Destiny 2 Is Ready for Beyond Light, But What About You?


Destiny 2 Is Standing on the Verge of the New Era

Beyond Light is just around the corner, and every player in the community is already working on the necessary preparations to kick off perfectly. And we all are going to agree that this process is not the easiest one: it takes a lot of time and effort to gather all the gear and reach the needed power level to be able to join other players in the first raid.

But things are not going to be that hard if you follow the guidelines, get assistance from the proper Destiny 2 carry service, and pick the right weapons for your class. Today, we’ll talk about the steps you need to take to complete the raid at the first try and discuss all the Destiny 2 news on the newest exotics and weapons that will arrive in the game with the launch of Beyond Light. Enjoy all the updates with Legionfarm!


Get Your Best Destiny 2 Weapons Prepared for the Raid

It’s official: November 10 is the day when players all around the world will be able to launch the Beyond Light expansion. And after a short time, we will also get to experience the first raid that’s going to provide us with tons of gear and rewards. So what should a player do to get ready for such an important date?

First of all, you should stop panicking. Yes, Beyond Light is soon, but it does not mean that you should stress out. Now your goal is to make sure that you have anything you need for the raid, and the rest should not cause any worries.

After the launch of BL, you will still have some time to reach the necessary Power Level and gear up. To do that in the shortest amount of time, you should use all your Destiny 2 weapons and other resources wisely. Team up with other players so it would be easier for you to complete different kinds of missions and tasks.

Before going into any raid, you should get yourself at least a couple of best weapons in Destiny 2 that would be great for raiding. Examples of such are the Whisper of the Worm and Izanagi’s Burden with the Izanagi’s Burden catalyst, but feel free to do more research to find the kind of Destiny 2 power weapons and other guns that would do a good job for you.

Another thing you should do is clear your vault. After the arrival of transmog, you won’t need any physical copies of your armor, so it’s better to do a sweep-up to make sure you have enough space for new items.

That’s it for you, Guardian. If you feel like you need more assistance with such a big challenge, don’t hesitate to shop for Destiny 2 carries: this way, you will take all things under control and stress out less.


Destiny 2 Exotics You Can Obtain in Beyond Light

Beyond Light is almost here, and we are excited about it more than ever. Every time the new expansion comes out, players get an opportunity to unlock new Destiny 2 exotic weapons and armor. What will we receive this time? Let’s take a quick look at the freshest additions to the game:

No Time to Explain

Time is definitely an important keyword for this case. Precision hits and hits that were affected by Stasis will go back to the magazine, and this will allow the weapon to open a portal that will start shooting from the gun’s alternative timeline.

The Lament

This blade is just ravishing: its colors and powerful look will capture your mind for at least a few seconds. No doubt, this one should join your collection of the best exotics. It can serve both as a shield and a cold weapon, and when it is on its peak, the Lament will heal the player while damaging the enemy.


You know how Bungie loves playing with words! Precision shots will summon the whole storm, but even without this ability, you can use the Cloudstrike to generate lighting bolts. You’ll need to have some skill in playing with this type of weapon to make sure that Cloudstrike is going to lead you to victory.

Salvation's Grip

SG is capable of freezing enemies on your way, so it will be hard for anyone to fight you when you are holding such a great weapon in your hands. Charging it will make you even more unbeatable since you will increase the number of crystals and the freeze radius.


Everyone will get a unique piece of armor that would make their character look divine. Here are all the armor pieces you can get after the release of Beyond Light:

  • Necrotic Grip
  • Dawn Chorus
  • Arthrys's Embrace
  • Mask of Bakri
  • Icefall Mantle
  • Precious Scars
We know what you are thinking: that’s just an overwhelming amount of all new things and items! But no worries: we know a way for you to make sure that your performance in the Destiny 2 tracker keeps only improving. And we’ll discuss it just in a minute.


Prepare for Destiny 2 Beyond Light with LFcarry Specialists

So how can you get ready for Beyond Light and make sure you get all Bungie rewards? We know the right solution for you. With our Destiny 2 carry service, you will not only complete all kinds of tasks such as a solo Prophecy dungeon run or Last Wish raid but also significantly level up and become a valuable team member whose skills and experience are needed.

Are you still not sure about Destiny 2 coaching being a good idea? Your doubts are understandable, and we are ready to provide you with all the facts and details that prove our effectiveness. Already thousands of gamers have attained their goals in D2, and they came back to us to achieve even better results. Why should you not be among the next top players who know their worth and have all the best gear, weapons, and Destiny 2 ships unlocked?

Season of Arrivals is almost over, so now is the best time for you to rank up and complete every Destiny 2 dungeon and raid that you still haven’t worked on. And here at, we will make sure that every part of your plan is fulfilled. You can rely on our experts to always be there for you.

We hope you enjoyed the read! Stay tuned for more updates and see you in Beyond Light!

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