 1, or whatever amount of health there was if it was lower than 50. However now, Revenant doesn’t have the “Low Profile” perk.

Less noticeable changes were applied to Lifeline and Wraith. With Lifeline, you can now see random blue bins sometimes. If Lifeline opens one, you’re going to get more loot. And Wraith, if both ends of the portal are outside the ring, it will disappear in 4 seconds instead of 60, so be careful with that.

If you want the full version of these patch notes, here’s the link.

As always, I hope this article was useful for you :) Stay safe, stay at home and play together!

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