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First Mythic Azshara kill


What brings the new Azshara Eternal Palace Raid

Azshara’s Eternal Palace is the latest raid added to the game in Battle of Azeroth. The story goes as follows: after the Great Divide that happened in Cataclysm, queen Azshara had to make a tough choice: go to the bottom with Zin-Azshari or serve N’Zoth. By picking the second option, all high-born have turned into Naga and build an empire at the bottom of the ocean. The center of that empire became the Eternal Palace. As you could have guessed the theme of the new raid is underwater. This theme is even incorporated in some of the gameplay mechanics and even boss fights. It this article we are going to talk about the first time the raid was completed on Mythic difficulty as well as provide some tips for the final boss encounter. If you want to beat the raid on Mythic yourself, have a look at our Eternal Palace boost service. The raid is rich for loot. You can get 4 new pets from the bosses, that drop at any difficulty levels. You can also get a new mount that is granted for getting the Glory of the Eternal Raider achievement. This achievement is composed of other small achievements. Some of them are given for slaying bosses, others for more non-trivial tasks. If you want to get the mount, you might want to consider using our Eternal raid boost services. After all, it took more than 350 tries to defeat the last boss.


AEP Mythic run and what challenges you will face

The first guild that killed the final boss, Queen Azshara on Mythic difficulty is Method. Why did take so many tries to do that? Well, the Queen has 4 main phases and 2 intermissions. Yeah, you gonna wish it was as simple as it was in Vanilla WoW. Anyhow, each phase is a separate battle where the boss uses completely different abilities. This presents a real challenge and tests your raiding party from all angles. Eternal Palace raid boost proves itself useful here. There are 3 energy Wards in the room. They play a key role in defeating Azshara. You have an additional UI element that shows their status. The Queen will make these Wards lose power. Once one of the Wards has gone completely dark, the whole team will start taking continues ticking damage. If all 3 are shut down – it is a wipe. When standing in a ward, players are given energy, however, this also makes them lose total health by 10% per stack. The effect lasts around two minutes. Therefore, if you are going for AEP mythic raid run, stay under 6 stacks of the debuff, so you can be safe from incoming damage. The first phase starts by activating a console. This will make two mini-bosses appear. Be mindful, that these two must be killed within a small window, otherwise they will get their damage buffed by a lot. That’s your first Eternal Palace mythic tactics advice. Moving on, you have to be mindful of the position where the fight with these two bosses takes place. The reason for that is they leave cursed heart patches on the ground, that slow casting time, movement speed and deal damage over time. They also last until the end of the fight. Make sure these patches are well away from walls and columns, and you’ll be fine.


Mythic Azshara kill tactics on all phases

Continuing to the second boss fight phase. But before that there will be an intermission, that spawns Arcane Orbs and one or two decrees. Failing a decree will make you receive another dot type damage for 10 seconds. Once the Queen Azshara appears, the ward in the center will be activated. The ward’s energy makes the boss deal more damage. You should deplete the energy being inside the ward. However, you should not forget about the other wards too. Sometimes a few lesser monsters will appear and run to the empowered ward to donate their lives to it. This gives the Queen a huge damage boost. If you want to learn more about the tactics for this raid you can get a “self-play” option for our AEP boost service and experience the raid yourself. Another intermission comes after the second phase, which is much similar to the previous one. At the start of the third stage, Azshara will summon new minions – Mistresses. They cast chain lightning and use static shock that debuffs players by dealing AOE damage. The main challenge is that these girls will harvest the energy from the wards and transfer it to the empowered ones. This should be stopped from happening every time. Mistresses become immune when they have Shields up. You can remove the shield with the Loyal Myrmidon’s spear if you position yourself so that the Mistress is between you and the Myrmidon. This is the most difficult phase, there are a lot of things you need to be aware of, and you must deal with the Mistresses within the first two minutes, otherwise, they will enter the berserker mode. So you know why getting the Azshara mythic kill is not an easy job.


How Method got the First Mythic Azshara kill

Fortunately, Blizzard heard the community and release two patches that made the third stage a bit more manageable. They nerfed the Queen a little bit and added one more minute to deal with the Mistresses. When you get the boss to 40% of health the fight will transition to the final phase. If you have survived this long, you can assume you have Azshara mythic kill in your pocket. In this phase the console gains energy charges that will detonate killing off the whole party, so you must dedicate one player to remove the charges. Removing a charge still inflicts damage to the whole group and applies a random effect. Furthermore, there will be beams that fire from one point across the room to the opposite side. They just present another thing to keep in mind on top of everything else, as they are easy to avoid. After some time, another console will appear and you need to manage the charges on it too. Always remember to remove the energy from the wards, because you don’t want to overextend the last few minutes of the fight when the majority of the raiding party will be dead. If that sounds too much, we are happy to help you out with our Azshara kill boost service. They way Method guild got the world’s first mythic Azshara kill is by going with a risky team composition, where 2 were healing the fight and one Balance Druid to help with the spot heal. This turned out to be a lucky choice and guild got their first place. Another guild, Limit had the upper hand in this competition, by being the first to kill Za-qul, which is the 7th boss and the last obstacle before the Queen Azshara. That concludes our overview of the final boss battle with Queen Azshara. We hope you found it useful.

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