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WoW Classic creates the second legacy

Not a while back, there's been a wave of invites from Blizzard to the testing branch to check out the final raid. Those who weren't lucky to get a pick behind the curtains or just couldn't attend had other kinds of news – they learned the last content patch is coming out on the 1st of December. It's a big date, and it's almost time to look back at our adventures and try to remember everything good and bad that happened to this game and to us this past year. Naxxramas location and the actual flying temple of doom aren't going anywhere. If anything, it is approaching rather quickly. On the 1st of December, don't be the one screaming in the global chat, "Where is Naxxramas??" because it won't arrive for another two days from that day. Looking back and counting our accomplishments isn't just a tradition. We've all done this many times whenever another milestone has been achieved by the game. 15 years changed a lot of things. Even any WoW Classic carry is different now, and not just because it has Classic in the name. If we knew for sure, this wasn't the end but a beginning for the game. Today we aren't sure what comes after version 1.13.6. No doubt it's fun to speculate, but what good does it do? All we can do is wait and see the future of the old-school World of Warcraft unveiling before us. Maybe the devs will throw us a bone at the upcoming Blizzcon. Only time will tell.


Naxxramas as the jewel of instances

It's safe to say that there are no WoW Classic dungeons quite like WoW Classic Naxxramas. Yes, we're aware, this isn't exactly a dungeon, but an instance is an instance nonetheless. The curse of Naxxramas is an impactful event. It's the big finale, if you will, the true ending for the original WoW storyline. So it's not about the items, it's not even about the boss-fighting. It's about you going through hell achieving level 60, gathering all the loot through coaching, carry services, or by yourself. It's about you reaching the Naxxramas entrance and slaying the only true villain of the universe you're in. It's a feeling like no other, discovering the true game's ending.

Of course, this isn't a single-player game. The titles won't roll after you killed the final boss. Didn't Kel'Thuzad build the fortress himself and populated it with Naxxramas bosses? It makes sense that this was and now is the last raid in the game. It's been designed to be replayable. Unlike all other linear instances, you already know that this one is anything but linear. Before the release of BC, you, as a developer, had to make sure that the final challenge would keep players entertained for some time. These days, it will hardly be a challenge. The replayability is there, but the difficulty is brought down by the dozens of years of experience and knowledge.


Greeting the last of WoW Classic phases

Still, there's no reason to write it off on modern times and hard-to-please gamers. Kel' Thuzad is very much a threat just like he was 15 years back, and fighting him and all his minions are like watching ‘Back to the Future’ – it never gets old. Other WoW Classic raids are great too. In fact, they all should be treated as one. They're all immensely replayable thanks to captivating mechanics and the thrills each fight never fails to give you. There are always a couple of tactics for killing each boss, and guilds to this day compete amongst themselves, trying to prove that their way is superior. It's just as thrilling as getting higher WoW Classic honor ranks. Both are large group activities that require cooperation, following the plan, and the readiness to adapt to the situation at hand. There's a bunch of cool guides on our blog for each of the raids. They all start from the attunements and end up describing the boss-fight tactics. Sometimes we even go as far as publishing a series of guides if the bosses are worth it. Like we did with the Ahn'Qiraj series.This leaves us with the last point that we haven't yet made.


World of Warcraft Classic - always fair and fun

It's about the WoW Classic services we're providing. For as long as the game exists, there have been service providers such as us. Of course, no one has ever come close to our quality. Some offers are cheap, while others can be done very fast. Take a WoW lvl service, for instance. It’s existed since before Classic was out, and it's been evolving with each Phase of the game. Our Play with Pro service is also quite viable as you get to play with some of the most legendary professional players in the world and learn a thing or two from them. In spite of what everyone tells you, there are more and more people that aren't having fun playing WoW. We think the whole point of games is having fun. Sometimes the devs make mistakes with their updates, breaking the balance, or doing something else that reduces the fun factor by so much that some people can just straight up stop playing altogether. Some of these mistakes are unintentional. But some are. Recently, a fan has discovered a build for his Hunter that lets him literally one-shot anyone in PvP. This time, it's for real. There's no doubt the devs didn't mean to have such a build in the game, but now it's known to everyone. Through the Internet's virtue, every Hunter in the game is already trying to get that build or already has it. What does that leave other classes with? That's why you have us. Sometimes, a helping hand from the outside is exactly what you need to save the passion for the game and keep enjoying it. We'll enter the Frostwyrm Lair with you, help you nail down that undying bastard, or punish a PKer. If you want to find out the full extent of our capabilities, please go to Let's make gaming enjoyable again!

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