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First week of WoW Classic


Sensational WoW Classic launch

What a crazy week it has been. The release of WoW Classic occurred on the 26th of August cause the internet to explode with the news. To start off, the queues on servers have become a meme. Tens of thousands of players have been waiting to enter the game. Something similar was happening in 2004 as well, but back then the situation was understandable. When players did finally get to the game, they faced another obstacle. Overpopulated zones. The devs promised that there would not be such a problem as they implemented the layering system which is similar to sharding that was used in retail WoW back in the day. This system would analyze the local population of a said zone and if there are too many characters it would send them to a copy of such a zone with a lesser number of players. The goal is to keep the authenticity level of the game in check. There are also practical benefits. Knowing that mobs are respawning longer, overpopulation would cause unnecessary and ridiculous things like lines to kill certain mobs and stuff like that. The intention was right, but the system failed miserably and everything we’ve just said would happen, actually did happen. An unprecedented amount of players has been unleashed on a poor old Azeroth. Everyone started from WoW Classic leveling, of course, and that’s where things became difficult. There are a bunch of pictures online about player’s characters literally standing and waiting their turn to do something. Truth be told, this wasn’t happening everywhere. Russian servers were not that overcrowded, neither were some EU servers. Overall the launch was somewhat bumpy, but that didn’t negate the hype for the game.


Start of WoW Classic has been marked by world records

Every new MMORPG is a place for record setters. There is a saying – there is a first time for everything. WoW Classic is no exception. What’s the first challenge a player faces in the game, what’s the first big goal? That’d be reaching the max level. WoW Classic leveling is such a long and intense journey, everyone is supposed to have a hard time with it. At least that’s what the devs thought when they were rolling back to the Vanilla experience with its unclear quest descriptions, overly powerful monsters, fundamentally different class archetypes. They say, WoW – is a social game. The social aspect is achieved by making players cooperate more – the game mechanics were designed to be a cooperative experience. This was all brought back in Classic. Little did the devs know that the community of WoW has matured. The first lvl 60 has been achieved in 3 days since release by a Maltese player. That guy was leveling solo, not in a group. This shows, that gamers have become more experienced and prepared for all of the challenges that are waiting for them in the game. We have covered this record in a separate blog post, so if you want to know more about how this guy got his character to the max level that fast, check this out. The most amazing thing about this record is the fact that this guy obtained lvl 60 faster than players from professional organizations like the guild called Method. Guys from Method are well known in the community of WoW as one of the most experienced raiding guilds that knows what they’re doing. The race to the max lvl still goes on to this day, there are still not that many people who have done that.


The first week of WoW Classic is filled with remarkable events

There are more records happened throughout the last 7 days. Achieving lvl 60 was not the end, 3 days later the final raid – Molten Core has been beaten by one guild. Just to compare, the most popular streamers of World of Warcraft like Asmongold and others, who made a name for their vast knowledge of the game, were much behind the whole race thing. This is truly an incredible achievement. The 40-men raiding party entered raid instance and took out all of the 8 bosses including Ragnaros – the final boss of Vanilla game. Not everyone at that party was at max lvl. Nonetheless, they did it with the first try. It was a close one too, as most of the members were dead by the time Ragnaros gave up. To compare it to the initial version of WoW, it took 154 days since the release of MC to beat it for the first time. The fact that in Classic it was beaten in 6 days shows a lot. If you’d like to know more about their composition and how their guild trained to be the world’s first to beat MC, head out to blog and read our dedicated article about it. But this is not the end for the guys from Apes guild. Just after clearing out MC, the raiding party went on and did the attunement for Onyxia Lair raid. This questline is infamous for its complexity, but almost everyone from the raiding party did it, and then another record took place. Only a few hours before the restart of the server. Apes went on and secured the world’s first Onyxia kill. What a day that was. Unbelievable performance of a dedicated group of players let them become 2 times record setters. While for most of us it takes week or even months to reach the max level, there are people who have conquered all content in the game. Truly impressive.


Join celebrities in WoW


If you’ve never played World of Warcraft before, now it’s your big chance to discover what caused the game to be so appealing to the masses in the first place. You have an opportunity to play the game the way it was made 15 years ago. You have a huge and dedicated community. Jokerd first 60 lvl proves that the game only seems to be hardcore, but in truth it never was. Unlike the retail version, players are bound to play together, which is the perfect way to meet new friends. The game is so popular even celebrities play it. A bunch of renowned Hollywood actors like Cameron Dias, Mila Kunis, and Vin Diesel. Our new witcher and a man of steel - Henry Cavill is well known to his fans being a dedicated gamer. He even shared his excitement for getting into WoW Classic through his Instagram account. Other famous people took part in making commercials for this game. Among them, the Prince of Darkness himself – Ozzy Osborne, Chuck Norris, and others all made an appearance on TV in a commercial about the game. This shows the popularity of the game. That being said, WoW Classic is great for new players, who want to learn about what made this franchise such a massive success. And if you’re worried about the challenges and outdated mechanics that could affect your time in the game, fear not. We, at Legionfarm, offer you some of the best WoW Classic boost services on the market. Designed with a player experience in mind, we can help you out with anything you might possibly have problems with. Leveling and gearing can be done much faster. Check out our website, for more information on our offers. All of them exist to make your time in World of Warcraft as enjoyable as possible.

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