Detailed Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation overview


Hey, Guardians, how’s it going? Have you already tried out new D2 activities? Slew some cyborgs in Vex Offensive or maybe even took the risk of stepping into the fresh Destiny 2 raid? Yes, we all know that raids are the franchise’s cream of the crop as they contain the hardest challenges and the most lavish rewards. Requiring a team of six, raids offer various riddles and tricky mechanics, not to mention the scariest bosses in D2. Garden of Salvation is no exception. A pretty global undertaking with four encounters, it throws you into the well-known location from D1 to fight off some Vex and lead your party to the ultimate glory. However, without knowing what to do, this whole thing can drag on for weeks and bring you nothing but frustration.

To not let that happen, we’ve come up with a detailed guide on how to beat this new challenge. In our article, we’ll be showcasing all key mechanics of all the encounters in the freshly-released Destiny 2 Shadowkeep raid. So, are you ready to roll?


The first challenge of Destiny 2 Shadowkeep raid

The very first mission demonstrates the raid’s main mechanic that’s gonna show up a bunch of times later. We are talking about tethering. The point is to create kind of a thread and use it to connect certain objects. Here, on our first raid location, we need to link a floating box to the door. This requires shooting the box first and once it’s gonna emit some lasers, using those lasers to tether you and your teammates to each other. You’ll make a chain stretching the whole way to that door and finally unlocking it. As soon as the passage is open, you’re good to go, but don’t hurry ‘cause here we have a very important strategic moment to consider.

First of all, you might have noticed a boss flying around. It does not look friendly at all, but for now, it’s just a decoy, placed on the arena to distract you. You can shoot it, of course, but it’s not gonna change anything as the main mechanic lies in a completely different thing, which we’ve just explained above. So, just avoid the boss, open the door and… split up. Yes, yes, we know that in horror movies, splitting up is a no-go tactic, but in this first stage of Destiny 2 Garden of Salvation, it’s the only thing that’s gonna work and help you succeed. Divide your party into two equal groups, so that when the door disappears, half of you will go to that new location, and the other half will hang out in the initial one. The boss-dealing half has one main objective: to clear ads and try not to die, ‘cause if they fail, the entire party will probably be doomed.

The boss is gonna fly around shooting at you from time to time. As he is immune to any sort of damage, just try to avoid his attacks and wait for him to eventually spit out some weird-looking digitized mass onto the ground. This stuff is called Voltaic Overflow, and it’s necessary for one of the remaining trios to come closer and pick it up gaining a temporary buff. However, there is one crucial point to keep in mind. No, two points, actually. First, if the person inflicted with the buff takes another one, they will die. Second, if no one gets the buff, everyone dies. The only reasonable thing to do here is to spread the buffs between your group of three so that all of you could have the Overflow at some point.

For the second half which went through that passage, the task is also rather simple: kill everything that comes your way and after some time, it will make the boss leave the initial arena. As for the enemies, they’re mostly gonna be regular Vex, but sometimes you’ll face Overflow combatants and the Angelic. The latter is essential for you to move on into the next room. As soon as you defeat the Angelic, a new Box will show up. Shoot it to trigger the lasers and then repeat the whole laser-connecting stuff till you unlock the next passage.

Now it would be a smart thing to swap roles with the other team, ‘cause basically, you’ll need to go the same way again. As the previous “Voltaic” team is already charged, they cannot go on picking up those buffs, so just change places and have fun. The pattern is the same: one group follows the boss and collects the buffs, and the other one is slaying the Vex and the Angelic to open another door.

For some time, all you have to do is change places, connect those lasers and open the passages until you reach the final one with three symbols on it. It’ll unlock the final room where all six of you are gonna reconnect. Though, your reunion will be tarnished by a horde of enemies coming from all sides. The only thing possible to do in this situation is to shoot everything you see, but also to keep an eye on the boss, as he’s gonna vomit that Overflow again and you must pick it up unless you want your whole party to die. So, that’s just it: you fight with that horrible ton of monsters and keep moving forward, following the boss, till eventually, he runs out of that disgusting stuff he vomits and disappears leaving you with a chest of Garden of Salvation rewards.


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The second stage begins with shooting some lily pads and using them as your springboards to reach another arena. The previous mechanic will come up again but now it’s gonna be mixed with some kinds of defend-your-base elements, though instead of bases you will have several Confluxes. (In case you feel like getting tired with all those tricky mechanics, you can always count on our Garden of Salvation carry.)

When you show up on the new arena, you’ll be warmly welcomed by almost a gazillion of ads, the Angelic included. By killing the latter, you’ll trigger the Box to appear. By linking the rays like you always do, stretch them to one of the Confluxes (you’ll need two Guardians to do that as the distance is too big) and that will grant you a buff called Enlightened. It’ll last for less than a minute but it is absolutely vital and you’ll understand why very soon but first, let us tell you what will happen when you obtain that buff. Actually, as soon as you do it, all hell is gonna break loose. An army of the Vex will head off to the activated Conflux in order to perform some sort of ritual sacrificial suicide or whatever. But that’s not all the bad news: if a certain number of them succeed, your team will be wiped. The bastards will also be carrying impenetrable shields, so there is nothing you can do to harm and stop them unless you’ve obtained that Enlightened buff. Only it alone can destroy the shields and make those suicidal Vex vulnerable. However, as you remember, the buff is extremely short, so you’re gonna need to reapply it constantly. As we’ve already found out, it takes two players to extend the rays to the Conflux, and that’s why we suggest the following strategy: four people hang around those Confluxes, one person on each of them, and the remaining pair is unstoppably rotating to provide the defenders with those buffs to hold the Vex onslaught. Good news: there are some portals that will help your rotating team move around the arena fast and smoothly.

After a while, a central Conflux is gonna be unlocked, so your primary task is to rush to it as fast as you can ‘cause from now on, it’ll be the one to defend. Perform the same tethering thing again, but this time, connect as many Guardians as you can to have as many buffed players as possible. Prevent the Vex from self-sacrificing and try not to kick the bucket yourself. If you survive, consider the second encounter completed. Grab your looted Destiny 2 raid gear and get ready for the next fight.


The Garden’s third challenge

The third stage begins exactly where you left off: at the center of the Conflux. After our usual connect-everyone-with-those-lasers thing, everyone is buffed and ready to meet our all-too-familiar vomiting boss. Split up again: one three-players team is throwing a welcome party and the other one is heading to the active Conflux in one of the diagonal directions. We’ll talk about the second half a bit later, and now let’s focus on the boss. He is gonna emerge right at the center and, alas, it again cannot be harmed, so just, well, don’t take too much heat. If you’re wearing Armor 2.0, there’s a mode called Boss Resistance and equipping it is a good idea as it’ll help you take more damage. Eventually, the creature will fly somewhere, and your job is to watch him very attentively to be able to follow him wherever he goes. It’s important for one simple reason: he’s gonna spit out that Voltaic thing again, and if you don’t pick it up on time, the game is over.

So, what’s up with our group number two? They’re gonna be pretty busy collecting the motes to store them at that active Conflux. It’s essential to collect approximately thirty motes to gain the Enlightened and be able to hurt the boss.

Coming back to our Voltaic group. They are still chasing the boss and collecting the buff. Seems easy, though, one important thing is to be noted: when you pick up the Voltaic, make sure all players keep a sufficient distance, ‘cause if they’re standing too close to each other, two or even all three might gain the buff and that is very very bad for the known reasons.

Speaking about that buff – the one who’s inflicted with it becomes Detained, which means this Guardian cannot move and sees the boss in a completely different light literally. This person needs to choose what light the two remaining players must fire at. It’s crucial to make the right call, ‘cause any, even the slightest mistake will result in the Detained person’s death. In the best-case scenario, the boss will go back to the center, and while he’s moving, the Voltaic team can help other teammates with killing minotaurs and gathering those motes.

The next part consists mainly of repeating the previous actions until everyone from the Voltaic group is charged. When it happens, the smartest way will be to swap roles with the nearest mote-collecting Guardian. In general, after one of these subs, the person from the original buff-team is gonna be clear of the Voltaic effects and good to pick up the new ones.

When the necessary number of motes is accumulated, you’ll be notified that the boss is drawn to the Conflux. Guardians, assemble! Everyone must hurry up to get to that active tether point, ‘cause the boss is there, finally vulnerable to some damage. From now on, fire at the red lights and the center as it’s the crit spot. There’ll be a moment when the creature starts to move backward, putting greater distance between you, so some long-range weapons, like Sleeper Simulant, or Whisper of the Worm, or any other nice snipers are your go-to options here.

When the boss is dead, open up another loot chest (where it’s very likely to find Destiny 2 raid armor), celebrate a bit and get prepped for the final encounter.


Finishing the raid

When you make your way through the nasty jumping puzzles and find yourself on the crescent-shaped arena, the final chapter of our journey will begin. Not to scare you but this one is the most mechanically intensive, so if you die a bunch (or a dozen) of times during the completion, that’s totally fine.

Okay then, let’s see what we’ve got here.

That floating middle object turns out to be our actual boss. It hangs out at the center and looks slightly like Gahlran. He’s gonna throw Void projectiles at you, so make sure you’re well-protected. In the middle of this chaos, more foes will show up, including our favorite Angelic guys. Killing them will make two glowing dots appear on the boss’s body. Depending on which one you shoot as a team, a portal to an entirely new location is going to open. By entering the portal you teleport away and, of course, face some more ads. You eliminate them and gain Voltaic motes. They come in two colors, red and blue, according to which portal you’ve entered. Motes are needed to fill the Confluxes: the red go to the red Conflux, the blue – to the blue one.

The best way to tackle this situation is to divide your party into three groups. One duo goes into the portal to gather motes, duo number two stays put and clears the ads, and the last duet will be busy with something else that we’re gonna discuss a little bit later.

Be aware of the Cyclopes. They’ll be spawned when you hit the boss and open up a portal, so the smartest tactic here is the following: when the portal emerges and one of the duos is coming back, sent another pair there at the same time. It’ll stop new Cyclops from appearing, and you’ll have fewer foes to deal with.

By the way, doing that thing with the portals will make the boss very angry and he’ll delete some pieces of the arena. And that’s where our third duo gets down to business. While the four of you are shooting ads and collecting motes, constantly changing places, the remaining duo is fixing the arena. How? With the help of our Confluxes. Shooting at one will generate the lasers that should be strung between the players to the object near the removed area and that area will be restored.

So, getting back to the main objective. Your goal is to put thirty motes into a Conflux, and when both of them are full, you’ll receive the corresponding notification and will be able to finally do something about that boss. However, keep in mind that suicidal bastards will be there as well, and each sacrifice will remove one mote from your storage, so don’t let them reach the Conflux.

Once you fill up both Confluxes, our Gahlran wannabe will finally stop shooting and start creating some weird object. According to its color, you determine from which side you must start linking. If it glows blue, then the blue Conflux is your starting point, and if the glow is reddish, then the red one will do the trick. The plan is the same: you just lead that chain of rays to the object that the boss is generating. The object is gonna explode, leaving the monster stunned and vulnerable to your attacks. At some moment, he will fly up, exposing his soft spots, and that’s when you get the best DPS weapons out of your holsters and give this guy hell. Then it’s pretty much a “rinse-repeat” kind of thing, and after a couple of repetitions, the boss will be defeated.


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