Find out how our PROs lead full-time jobs through PwP service and fulfill their dreams!


Hello everyone! Its Foksey is here again.

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend you check out our previous article on one of our PRO-Players from Escape From Tarkov, Nikks. Because in this article, I’m going to share with you how he is well on his way towards buying himself an apartment thanks to the work he’s been doing as one of our PROs. This makes us extremely happy and fills us with pride in terms of what we do because it goes to show that by being a LegionFarm PRO, people can not only hit their in-game goals but IRL ones as well!

But, after I heard about Nikks and his big upcoming buy, I started digging around a bit more to see what some of our other PRO players are up outside of games and how they’re faring during such a time of global economic turmoil. And if you haven’t already, I highly suggest you check out stories about our youngest Apex Predator and our Apex Coach, cYpheR from Na’Vi!

Anyway! I’m really excited about all of this, so let’s check out how some of our PROs lives have changed after becoming a part of the LegionFarm Play with a PRO service and family!

milmoi - Destiny 2 PvP PwP player

First up on our list, is milmoi, a PRO Destiny 2 player that hails from Romania! He’s 29 years old and being one of our PROs is his full-time job! Let’s dive into the details!

Milmoi started his video game career some 15 years ago. He was working as a pretty regular 9-5, until one of his friends brought LegionFarm to his attention. After contemplating and weighing the options, prospects, Milmoi decided to quit his old job and start building a career with LegionFarm. In his words, living and working as a professional gamer has some nice advantages:

  1. With LegionFarms PwP I get to be my own boss. Something that I wanted the most.
  2. I get to do what I like the most - play games!
  3. I’m super comfy at home and don’t need to spend money getting to and from work.
  4. I’m the one that gets to choose how much I play and earn per month.

Through LegionFarm, Milmoi can enjoy a comfy lifestyle, be his own boss, and enjoy a well paying full-time job!

PGI. POTSKIE - PS4 Apex Legends gaming hub leader

About a month ago, we made a social media post about some of our PRO players who organized their own PwP gaming house. Here’s a photo:


The main PRO behind all of this is PGI. POTSKIE. He’s 34 of age and lives in the Philippines. POTSKIE kicked off his gaming career together with his friends back in during his high school days. After having traveled abroad to work for 2 years, he returned home and set out on a mission to create his own business. His passion since high school has always been gaming, and so he decided to create a gaming hub.

The hub POTSKIE made started out with 20 PC’s, with that number tripling in 6 years. At one point, one of his friends shared news of a platform where people can make a great living by being professional gamers and helping others. And after clicking on our LegionFarm registration link, and figuring out that we’re the real deal, POTSKIE and his gaming hub clan joined the LegionFarm Play with a PRO service. And once we sent out a newsletter about us launching our Apex Legends Play with a PRO service for the PS4, he went out and bought some PS4’s and transformed his hub VIP lounge into a LegionFarm PwP centric area.

But that’s not all! POTSKIE says the main reason he created this area was that he really wanted to provide his friends with a way to make money. You see, the Philippines are considered to be a 3rd class municipality, finding a great job is a sure challenge and one that pays well - good luck with that, especially in these times! But through LegionFarm, POTSKIE and his friends can work from their awesome hub, do what they love, and earn a competitive and honest salary by helping others succeed in-game.

We’re really blessed to have such great guys as part of our LegionFarm PwP service. The fact that we’re able to not only strengthen the global gaming community and improve in-game experiences but provide people of different ages, backgrounds, and countries with great jobs, that just brings some sparkles and sprinkles to my eyes! :)

We at LegionFarm are on a mission to create over one million jobs in virtual realities while allowing our players to build the IRL lives that they want and achieve their dreams. Our PRO’s, are able to generate a stable and great income, and it doesn’t matter where they live!

So, there you have it. If you want to join LegionFarm as a PRO player, check out our previous article on how to start with us, you’ll find all the details there!

Become our PRO, start to earn money by gaming! Apply

Stay home, stay safe, and don’t be upset! We’ll make it through :)

Foksey out!

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