Escape From Tarkov Patch Overview


Escape From Tarkov Got a Small Client Update

How to play Escape from Tarkov when it’s all swarming with bugs? Despite being one of the best hardcore shooters of the decade, EFT can hardly be called perfect. It’s thoroughly thought-out in terms of military simulation, combat logic, and game physics, but considering that the game is technically still going through beta testing, the room for improvement is just enormous. But the devs are getting there.

Following the community feedback, the team behind EFT released a small client update in late October. Well, a small update for the game and a giant leap for players’ experience. While no new Escape from Tarkov weapons, characters or maps were added, the patch is still a notable one when it comes to the technical side.

In this article we’ll showcase all the main bug fixes that have marched to Verdansk alongside the new patch. In the end, as usual, we’ll say a few words about our Escape from Tarkov LFG service, so stay tuned, guys.

And now, when we’re all set and ready, let’s get into it?


Tarkov Massive Bug Fixes

To give you a clearer picture of what’s been changed, we’ll break down the recent Escape from Tarkov patch notes into three groups and give you a quick rundown. The full list is available on the game website, so if you’re looking for a detailed report, check out the official devs’ post.

1. What’s added?

  • You can now quick-drop your backpack without letting everyone in a one-mile radius know about it as the sound was reduced by 30%.
  • When you unpack your ammo box package, it now disappears automatically.

2. What’s changed?

  • The HUD settings. You now have more options to customize each element and make your HUD more user-friendly.
  • 3. What’s fixed?

    • Weapon presets got massive fixes with color indication, mod resetting, and weapon selection in the context menu. The bolt rifles cartridge bug was also terminated.
    • In the Hideout, the firing range and the Bitcoin progress bugs were fixed. Your progress will now remain intact when you collect the already farmed coins, and re-entering the firing range will no longer be a problem even if you exit by pressing ESC.
    • Other fixes include various bugs with locations, stash, skills, UI, flashlight and compass.

    As you can see, this time around we didn’t get any Quality of Life changes but rather minor tweaks, which, however, fixed most of the annoying in-game problems and were received quite well on Escape from Tarkov group finder and other official forums. More on that you can read a bit later in the next passage, and now let’s just appreciate the fact that the Escape from Tarkov developer team always keeps an ear out for what players have to say. Yes, that game is still ‘work in progress’ in some aspects, but hey, it now has fewer bugs! An improvement? Definitely an improvement. Now the issue of how to play Escape from Tarkov without it lagging and freezing has become a lot more tolerable so let’s all clap our hands and go do some raiding. Good job, devs, good job!


    How Does the Community React to the Recent Tarkov Patch Notes?

    And what’s up on the forums? How does the game fans react to the recent changes? All in all, the latest small bug-fixing update received a warm welcome from the community. Of course, players are waiting for something global, like new weapons, new enemies, or massive map changes like the ones recently made to Escape from Tarkov Customs map. The problem here is that we never get enough. That’s the whole point of content drops—we get a portion of new stuff to enjoy and savor it till there’s another one to come. It keeps us glued to the screens and hungry for more Escape from Tarkov news to show up as leaks or posts on official channels. This is how it goes for most multiplayer games and Tarkov is no exception.

    As for the community feedback on one of the most notable recent patches, well, it was met with mixed feelings. The content itself was good and long-awaited, there’s no doubt in that, but the constant bugs kind of killed the vibe, leaving lots of players disappointed. Luckily, now we’ve got some fixes. However, there’s still work to be done, so if you keep experiencing occasional (or not so much) bugs, please take time to reach out to the devs and let them know. That way we’ll help EFT improve.

    If you’re a returning player and haven’t been keeping up on the recent events, check out our full patch breakdown here to find out what’s going on with Escape from Tarkov maps, skills, Hideout and other in-game features.


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    To learn more about Escape from Tarkov best weapons and Escape from Tarkov pro tips from our experts, don’t hesitate to check our Legionfarm blog.

    We hope you enjoyed this little info piece. Thanks for reading and see you later, guys!

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