Drastic Destiny 2 changes you really need to know after the Shadowkeep release


A while ago Bungie posted the latest news about their new installment, which is now finally released. Some of those details have already been announced while the others are brand new. In this article, we will overview them thoroughly, giving you heads up on what to expect in the newest DLC.

We’d like to start with a short patch notes preview, covering the changes that seem to us the most important. Here they are:

  • Rally banners are included in three Y1 raids.
  • The Shattered Throne dungeon is now accessed on a regular basis (not only once every three weeks as it used to be before). Moreover, you can start it directly from the map (the Director), and that’s also where you can find the progress reset button.
  • All Black Armory Forges are accessible from the map as well, as they are moving to a separate playlist, and for this alone we’d like to thank Bungie very much.
  • Enhancement Cores will be dismantled individually rather than in a pack.
  • Failures in the first stage of Black Armory forges won’t drop planetary resources. It’s a sort of AFK farming fix, so no more freebies, pals.

Finally, after all this time, the devs have decided to lower damage numbers shown to the users. However, it applies only to UI. Loosely speaking, when the DLC kicks off, Guardians will not see that 999,999 insane damage cap anymore, whereas the potential firepower of your weapons stays intact. For the record, a similar thing was done by Blizzard with their WoW, when players started dealing billiards of damage.

Getting back to our combat changes, some adjustments to the system of confronting enemies have been made. To us, regular players, it means one thing: fighting higher-level foes becomes much easier. Bungie even gave us a couple of illustrative examples:

  • Common enemies 10-40 levels higher than you deal less damage, so it’ll take significantly less time to take them down.
  • With more powerful enemies, things are the way they’ve always been: the difficulty goes up as far as the level gap raises up to a hundred levels.
  • If the gap between you and the enemy is 100 levels or higher, such kind of enemy is completely impervious to damage.
  • Nameplate icons of higher-level foes now show all these changes.

Now it’s time to talk about the long-awaited changes in loot drops. To put it simply, here’s how the character progression is gonna work in Shadowkeep:

  • Non-powerful items now drop 0-3 points below your average Light level, instead of the previous 15 to 20 below range.
  • Every powerful Y2 reward will now drop solely legendary items, so no occasional exotic drops for you anymore.
  • Nightfall exotics will drop at your highest Power lvl.
  • XP won’t fill your level bar, which is now 50, by the way. Now all XP goes straight to the Season Pass, Seasonal Artifact, and Power progressions, plus it unlocks destinations for your new characters. Due to the above-mentioned newly-added features, XP rewards are rebalanced as well.
  • All gear pieces present in D2 now have level 750. If you create a new character, it will begin at Power 750.

Also, Bungie revealed some info on Power caps for certain character levels. In simple terms, the list below provides the main sources that drop materials and items necessary for raising your lvl.

  • The starting number is 750.
  • The soft cap of 900. All dropped items will help you climb up from 750 to 900. As it was mentioned above, the drops level is determined by the most powerful item you possess.
  • The Powerful cap of 950. Non-powerful and pinnacle drops are limited to this exact number. To go beyond, you need only pinnacle rewards.
  • The Pinnacle cap of 960. Nominally, the highest power level in D2, however, even it can be outreached with the help of the Artifact. Nevertheless, keep in mind, that gear drops are not affected by the Artifact, so if your current level is 970, for instance, you’ll get gear drops up to 960 and never higher.
  • Prime Engrams are charging a lot faster (the number of charges is raised up to 9). The frequency of their drops is higher as well, however, the engrams are gonna add only +3 Power comparing to +4-7, as it was before. The charges can be spent only after hitting 900, and that’s great, ‘cause now we won’t waste them.

As far as we know, Bright Dust is going be used only for purchasing the Eververse stuff, but for some reason, the devs are still adding more sources for farming this material.

  • Bright Dust will be acquired through weekly assignments in PvP, Gambit, and Vanguard, as well as for re-running some bounties.
  • All completed bounties from those three activities have already been reset during maintenance. As for the other bounties that’ve been completed before, you are still free to turn them in when maintenance finishes.
  • Items from the in-game store can no longer be transformed into the Dust, but there is a bright side: you’ll get legendary shards and glimmer instead, which is even better if you ask us.
  • New Season 8 items will be available in the store only two weeks after the season is launched.
  • Fireteam Medallions are replaced with Fizzled Fireteam Medallions. They can be easily turned into 50 Bright Dust, which equals their actual purchase price.

  • At the Eververse store, a new Season 8 Bright Engram can be purchased, but it doesn’t drop any more when you level up, ‘cause it’s been transferred to the Season Pass. Under the new system, as soon as you hit lvl 100 you’ll be rewarded the Engrams for every 5 levels.
  • Old Eververse bounties are out of date and therefore easily dismantled into Bright Dust.
  • Public events, Lost Sectors, and chests will reward a lot more glimmer, ‘cause the cap has been raised to 250,000.
  • The Spider is expanding its trading scope and now runs his business on all planets. However, being a cunning old devil, he made some corrections to the pricing policy. His powerful rewards won’t give you gear anymore, as it was replaced by glimmer and some occasional enhancement cores drops.
  • Xûr’s range of goods has a great addition in the form of Y2 exotic gear.


Ritual weapons and perks

In the newest SoU, weapons formerly known as the pinnacles now go by the name of “ritual”. Their main difference from the pinnacles is that they’ll no longer come with special perks. Instead of all perks we now have the curated rolls. A new kind of weapons can be obtained the same way as their predecessors – through the quests in one of the three key D2 activities. However, due to the general changes, the obtaining quests are expected to be less demanding and therefore more attainable but still pretty hard for even above-average players, so the best and the fastest way to get them is with our boosts.

Here are the freshly-added Ritual beauties:

There are lots of reasons behind such changes, but the key one is that the devs want to stop the spread of all-powerful pinnacle weapons in D2. As an example, they mentioned some pinnacles that turned out so mighty in PvE that players were literally forced to dedicate all their time and energy on obtaining them ‘cause otherwise, they won’t reach the best performance. Such weapons also created a big variation problem: basically, everyone who was lucky enough to acquire a certain pinnacle, ran around all activities carrying the same weapons.

We believe here Bungie refers to Mountaintop and Recluse, as they show incredible results in PvE, annihilating mobs like they’ are nothing. Anyway, even with the nerfs, they are very likely to remain one of the strongest D2 weapons, so if you still haven’t got them, do it now with our special offers.

While on the subject of powerful weapons, it’s worth noting that the effectiveness of some perks will be reduced. The ones that got hit by the nerfs are the following: Rampage (won’t affect Huckleberry, thank god!), Kill Clip, Swashbuckler, Multikill Clip, Onslaught, Surrounded, Master of Arms, and Desperado. The decision to make these perks less powerful was prompted by the fact that some legendaries overperform exotics. Onslaught and Desperado, in particular, will increase only Impact, and Surrounded will no longer buff critical damage. As for Rampage, taking into account what happened to its predecessor, we can infer that some bonus damage nerf is highly possible.

For better or for worse, that’s what we’ve got. Keep your pecker up, Guardian, and don’t be upset about the nerfs. We’re sure Bungie knows what they’re doing and those new ritual guns will turn out to be just great. To be the first to try them out, pay a visit to legionfarm.com and check our freshest Shadowkeep and S8 boosts. Let’s meet the new D2 chapter together!

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