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Tom Clancy's The Division 2 is a long-awaited sequel of a bombshell looter-shooter, which was released not so long ago but has already earned a good reputation among gamers. Known for its nontrivial combination of cooperative play and solo story-based campaign, The Division 2 is a bit different and way better than its predecessor in a lot of things.

It shifted the location from NY City to Washington D.C., offering more different types of environment and making the gameplay more varied and therefore more exciting. The main storyline has also become more accessible for solo gamers, but even though some missions are pretty hard to accomplish without a good old Division 2 boost. In this article, we will review major changes to the game's PvP system and give a couple of tips about making your agent more effective on the PvP arena.


Where would you need a Division 2 boost?

Those who are not new to the game have probably noticed that the Dark Zone – Division 2 PvP arena – underwent some significant changes. Now there are three available areas where everyone can have a bash at competing with each other to loot high-end gear. Moreover, the Dark Zone is now more friendly to the low-level players. The gear and weapon stats range is being narrowed so that a better-equipped agent won't immediately overpower the one who is not sufficiently geared up yet. It makes Division 2 PvP more balanced, which is a perfect way to attract more players to this risky venture. But if you're into something really brutal, Ubisoft has added “Occupied Dark Zones” mode. No rules, no restrictions or stats range normalizations, it's total chaos as if all hell breaks loose. This is exactly where a proper Division 2 PvP boost might prove useful, 'cause venturing into this inferno without some solid backup is a straight way to get your butt whooped.

For those who prefer an old-school multiplayer activity, Division 2 has also laid a little something in its store. We're talking about the Conflict – traditional PvP experience but with the familiar Division 2 mechanics. There are two different modes: a typical deathmatch Skirmish and capture-and-hold Domination. Suits, as they say, every taste and budget. As you can see, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your skills and get your hands on some pretty tempting loot, but to perform accordingly you will need to be fully equipped with the best gear possible. Luckily for you, we have prepared a short guide that might be of use in this delicate matter.


Division 2 PvP Builds: What weapons to choose?

While you`re considering what type of Division 2 PvP boost to pick, we`ll tip you off about a couple of decent weapon builds that will help you dominate in PvP.

  1. For the first one, you will need to have Eagle Bearer exotic rifle at your disposal. If you still don't – well, not a big deal. You can always count on our Division 2 Eagle Bearer carry. We will get you the gun, fast and easy, so that you'll be able to experience our PvP build in its best. Okay, back to the main question. We strongly advise using Eagle Bearer teamed up with Liberty exotic pistol. No automatic weapon can beat EB in PvP, and with Liberty by its side, they will crush your opponents in the Dark Zone for certain. So, if you don't want to spend time on getting the rifle on your own, use our Division 2 Eagle Bearer carry or check out other offers we have on the website. But first, finish the article – a lot of useful stuff is coming.
  2. The second weapon combo that stands out as highly effective is Nemesis exotic sniper rifle plus Chatterbox SMG. It works best with the Sharpshooter Spec, by the way. The rifle will allow you to easily one-shot your foes, and the super-deadly Chatterbox will melt them like nobody’s business. Trust us, with these lethal babies you'll be dropping enemies' bodies all over the battlefield.
  3. The last but not the least combo is our old friend Eagle Bearer and sweet Tactical M249 Para. Packed with Bloodsucker perk, Eagle Bearer becomes unstoppable, and the LMG has the highest active ammo capacity in the game, so if you don't have time to reload your rifle, just switch to M249, and the enemies will beg for mercy.

So these are our favorites among weapons, but a proper build is not really proper without suitable gear. If you've already chosen your items, you are indeed a very lucky person. For those who still have questions about what Division 2 PvP gear set to get, we have a couple of tips that might come in handy.


What Division 2 PvP gear suits you best?

Each gear set has its own debuffs and perks you need to take into account when suiting your agent up. Also, keep in mind that some builds work better with particular specializations. Gunner, for instance, is a totally new addition to Division 2 specs. If you have Year One pass, it will unlock automatically, but if you're not a happy owner, then you'll have to complete a series of missions (or order the Gunner Specialization Unlock boost via our Division 2 carry service). It is definitely worth the effort, 'cause Gunner spec is a real gem. It works absolutely insane with our first weapon build (Eagle Bearer + Liberty). Its EMI upgrade increases assault rifle damage, Gunslinger enhances sidearm damage and Incessant grants you armor on every kill you make. A total must-have, if you ask us.

As for the gear, you might know, that each brand set has its own bonuses for certain skills or classes of weapons. If you stick with our number 2 build (Nemesis + Chatterbox), we highly recommend Sokolov Concern and something from Airaldi Holdings to maximize the sniper rifle damage (if you don't have one or both exotic guns from this build, check our Division 2 carry service for quick and easy unlocking).

For the third variant (Eagle Bearer + Tactical M249 Para) we strongly advise Gila Guard, Airaldi Holdings and Fenris Group AB pieces. More assault rifle damage, increased accuracy, and huge bonuses for total armor and health are guaranteed. Our Eagle Bearer Bloodsucker Division 2 gear boost can help you get all the needed armor and weapons from this build to make you an ultimate PvP leader.


Division 2 PvP Sets offers

All the weapons and gear you've ever dreamt about, but haven't been able to unlock on your own, can be gathered with just one click. Sounds like magic, huh? Well, it's pretty much real. With the help of our service, you will finally enjoy the game without any limitations at all. Our Division 2 gearing offers can get you exclusive pieces for even more powerful performance both in PvE and on the arena. Division 2 PvP guns offers will easily make you a happy owner of such beauties as Liberty pistol, Eagle Bearer assault rifle, Nemesis sniper rifle, Sweet Dreams shotgun and lots of other exotics. With these weapons in your collection, you will face the biggest PvP threats without a sweat.

If you're too busy to level up, we got you covered. Our Dark Zone and Conflict level boosting will upgrade your agent to the new heights. We provide only safe and secured service. No harm to your personal data, guaranteed handmade completion without any cheats or aimbots and quick-to-answer support available 24/7. Check out our website legionfarm.com, choose the offer you like and make an order so that our professionals could spring into action. We wish you good luck, Agent, and hope that our humble Builds Guide helped you feel more confident in PvP.

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